Sunday, August 02, 2009

Biscuits de l'Ile

Today, while I was out on a delightful 70-km bike ride (!), I was thinking about cookies. I was heading down Rte 25 towards Jewel's Country Market, thinking that it would be delightful to stop and purchase some cookies.

I was correct, purchasing, and the subsequent eating, of cookies was a wise idea. However, apparently the secret is out on PEI and people are catching on to the deliciousness that is English Toffee cookies. They were sold out by the time I got there, late in the day, at about 5:00. I had to settled for white chocolate macadamien nut cookies. Still a pleasure for the taste buds... but not the gooey explosion of the cookies I was expecting.

The other delightful cookies place in PEI is in Hunter River. There, however, it is critical to purchase the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. If those are sold out, you could always settle for a cinammon roll. "Settle" is, perhaps, an overly strong verb, given that the cinammon rolls are also delightful, but just not quite as much as the PB/Choc cookies.

Conclusion: I ate an absurd amount of cookies today. However, I believe it's justified, based on my first bike route of the day.

Edited to remove map, because it showed where I live which is probably not a good thing to post on the Internet?

Yeah, you're impressed, I can tell. Then I went for another ride after. However, the Biking for Breakfast Challenge was on this very same Saturday. In that event people bike the tip to tip in one day. Perhaps about 280 km. Suddenly my ride looks... mole hill, rather than mountain. Next year I would like to do the day tip to tip. I will train hard and obtain quadriceps the size of small villages.

My environment will be changing soon. I'm excited. Also, random, but if anyone has recommendations for a school in France for improving ones French, please let me know. It's something I am considering for later in the Fall.

Et.. bisous... bonne soiree.

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