Monday, June 29, 2009

With a Smile and a Song

I used to be hilarious!

My level of happiness is directly related to the amount I sing. Judging by the stylish vocals coming from my delightful windpipes, I am gosh darned thrilled with life. It also helps distract me when biking up big hills. I came up with some delightful versus in both English AND French of the song "John Jacob Dingle Schneider Smith". Or similar. I don't know the name past the first two words because I was deaf and confused as a child and played the "sounds like" game a lot.

John Jacob joieabo bw jkeek Smith,
His name is my name too!
Whenever we go out,
The people always yell,
Fa lala lalallallaallallaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Delightful tune.

I'm supposed to go group biking tonight. The wind is completely freaking out outside. Easily over 30 km/hr, particularly at the University.

I miss physics and the very special differences between velocity and speed, and displacement versus distance. Whoever decided to give me the physics award in high school would be very disappointed with me right now and the overall lack of intense physics discussions that take place.

And back to work. It's actually a very busy day even though half my team is off on vacation.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

~ Dr. Sushi ~

Tonight a mini group of us (three!) made sushi... and we rocked it! We bought a sushi making kit that including a bit of a cheat rice/veggie/stuff packer and the essential bambo roller thing. It was a huge feeling of accomplishment that we did it. Sushi always seemed like something that couldn't be accomplished by regular Island folk like us. Ooh, but did we prove me wrong. Excellent.

Also have enough sushi left for the next eight months - apparently we made a lot, ha.

I had so much to say earlier and it all vanished from my brain.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Handy dandy

I just looked at my left hand and was convinced a mole had fallen off the top of it. There is a raised bump, but no colour. I had a two-second bought of confusion and then decided to look at my right hand.

Whoops, forgot the mole has always been on my right hand.

The mystery bump on my left hand is just a bug bite. It's nice, because it matches the bug bites on my legs, stomach, bottom, neck, ears, etc. And my face. Nothing screams sexy like bug bites on the face.

I wish I could inject caffeine into my eyes.

Guilt trip?

Now I feel slightly guilty about the negativity below, particularly as it's directed at someone who may never know it's here, on public view. Oh, my morals hurt. Feeling guilty about things and wanting to be respectful and polite to others is how I get into such crap in the first place.

And hormones.

There is good and bad in all people. We choose what we display to others, the words that escape our mouths. Actions bring forth reactions. Select the right action to get the reaction you desire. However, is the action chosen a "right" action? Is the desired reaction a hurtful one?

Maybe I need to become religious. Buddah and I need to hang out and go for a bike ride or something. Perhaps share an ice cream cone at the park.

Or I'll just watch Pollyanna. That movie makes me smile excessively and hug soft wonderful things.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I spent an unfortunate chunk of today being angry at someone who had no idea. Can I mention how much I dislike my most recent ex-boyfriend as of late? I just want to scream at him so badly, but I can't, and I won't. I broke up with him about 800-million years ago which I have labelled as the most unsuccessful break-up ever. What a waste of time the last x months have been. I have no issues with the original relationship whatsoever. I have issues with me being indecisive and putting up with so much crap in the past few months in some sort of faux relationship. Except I didn't know I was putting up with *that* much crap... the pieces of the blurry, foggy puzzle just keep falling into place.

It's a puzzle I don't even want to see. Can I not just burn it?

Anyway, I'm not mentioning him by name, thus this cannot be considered slander :) Two male friends told me he was trouble long ago... and I ignored their foresight.

Anyway, c'est la vie. Most days are 800% fantastic with rainbows, but something had come to my attention recently. But hey, tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow will be a good day. I have already decided. I decided to let this "development" bother me this morning. I decide not to let it bother me tomorrow. I was thinking of the dollar value of my time - what my thoughts are worth per hour. Dwelling on things not worth dwelling on are not a good use of my time.

I love summer on so many levels.

Last night Hannah and I watched the first part of Pearl Harbor. I should have just rented a documentary, that's kind of what I was looking for. The writing in that movie is poor, the courtship of the initial relationship causes one to roll his/her eyes. However, the actual attack on Pearl Harbor is incredibly engrossing and I can't look away from it. I also find it very stressful to watch.

