Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Such a character!

This morning I did something stupid, so I redeemed myself by doing two unstupid things. One of which was cut my own hair (well, trim my fringe). They're a bit crooked, but so darling cute, but I believe the non-linearness simply adds character.

Now people will say, "Oh that Jen, such a character," and I'll smile and point to my fringe. Then we'll burst in loud, hearty, gay laughter and continue sipping our brandy.

Oh Miss Mac.

Monday, September 29, 2008

But I am le tired...

Today was a very sleepy day at first, a morning that would have been spent well in bed cuddled into some blankets. Or perhaps not, as my room was quite warm last night. So cuddled into one wee blanket and a couple of pillows, I suppose.

C'etait un bon fin de semaine. On Friday I went for a bike ride (where I saw Tom DeBlois vans simply IDELLING (sp? while he was knocking on doors, ugh - environment, much?). After I had work related stuff today, then met up with some people for a drink. I had a banana split martini.

Hey, you know what's gross? Banana split martinis. It was a sad drink. Eventually we split off. I went home, stayed up way too late, then woke up before my alarm on Sat morning because I had to man (woman?) a booth for work. Later on I decided I needed new biking shorts! So I went to MacQueen's and, despite my intentions to just be in-and-out, left with a pair of biking shorts AND biking... something. Capris? Ankle pants? Something. It was almost shameful and completely un-Jen how much of an easy upsell I was. $85 later (pretty good deal though) I biked home, excited to change and test 'em out. On the way home it started to rain, as it had been threatening to do all afternoon, and I was disappointed.

But I went on my bike ride anyway, and my new shorts are amaaaaazing. They aren't as long as my other ones (good), and they give more comfort. I suspect this is the case though as my older pair were worn almost everyday so I'm sure the padding is starting to thin out.

And holy Jesus it rained. I was such a mess when I got home, but so happy. It was warm out so the rain was very refreshing. My sneakers had massive pools of water in them, my rain coat was soaked and quite muddy (but kept me dry, as it should), but I was in very good spirits. The rain was very energizing, and I'm sure all the cruise ship tourists thought I was a bit of a nutter. Maybe not at first, "Oh, poor girl was probably biking home and got caught in the rain!", but then they would see me again, and think, "Oh, she's actually just a moron. Heh."

Heh indeed.

So turns out there is a six-week fencing course starting in two weeks, and lacrosse every Sunday night at the sports centre! Me thinks I found some stuff to do. I'm a bit ansy on both, as I feel my temper and easily-frustrated self will not bode well with fencing, and I never really learned to excel at lacrosse, mostly just run around and get in the way of other players when necessary. If anything, it will give me people to go to the Wave with after our matches :P

I've been working in French most of the afternoon. It was a nice for a change. Bien!

Oh look, it's a giant strawberry from my bike ride a few weeks ago. So very excited!

bye .

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hump day

Woo, Wednesday! It's pretty much official the hump MOMENT because I'll be heading for lunch soon on the mid day of the work week.

What's wrong with my attention span lately? It seems all that I want to do is ramble ramble ramble, bike, or read. Ramble via speach or script.

Earlier I was wondering if anyone was thinking or talking about me. Not in a lustful way (okay, maybe a wee bit), but in the same way I think of people throughout the day. For example, if someone were to speak of a city in BC, I would think of the people I know from that city. The various things I associate with various people. You know how sometimes you say, "Oh yeah, my friend ______ does that/likes that/worked there, etc." I wonder how many people are thinking about me at one time. Or not even me, pick a co-worker with many contacts, how many times a day does that person come up in conversation? I kind of wish I knew... Or maybe not. If my name didn't appear at all I would be concerned as to why I am so un-memorable or un-mentionable. And what if it came up in a bad context? Some, of course, in understandable, definitely not everyone out there loves me. My personality is borderline space cadet/scattered/anal/perfectionist. I feel like the extreme corners of a mishapen polygon, ha! Anyway, some bad talk is okay, but clearly one would wish the majority be positive.


