Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Biggest Regret EVER

I'm supposed to be cleaning up my room and packing but... *looks at tornado of stuff strewn across room*
... but I found old journals! So very distracting. And it must be said, I was streeeeessed in late January 2008. I come off like a nutter by what I wrote. Even I acknowledge that when February rolled in! Hee. Also, March 2008 rocked the body that rocked the party.

So, reoccurring themes that come up in my scrawlings:

1) Job is "fine", but PEI leaves me feeling empty. I was writing that in December 2007 - almost two years ago! Oh boy, talk about being too lazy to make the changes I wanted. Or too indecisive, more likely.

2) Saying yes can be hard, but is important. Saying no is too easy, but should be avoided. Still agree. (Exceptions being, "You should drive off that cliff." "Yes.")

3) Title line of blog post ... my biggest regret EVER:
Not seeing Beauty and the Beast on Broadway.

Can someone please put this production back on broadway? It would be ever so helpful in resolving my Peter Pan complex. And this time, as per point two, I will say yes.

Mini review of this weekend's "Wine and Hand-crafted Ale Festival".
Seriously, it was much smaller than last year, but the same price.

Booths ran out of product much too early, some more than an hour before shut-down time. The event was only three hours long. Kind of pathetic. By about fifteen/twenty mins before closing, there was no liquor left in the whole place. Either that or all booths had decided to cut off my friends and I. (No.)

Unless I missed it COMPLETELY, there was no where to buy the product.

On much more positive notes:
1) Mini margaritas - my heart beat strongly for you that night.

2) Mini fajitas - my stomach so wanted to make out with them.

3) Social fun - My comrades and I had oodles of fun, I talked to strangers, rambled to people I knew distantly through others, etc.

4) Knowing the results of Wrestlemania VI can make you a rockstar. Thank you, Older Brother!

Also, I decided I'm giving up vending machines. Stat. The amount of money I pour into them out of boredom at work and, "But I just need a sugar rush to get through the next four hours!" is a bit pathetic. And, umm, apparently chocolate bars aren't good for you.

They don't sell chocolate bars in France, right? No bakeries either, I except. Maybe this will be the first time I move out of the country and *don't* come back 20-lbs heavier. Heeeeeeeeeeeh. *crosses fingers, knocks on wood, etc.*

Also, did I ever tell you speaking French terrifies me? ... this should be interesting.

*Jen spends the next two months communicating by overexagerated hand gestures*


I have managed to listen to the entire White Album, which was supposed to be some sort of clean-room time limit. Instead I got through the whole thing while writing this and reading old writings. Nice Jen, nice.


Sexy factor of bedroom: -4.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Stretching out Sunday

The sooner I go to bed, the sooner the weekend ends :(

I started sorting things in my room tonight for next week's departure. This resulted in the following finds:

- About 8,000 bobby pins. I can now give all of Charlottetown fancy up-dos!
- Pennies. Pennies EVERYWHERE.
- $5.00 bill
- Receipts. A kazillion of them.

Receipts are kind of fun, they are like a history book. As per usual when I look through receipts, I noted some trends: I go to Hunter's Ale House too much (though less frequent as of late) and appear to have a unique love of Nibs. I can also tell when I bought things for other people, or for sharing fun (nacho chips in mid August - someone else bought the walking nacho dip). I also found all my receipts from Hawai'i shoved into a random drawer. It made me heart long for the place where I clearly belong.

There are so many French words I don't know. I'm trying to get into the mindset of speaking a language in which I'm not so skilled, so I think to myself in French a lot. I present to you a short list of words for which I do not know the French equivalent:
- Bathing suit
- Leader
- Election
- Party (not fete, but like a governing party)
- Gravy
- The letters Y and Z
- Any body part that teachers would not want to teach a bunch of seventh graders
- Kangaroo
- Brakes
- Knife/fork
- Aisle (as in, "Aisle or window seat, pretty lady?")

And so very many more.

In one week from now I'll be freaking out in my bedroom, likely at my parents house depending on if I can successfully sublet my room.

Mongolia has been mentioned in conversations with two people recently. Is Mongolia the new hot spot? Or the new "standard place everyone knows of but knows nothing about it"? My general knowledge about Mongolia is from Long Way Round, and me drooling everytime Ewan McGregor scottishly said, "Road of bones."