It baffles me. The shear, well, skill behind the entire thing. Attention to detail. The patience required to work on an attack months prior, waiting for the day. Hoping not to get caught. I couldn't believe how smart the Japanese Empire was to have every fine detail ironed out. The US gov't had no idea, other than hunches of a few men.

Or so I thought.

I googled Pearl Harbor today and search results taught me that people speculate that the US gov't knew of the planned attack and FDR let it happen so he could finally convince congress to vote on entry into WWII. It was a rather intersting read, apparently the gov't with held information from forces in Hawai'i, and the 'best' ships, carriers, etc., were, coincidently, not in Pearl Harbor. To quote the article, the Japanese basically bombed leftover WWI scrap. The 'good' assets had been re-directed to other ports, stations, etc. FDR needed an attack on homesoil, an knew the Germans would not do it. The US had built itself up to be indestructible - Hitler did not need to deal with the US at that time.

This new-found knowledge kind of bothers me. Would the President sacrifice so many men and women, simply so the US would finally have a catalyst to enter the War? People were not only sacrificed, but I suspect the economy of Hawai'i (not even a US state at the time - still only a territory) would had been hit hard. Tourism would have dropped and patrolling the Pacific would have made importing and exporting goods incredibly difficult.

Of couse, it is a conspiracy theory. The internet is full of 'facts' supporting both sides of the argument. I find it all curious.

This just learned: apparently Hawai'i's economy did not suffer during the war. Things were difficult on sugar and pineapple plantations, and many were temporarily shut down due to decreasing cargo ships (? I think? may have misinterpreted article). However, the population basically doubled with all the service men and women showing up. Doubled simply in O'ahu or in all of Hawai'i, I'm not sure, but I think there is one teeny Hawai'ian island that the gov't used to use as military testing grounds, if my memory of Erin's lonely planet guide serves correct.

12:17. Am supposed to be asleep now. Whoops!

Faahahhhhahhther's Day

It's a day late, but official online cheers to my Papa on Father's Day (+1 day).

My Papa is quite lovely, yes, and is pretty much one of my most favourite people in the entire planet. His most requested present when asked what he would like for b'day/Xmas/random holiday is, "I just want for you to be happy."

I also owe my dad a boat. I told him I would get him one when I was rich. What defines rich? I got him a toy boat for his b'day a couple of years back. Kind of like an 'I owe you'.

My Papa also has very good intuition and can generally tell when something is bothering me, which is particularly impressive when done over the phone.

Papa is called Papa after I saw "The Making of Beauty and the Beast on Broadway" on the telie and Belle kept calling her dad "Papa".
"Papa, do you think I'm odd?"
"My daughter, odd? Where'd you get an idea like that?"

When I was young I used to join me Papa on wee roadtrips around PEI when he was delivering things for work, or over to Halifax for eye appointments. Lovely!

Papa and I planned our first holiday to Florida together and he quite put up with an encouraged my geekiness. It was pre-internet, so we had two guide books and I'm pretty sure I had them memorised by the time we actually went on vacation.

It's odd to write about my dad, because it just seems so obvious that he is a wonderful person. It doesn't really need an explanation. He is delightful, intelligent, insightful, intuitive, and very loving to his family. It always makes me happy when people point out similarities between myself, my Papa, and the Clan MacPhail in general.

Conclusion: my Papa is ridiculously amazing and has made my life much easier, much more full of love, and above and beyond fantastic than anyone could expect.

I'm also a ridiculously hairy person because of him and his genes, but I'll that slide. Particularly with his new-found skill of shirt folding. (It honestly is very impressive.)

Internet is buggy... post!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ahh, the life of a bachelorette.

Tonight, a mere, two minutes ago, I had a pleasant variety of cereal for breakfast.

Is that sad? (As in pathetic, not tear enducing.)

It was delicious... but seems terribly irresponsible for a 26 y.o. On the plus side, as mentioned, cereal is delicious. A thrilling mix of raison bran, granola, and some sort of fake-healthy kiddie Winnie the Pooh cereal. It's not that good, so I mix it with the others to make it delightful. It's been in the ol' cupboard since last November.