Ha ha, I just came back from a hilarious lunch. Anyway, apparently I'm stressed (unrelated to previously mentioned lunch). Generally I can pinpoint this from small blisters on my fingers and the urge to sleep. I would love to have a 20-minute nap right now. Actually no, I wish I was in a hammock reading.

Is it bad that I am, technically, only 16 months into my "career" and I already think it would be lovely to have 6 weeks off to "expand my horizons"? I wonder what I would actually do.

Six weeks off paid, of course. Because the likelihood of that is, oh, none.

Ideally someone else would have a lot of time off and would also think riding camels in Northern Africa sounds like a good day.

I wish more other people had blogs, I remember during university that the blogosphere was endless - apparently everyone had something to say! Either that or the lack of a "structured" day gave people more small periods of free time to spit their thoughts out to a computer. A free 40 minutes here (clearly not enough time to do anything class related), the odd 15-minute break there, etc.

It's kind of a weird feeling the first time you fully realise that people you do not know are reading your blog. You almost feel like your privacy has been invaded, but also proud that someone thinks your life is interesting enough to read about. Then your mind quickly darts to the content that has been presented - did I sound like a loser? Whiner? Boring? Was it filled with grammatical errors (GASP!), spelling errors, directionless dribble? Did it anger anyone? Was it "controversial"? Was it too detailed? Not detailed enough? Is it going to get me in trouble? Suddenly, the meeting of this person ends just as quickly as it started, and you are left standing there concerned as the person has already moved on and is now thinking about beer, parking fines, foreign languages, etc., anything but you and your blog. But afterwards, you feel a slight bit famous and find yourself winking at people more.*

* this may be a slight dramatization of what really happened, but I aim to entertain even if it jumbles the facts.

Really though, if someone does not want to be heard, he/she would be saving writings to a Word doc. If it wasn't meant to be shared, if would be in a hand-written journal shoved into a random drawer with spare batteries and free pens from various booths at employment fairs. Not saying that is me, as I keep my pens in a Poly plastic "glass" on my window sill. In a related note, perhaps why my pens dry up...

I'm back to rocking the curly hair today. I don't know why people with curly/wavey hair spend so much time straightening it. Of course I understand once in awhile, but daily? Soooo much time waaasted, and the heat is super hard on your hair. My hair dresser (who I see, oh, once or twice a year) commented that my hair doesn't need to be cut that frequently because I don't damage it with heat. High five lazy!

I'm eating dried mango. So good! Also, looked like mangled cat. Sad.

My workplace is a little hilarious. So many eccentric personalities (professors) in one place. At lunch today one professor went into detail about how to cook "fartless beans".

Two hours left of work. Two hours til I go on a bike ride! Okay, probably 2 1/2 by the time fifteen minute nap is factored in, as well as changing. Biking in boots is not difficult, but I wouldn't want to do it for many many kilometres.

Last night I saw a pair of shorts (but long shorts - so wearable until November) for sale. But I didn't buy them. 1 - was rushing through, no time to try anything on, and 2 - I am never the same size for, it seems, more than twelve months. See capris I am wearing today (almost wore "real" pants today - so glad I didn't, it's not that time of year yet and the mere THOUGHT of putting on pants made me depressed), I love them, but they are pretty much hanging off me. Contrast with capris purchased in summer 2004 in Scotland (red, kind of awesome) that I can barely stuff myself into and then worry about ripping the seams. My size seems to fluctuate based on many factors... I wonder if I can work out an equation for it?! That would honestly make my day. Factors included is current residence (out of Canada = bigger), season (summer = bigger, more BBQs, drinking on patios), workmates (drinkers after work vs not), relationship (always seem to be skinnier when have a boyfriend), relationship "quality" (on verge of break-up or actual break up means I stopped eating because everything tastes like woodchips), roommates (how much we eat out on fun, random nights out), workplace some more (in the UK people were always bringing in sweets, basically sinning is okay if it occurs in a group. Have another cake!), etc.