"We're heading toward the Road of Bones."
*Jen giggles lightly*
"We're almost at the Road of Bones!"
*Jen fans self off*
"We just arrived at the Road of Bones."
*Jen makes-out with television screen*

These events may be slightly over-exagerated as the series was mostly watched with at-the-time boyfriend. Snogging the tv screen could had been inappropriate. I thought I was very clever. "I am renting a documentary about motorcycles and biking around the world." I made it sound so man-ish and non-chick-flick, thus becoming the best girlfriend ever (okay, faux-girlfriend, I'm a relationship-phobe due to my indecisive nature). And while the entire series would still be incredible regardless of the thumbs-up appearance of the leads/hosts, upping the sexy factor of any documentary-series is always a good idea.

Also a good idea: saying "Road of Bones" with Scottish accent. FYI.

Speaking of accents, the Massachusetts/Rhode Island (they are quite similar) accents made me smile while in New England. They also made me think because, ancestor wise, those who eventually populated PEI are from similar regions to those who initially popular the New England states. With that noted, why are our accents so remarkably different? I suspect the New England states were actually more English, and us more Irish and Scottish (hello Mac). So the folk in Boston and environs drop the R from words, and we over emphasize it (perhaps we want to sound like pirates?).

Bostonian: "I'm taking my caahh to the baahh.
Islander: "I'm taking my carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

And for the record, only FIVE people died in the Boston Massacre. But that's a tale for another day because I have to get up for work in 5.5 hrs.

Also, I blew the crap out of my tire Friday night. I ran over a nail. As it was dark, I didn't know what I hit, just sank. I noticed the next morning. It was wedged in perfectly, like someone was nailing pieces of wood together. I decided just to start fresh and toss the tube... It already had, like, four patch jobs. And I tossed another tube that had sadly split at the valve.

Yawn, et, la fin.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today has felt like a being trapped in an hourglass. I woke up, thrilled with life, actually got out of bed when I woke up (this is a big step compared to last week's mope-fest), and got to work at a real hour. It felt like I was in an hour glass , in the top part, and all the sand had finally flowed to the bottom, just like I wanted it to.

Then the phone rang and Person delivered bizarre, clearly ridiculous news, and it was like someone tipped the hour glass over again and all the sand fell on me again.

Now it's like the hourglass fell on its side and I'm straddling the middle part, wondering which way it'll eventually be sat up at. Oh my frazzled nerves.

On the plus side - wheels are in motion for France! Except the French class part. I was supposed to settle that this morning but was too busy freaking out in my office, then the 5-hour time change now dictates their offices are closed.

It's weird, because last night I had a dream that the person who called with WTF-news was at my house door late at night, and had gone mentally insane and I was worried he was going to try and kill and/or hurt me.

Foreshadowing for slaying bombshell of the day?

Anyway, France!


I leave Mon, Oct 5. I come back Thu, Dec 17 with stopovers in Ottawa on each way. I was 100% confident in this decision yesterday, about 4% confident in it this post-phone call (seriously - WTF?), but am back up to a 95% confidence level.

In statistics, 95% confidence level is very good.

I'm going to Aix-en-Provence for at least four weeks and the rest of up in the air. I justify the expenses of the course (about 1200EUR or about $2000) by looking at it from the perspective of university courses. It's about 80 hours, which might be about... okay, I just did the math for this and taking French for the equivalent hours at uni would be cheaper... but anyway. maybe about half the price. But books are included here! Soo... uh...

*birds chirping*

I suppose I should work. Not so surprisingly, it has been an, umm, unproductive day. But I have work confirmed for while I'm gone, and yippy, etc.

I get to go biking in France soon. Your jealousy level? 84. I'm sure of it.

Moral of the Day: you are never nearly as special, wonderful, unique, or great as you think you are when you are having a good day. But on a bad day, you are much more amazing than you can even dream.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blog for Ms Mac posted by Darlin' Charlin!

For some unknown reason Blogger’s website no longer loads on my laptop. Truly tragic, because I like writing when snuggled into bed.

In more exciting news, I think I have made plans for the next couple of months! Maybe. I’m indecisive and my heart tends to start beating in a bad pattern at the thought of spending excessive amounts of money.