What would a single bloke eat on his lazy bachelor nights? I kind of assume sausages and cheese. I have no basis for this hypothesis, other than men like meat. However, what about vegetarian men? Perhaps they dine on cereal as well? Cereal shaped like carrots, apples, tofu, and seasame seeds?

How terribly boring.

Tomorrow I will eat a real supper. It will involve the preparation of multiple food items. The kitchen shall be filled with delightful aromas of delightfully aromatic foods.

So far my 200-km bike goal for the week looks extremely reachable, with approximately 167 km so far. I have three days to go just over 30 km, which is simple simple simple, save threats of earthquakes, tornados, hurricaines, and other various natural disastors. This is also impressive as I did not bike yesterday other than my mighty 2-entire-kilometre commute, and to drop off a movie at That's Entertainment. La vie d'une lass sans auto.

It was actually due back on Monday, but post bike-ride on Monday I turned dilirious and couldn't move. Seriously. I plunked down on the couch, started giggling and rambling to roommates in a completely incomprehensible conversation, then crawled up my stairs and fell asleep for 1.5 hrs. Woke up at 10:30, took a shower, cooked supper, proceeded to eat a whole field of rice grain, and then eventually fell asleep again close to 2:00am in some weird giddy state of mind. Napping that late at night is not recommended. I know... for that was the second night in a row I did such foolishness. Oh, Miss Mc Mac Maki Maki Mo.

For the past THREE DAYS I have had the same song in my head. It's getting to be a bit much, and I am considering drastic measures. I don't want to go into detail, but it *could* involve excessive Magic 93 listening, perhaps a wee download or two of catchy bubble gum pop music, a single hair from an oxen's tail, and, obviously, four bandaids, one jug of peach juice, and a paper plate. It's an old remedy passed down from multiple generations, completed with the dull light of a distant moon. Preferably Earth's moon, and not, say, one of Mars' two moons. Though having two moons would be a curious experience. I must look more into Mars' moon - are they on opposite sides of the planet, or are they close together much like the dual suns of Tatooine in Star Wars?

I think... I will go to bed now. I have been destroyed in the mornings as of late to the point of needing a nap after breakfast and before getting dressed. I'm not sure if you have participated in the breakfast consumption lately, but I assure you that it's not so strenuous that one generally requires a nap post-event.

Unrelated, but I'm currently embracing the extreme obnoxious power of positive thinking and starring at my phone. Ring, wee grey phone, ring riiiiing...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend level of greatness = intense

I have end-of-weekend happy glow. The weather turned out fantastic, I did lots of stuff, enjoyed life, and found cures for a number of diseases. No, not so much, but that would just be icing on the cake.

This evening, after a lazy afternoon of intensive tanning/napping in the sun, I went for a nice bike ride. Wind was pretty much non-existent and it felt like I flew around the Isle for 60 fab kms. I passed Donagh school, so now i know where it is. Lovely! I also learned that google maps does not know the different between dirt roads and paved roads, which rather changed my plan. Which was fine. Apparently eating three cookies pre biking gives me the energy to fly to the moon and back (twice).

I also have started drinking Gatorade ocassionally when biking or post bike ride. I have done this twice... and when drinking it tonight on some random road noticed that it has 42 grams of sugar. Umm, isn't that a little bloody insane?! So now I'm concerned about Gatorade being bad for me. Isn't it basically kool-aid? Alas. It just so quenches my thirst when I'm 25-km away from home in an unknown location.

My goal is to bike about 200 km per week. Between tonight and tomorrow night (road ride!) I should be able to get in about 110. Excellent! so then I have five nights/days to get in 90 km. That seems a bit overly ambitious since last week I squeezed in 135.

In a related note, I put my bike computer on my bike and am a little geeky about it now, obviously :P At one point today, going down Georgetown Rd in Tea Hill, I was going about 50 km/hr. Insane!

I should go to bed now. But I crashed for an hr post bike ride and am not so tired. So tricky.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Chart this day

10:22 - I am feeling awake! This is very exciting as I haven't been able to fall asleep earlier than 2:00am lately. Dragging myself out of bed has been very, very difficult, but I have still managed to get to work at 8:45 the past two days. Impressive!

