Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer nights

Ahh, summer nights, je vous adore.

Tomorrow is July 31 - it makes me a bit nervous. Can it really almost be August? My tan has yet to reach perfection, I have not biked to Hunter River to buy cookies, there has been no 100-km bike ride (my own fault for putting social life before bike life), no camping, no fire lighting, etc.

So, things to accomplish before the end of the summer (soon, as I have few days left in PEI):
  • 100-km bike ride
  • Bike to Hunter River
  • Light a fire. I have never, ever accomplished this. Being terrified of fire does not help.
  • Camp. This could aid the above bullet.
  • Have fun fun fun
And tired. Time to sleep. I'm reading a book on Greek mythology right now. Someone asked me which Goddess I associated with the most. I was early in the book at that point and female Goddesses were not featured so much. Zeus was the focal point with many mentions in brief of his wife, Hera. So almost by default I associated with Hera - though I would rather say Athena. As I learn more about her, hopefully that can be my honest response. I was in a bit of a foul, jealous mood that day, so Hera seemed somewhat appropriate. That being said, I have no good reasons to feel jealousy, just the recognition of things others have that I want.. such as plans for the future, or some sort of life path. Hera actually had good reasons for jealousy (other than a 14th quarter life crisis) - her husband was an ass and cheated on her constantly.

I also started reading Hamlet because someone I met while on holiday in February told me I would not understand life until I read Hamlet. I think he was overexagerating, but I figure it's worth the read anyway. It's survived more than 400 (I think) years of critics.

One of the highlights of my week: Patrick confronting a man who threw his cigarette butt out his car window. "Excuse me, sir, you dropped something..."

And sleep.

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