So it turns out French classes in France are, well, super expensive. A four-week course would be about $3400CAD. That includes accommodation, but just seems insane considering that was almost a year’s tuition when I started uni. It’s quite a bit cheaper if you find your own accommodation, but I can’t seem to find actual apartment or room listings for the city I want to go to, just vacation apartment rentals which are meant for more than one person. It’s about 1000€ cheaper if I find my own place to live. Also, I should mention the accommodation by the school provides half board. You can save about 250€ by going for breakfast only, no supper. Realistically, were I cooking for myself, I would never spend 250€/month on groceries.

Ooh, I found some websites with rooms. This is actually quite exciting!

The plan is, and I even have flights picked out, I think, just haven’t booked them yet, is to fly to Ottawa in a couple of weeks on aeroplan points, then fly from Ottawa to Paris. Depending on what day I arrive, take the train to Aix-en-Provence where I will experience culture shock and start panicking on an extreme level. Then, in late mid-late December, fly back to Ottawa, and then back here.

Things to be concerned about now:
· Making sure there is space available in the school I chose.
· What to do with my room here – keep it, or give it up with the assumption I won’t be here long in 2010 and that my parents want me to live with them for 3-4 weeks?
· Decide whether I need to purchase the traditional “giant backpack” or use luggage instead.
· Somehow obtained a cheap version of Microsoft Office 2007 for Laptop so I can still work while awhile.
· Packing?!


Unrelated to anything, but last night I went out with semi-straight hair and almost felt guilty for liking it. I like to encourage people to embrace the natural waves and curls in their hair. I almost felt like a traitor, but I had just let my hair dry when getting out of the shower without putting any hair goop in it, so it looked odd. The choice was either pull back into a knot, wet hair again and start from scratch, or slightly attack it with my broken hair straightener. I also realised when someone has straight hair and no fringe (mine was pulled back last night) you noticed one’s face more. Curly hair and fringe are distracting, and one tends to notice the hair rather than the face. Theory supported by my random discussions in the past, and crappy articles linked to on msn’s homepage.

Last night I had a weird dream that basically had two stories. The one that was more random involved the author of a blog I read. I was at his house, and woke up in the morning in his bed. I’m not why I was there, how I got there, what had happened, etc. I don’t think it was any sort of short-lived relationship, just needed a place to crash. But I was trying to sneak out as I didn’t want his kids to see, I thought that would be awkward.

Then my parents came to pick me up. Which signalled the start of the second dream. But in the first dream I had my bike, so it’s possible me and the blogger went biking. When I woke up this morning my brain was a series of giggles, and then I got a bit meeeeeh over the fact I had no one to bike with. But I also haven’t called anyone.. so… no right to complain, I suppose.

My brain has been polluted for the past week. I find coming home from vacation increases the likelihood of negative thoughts. Going to bed a bit cranky, waking up in a fowl mood, little annoyances seeming like massive mountains. Feeling like there wasn’t really something to look forward to (in a non-suicidal way).

And now I have something fantastic to look forward to! Wandering around in a strange country struggling to communicate! Seriously. There are some things you just know are going to be good. Hawaii was so obviously one of those. Florida was one. My pizza from last night filled my high expectations (hurrah Dominos!)

I’ve been to France before, and loved it. So now I’m going elsewhere in France, but expect to love it too. Also exciting is that I can visit folk I know in Northern Ireland and Scotland!

The sky is very blue, and I have a plan. I also realised that apparently I can plan only one thing at once. I have to wait until something is finished until I can start actually planning the next step. For example, had trouble with France when was still planning New England trip.

It’s a good Sunday.

Friday, September 18, 2009


While sitting in the back of Devin's car on a the long drive from Boston to Fredericton, I started writing notes about things that would be SO GOOD to blog about once I eventually reached a functioning computer. However, since said note scrawling (in the dark, I may add), I have lost my love for the notes I made. My notes are also not with me, so this is mostly going by memory, as I try to do them justice.

But first, I burnt myself on a toaster oven AGAIN. I'm so overly cautious and fearful of hot things, yet I always manage to forget the toaster oven door will be hot when you accidentally knick it with your finger. Sob.

The Sky.
I was looking out the back window of the car (much like a cat or a small child would - obviously I am very concerned about the relationship between body language and level of maturity) up at the stars. The stars were quite impressive given most of the day had been filled with clouds, much of it with rain.