10:47 - I just got an emailing saying "You're the best, thanks Jennifer!"
Question: who is the best?
Answer: Apparently, Jen Mac is the best! (?!)

11:42 - I am bored and want to eat. I'm writing a report on first-time versus repeat travel parties to PEI. The excitement is surely mounting.

11:48 - I want to go out for lunch. I didn't really bring a lunch. Perhaps a journey to the SuperStore is required to purchase sushi.

12:20 - I'm getting tired and my eyeballs are starting to hurt.

Hee hee:
from Is a degree in homeopathy a sick joke?

Mumbo-jumbo and barmpots: A glossary of Magic Medicine

Homeopathy: giving patients medicines that contain no medicine whatsoever.
Herbal medicine: giving patients an unknown dose of an ill-defined drug, of unknown effectiveness and unknown safety.
Acupuncture: a rather theatrical placebo, with no real therapeutic benefit in most, if not all, cases.
Chiropractic: an invention of a 19th-century salesman, based on nonsensical principles: shown to be no more effective than other manipulative therapies, but less safe.
Reflexology: plain old foot massage, overlaid with utter nonsense about non-existent connections between your feet and your thyroid gland.
Nutritional therapy: self-styled “nutritionists” making untrue claims about diet in order to sell you unnecessary supplements.
Spiritual healing: tea and sympathy, accompanied by arm-waving.
Reiki: ditto.
Angelic reiki: the same but with added “angels, ascended masters and galactic healers”. Excellent for advanced fantasists.
Colonic irrigation: a rectal obsession that fails to rid you of toxins which you didn’t have in the first place.
Anthroposophical medicine: invention of the mystic barmpot, Rudolf Steiner, for whom nothing whatsoever seems to strain credulity.
Alternative diagnosis: kinesiology, iridology, vega test, etc: various forms of fraud, designed to sell you cures that don’t work, for problems you haven’t got.
Any alternative “therapist” who claims to cure Aids or malaria: agent of culpable homicide.

1:32 - I just learned a new word! Pedantic. I like it :)

2:03 - there is a conference being held in our building and I swear the people pretty much eat constantly. I don't think breakfast is served, but there is a break at about 10:30 with 'morning pastries', coffee, juice, etc. Then they have lunch (today: crepes, salad, cookies and other such desserts), and the catering folk are currently downstairs setting up for the next break. You know, it's not like sitting and listening burns a lot of calories. Trust me. I know. I work in a office and spend far too much time sitting. Working in offices is one very good catalyst for getting fat.

Likewise, working in an office where there is always leftover conference food is a sure catalyst for putting on some poundage ;)

3:42 - dooohdooooooooododododododododododo. In the bathroom I was thinking about a new electronic disposal tax that is going to be introduced on PEI (can't remember if this is in the works, has been approved, or is merely being discussed). I realise that people are more likely to use the service if they are paying for it upfront, but I wonder how many people will use it. Drive to a special depot to dispose of their telie. And what about people who purchase something here but move from the Island (or perhaps they were tourists)? Will they be allowed to forfeit the fee somehow or will they be able to dispose of the electronic off-Island for free?

I'm glad it's possibly being introduced though, it seems shameful to have piles of electronic crap on the sides of the roads. I have an old digital camera I don't know what to do with. It died a tragic, drawn-out death after it had been used for, well, THOUSANDS of pictures, the three most intensively photographed years of my life. It's just gathering dust in the 223 livingroom, wonderful if it will ever be useful again (no - it's done for).

Le sleepy.

Are taxes charged on diapers? I was thinking about taxation of necessary goods. I was trying to compare diapers to "feminine products", which are taxed. Females don't really have any other alternative other than to buy such products, or sit on the toilet for a series of days and get a perma red-bum-ring around their bottom from excessive toilet seat contact. Diapers have cloth alternatives. No one can honestly tell me that there are cloth alternatives available for females. I refuse to believe it, and would likely refuse to use it for so, so, *so* many reasons.

One more hour of work!

I want to sit outside on a park bench, watch fountains, and enjoy lovely instrumental music in the background.