I don't know very much about the sky, other than it's there. At what point does the sky actually begin? In theory, once the ground ends? I know there are different levels of atmosphere, but has sky been defined to start at a certain height? If my thought about "when the ground ends" is correct, then arguably we walk on the ground, but our head is in the sky. Wikipedia has not offered me much help, but at least showed this nice picture. I believe the quest for knowledge much go further.

The Stars.
>The sky was filled with stars, so Jen Brain went there next. Why are some stars brighter than others? I figured because they are either newer(?) or closer to Earth. Or perhaps larger. According to unreliable sources (the Internet), I am right with each three hypothesis. I also realised my source of "how stars get there" is from Greek mythology. For example, Heracles (aka Hercules in Roman mythology) killed the Nemean Lion as part of his 12 labours. When he presented the dead lion's skin to the person who gave him the labours (King Eurystheus), the King apparently put the remains (?) or something in the sky, and made the constellation Leo. He also gave the pelt to Heracles... so I'm not sure what went into the sky exactly. In mythology constellations were often made to honour someone, or the person/thing was put there for some reason.

Seeing the sky so deep pretty much convinces me there is life out there in another form. Not necessarily the weird green aliens portrayed in media, but at least some strain of bacteria. Funny, but the next night I ended up watching a Discovery Channel show on that. What caught me about the show was mostly how much the scientists seemed to love their work. Imagine that, loving work. Hmm.

Boston was pretty much a flood of US history. I bought a wee book intended to be a guide to the Freedom Trail, but purchased it after we left Boston. When I was reading it on the Long Drive, I was thinking about the different paths Canada and the US took after the US was officially declared independent of Britain. If the revolutionary war never took place, would North America (less Mexico) still belong to the United Kingdom? Realistically, probably not. However, I can understand why Canadians, particularly Quebecois, were angry about fighting in WWI as Britain, and not Canada. What ties were truly left to the Head of State at that point? To my knowledge the governing system then was pretty much the same as the one we have now, just with more provinces/territories incorporated.

Well, I find this so boring I'm not even going to reread this for spelling/grammatical mistakes. It's almost the weekend, I want it now. My finger hurts. I wish I had a chocolate bar.

Etcetera. Which I don't even know how to spell. Etc.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happy Dance

*puts on dancing shoes*

Reasons for happy dance today:
  • Disgruntled laptop has become un-disgruntled and now functions again (thank yee, Papa, for being smarter than I).
  • I fixed my GPS by noticing a missing screw and small piece of metal in the adapter. Flashback to finding curious small pieces of metal in my purse many, many days ago. That day I thought, "These look like they could be important. I will not throw them out. But I have no idea what they are from." I put two and two together last night, got four, and now my GPS works again.
  • I'm going on holiday in about 53 hours.
  • Flights from Ch'town to Paris-CDG are about $1400. Not so cheap. But flights from OTTAWA to CDG are only $800. More research and price shopping required.
  • I think I picked an autumn home: Aix-en-Provence, France. French schools there are plentiful, but accommodation seems pricey. More research required. Classes start Oct 12. *giddy!*
  • Hot water has returned to my home. Hair has been removed from legs. Sexy factor of showering: +6.
  • New roommate noticed the dishwasher was full of clean dishes. New roommate EMPTIED dishwasher. New roommate = amazing (+2 gold stars).
  • I brought a hotdog for lunch. You're jealous, I can feel it through the laptop screen. Mmm, ketchup.
  • Noticed someone in Russia and someone in Aruba looked at my blog. I love you all!
Unrelated note, but I need to learn how to make money from writing/blogging. Dear Readers: please send me a dollar. Love Jen.

I've had two more flats since getting home last week. *throws bicycle in garbage* I have discussed with others the lifespan of a tire, and feel the life of my actual tire should not be over, but maybe it is. Thinning tires are more likely to not withstand shards of glass, which creep throught and puncture my tube. Over, and over, and over, and then over some more, again.

New tire = good excuse to go to bike shop and look at expensive shoes/pedals I'm too scared to buy.

Back to work. So much to do before holiday.
(Six Flags!!!!)

*removes dancing shoes and replaces with work-productivity shoes*