This morning I wanted a snuggle partner in bed because I was tired, groggy, and only slightly awake. Instead a small collection of crap has formed on my bed: PEI map, bike computer, cell phone (for alarm purposes), a pen (or two), but nothing with skin. Sometimes I don't miss sharing my bed with someone at all, this morning was not one of those times. However, I woke up in a bad, tired mood, so chances are if there *had* been someone in my bed (!) I would had wanted to be alone. Grass is greener on the other side. But hey, I'm just happy I can see grass post-winter snow. Hurrah!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Follow my brain!

The subject is generally in regards to nothing, except upon signing into Blogger I noticed that the blog three friends and I kept during uni has a "follower". Why anyone would want to "follow" it is beyond me... particularly as it has not been updated since, umm, oh, I'm guessing 2002. It semi belongs in an Internet graveyard somewhere.

I have returned from afar! I was in the US and Ottawa. I spent money. I rode a bicycle, in-line skated (since apparently rollerblading is not correct as Rollerblades are a brand, not a product as per third-year marketing textbook), played in the Gatineau Hills, camped in an extremely tiny tent, and overall had a fantastic wonderful time with fantastic wonderful people. Mission Eastern Timezone = success!

Trip in a nutshell (mmm, nuts)

New Brunswick
Highlights: TreeGo in Moncton, seeing Melissa.
Lowlights: my baked potato at Wendy's in Saint John. Thoroughly disappointing and a firm reminder in why I generally stay far, far away from fastfood.

Yee Ol' USA
Highlights: Shopping/outlet stores, US prices, camping in a tent meant for a small child, laying on a rock on the beach at 9am feeling the sun beat down on my face and sipping a beer.
Lowlights: I didn't buy enough alcohol... I couldn't remember how much beer you could bring back into Canada. I took 14. Limit was 24. Lesson learned.

Highlights: Friends!!! How is it that my social life there is substantially better than my social life in PEI? Being able to use my old bus tickets, biking, rollerblading, playing in Gatineau Park.
Lowlights: MEC did not have the shirt I wanted in my size. Tragic.

So hurrah! It was a good trip.

Unrelated, but I have a mystery bump on my ankle. Curious. I also have some scratches and bruises on my leg, but that's from being clumsy when trying to manouver a friend's bike over one of the canal's locks.

I also have weird cuts similar to paper cuts on my finger which simply will not heal.

I felt out of shape on my bike this evening. I am also considering purchasing new tires... skinnier ones. But then I realised I don't understand/am not familiar with the vast complexities of tires. How small can I go before having to purchase entirely new wheels? I was going to type, "This is where most recent ex-boyfriend would be useful," but I highly expect others would have this knowledge as well.

Such as the staff at the bike shops. Bless their wee hearts and knowledge-filled brains.

The coming days are supposed to be lovely, I am excited for some responsible sun bathing time (e.g., I will wear sun screen), mounting le Bicyclette, general twirling, and perhaps harvesting sugar cane.

I am also going to be the Dune's Next Top Model this weekend. Seriously. Okay, maybe not so serious on the *top* model, but at least *a* model. I am expecting hilarity to present itself, and beyond that, I have no idea what to expect other than I get to wear pretty clothes and have a free glass o' wine. And, obviously, that I will rock the body that rocks the party.

According to the National Post, yesterday I invested $303 in GM. Delightful. Groan. Apparently much of the financing given to GM in Canada will be to help finance pensions that GM promised but can no longer afford. Great, so now I am saving for my retirement, helping others in their current retirement (CPP), and paying for someone else's pension? Although really, via taxes, I was paying for the pensions of GOC employees anyway.

The GM thing rather irritates me. I completely feel for those who may had lost their job, and the subsequent spiral that would have ripelled through the economy, but really, GM should have seen this coming. It's not like a specific event suddently occured and GM was an unfair bystander. The National Post also had an interesting point in regards to the challenges facing the marketing department of GM: brand image and perception. The public's view on GM right now is likely rather negative. How is this going to play into consumers' minds when deciding what kind of car to purchase?

I have to go to bed. Post 1:00am and I have to go to work tomorrow. I also want to get there early so I can go outside and frolick in the sun post work. Rock on, vitamin D!!! It's been far too long, my love.