How will I roll all these wonderful factors into one?!

Differences between current workplace and UK workplaces: first night out with UK workmates (FIRST DAY OF WORK) led to a big conversation of how old everyone was the first time they got laid. Canada? "Would you like a drink?" "Well, what are you having?" "Oh, a beer I suppose." "I suppose I shall have that as well." "How are things going?" "Pretty good, and you?" "Also good." "I wonder if anyone else is coming..."


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Inventory of the brain's day

1:54pm: And so the day goes.

When I was at my disgusting filing job back in the lovely summer of 2005 (such a good year!!) I remember having a few blogs just open all day, then posting at the end of the day. Often involved were, I'm sure, records of papercuts. Today is a wee bit of a data entry day, after reviewing a report this morning we will be releasing soon. I wrote the first draft back in February, but we did not have enough staff and it never got around to being released. Now our new staff are reviewing it, and I had my review day this morning. It's actually pretty good, but could be better as some was clearly filler blabber for length.

1:58:Bathroom break!

2:02: Bathroom break successful! Hair looked kind of greesy in the mirror, probably because I haven't washed it since Saturday and did a half-ass job of straightening/de-poofing it. I went to bed with wet hair on Saturday, which made for a hair disaster on Sunday so I half-straightened it. I like doing that once in awhile, though it gets greesy much more quickly because I play with it because, shock, I can actually get my fingers through my hair! Back to work...

2:11: I hate when people spell "Anne of Green Gables" without the 'e' on their survey comments. Did they not pay attention to the book/musical AT ALL? (Anne & Gilbert possibly excluded, I suppose, as I do not believe that is referenced in that specific musical.) I'm going outside now.

2:55: Someone who filled in one of our six-kajillion surveys is from "Newalla, OK". I picture someone with a thick southern twange shouting NEwaaallllalayayay okay! -- what a magnificent find.

3:09: I wish I could see Beauty and the Beast on stage again. I'm singing "If I Could Have Love Her' in my head right now (and doing a very good job of it). I missed it in Edmonton by mere DAYS (which I'm sure relieved le ex-boyfriend) in March, alas. But I could have easily sat through it by myself, loving it to bits. It makes you feel good inside, like the play is giving you a hug. (I've stopped singing the song in my head and am now listening to it instead. I'm swooning.)

3:17: Song ended. Repeat! swooooon

3:36: I cannot believe it's only 3:36. Tick, tick, tiiiiiick. If this were a movie and I was still a student, I would be half-hunched over my desk staring at the clock... Flash to clock, where the second hand starts ticking even more slowly. My eyes shift, confused, suddenly, the second hand starts to go BACKWARDS! CLASS WILL NEVER END, because suddenly it is only 3:15 again. Oh my!

4:00: Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh. If I had arrived at work this morning at 8:00 I could leave now. Instead I only got out of bed at 8:15. Oooh, weird dreams last night too! Sadly, can't remember them at this exact moment.

I'm hungry. Grr, says stomach, GRR. I'm listening to the ET theme and have visions of biking to the moon. Wouldn't that get a wee bit chilly? DID THE PRODUCERS CONSIDER THIS?

Song over. Now the Jurassic Park theme. Spectacular! It's so... unvieling. The music wants you to be awed, and you are awed, because there are dinosaurs. It makes me think of the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Islands of Adventure that is scary and makes want to dive out of the boat.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Writer's Field

I was trying to think of the opposite of writer's block - the block being a large figure before you that no light seeps around. So I thought of a field, light drenching it, no obstacles in sight. I'm in a middle of a field.

I think it's because I've been spending far more time alone than I'm used to. It's... trying to think of a positive adjective... "enlightening", I suppose. I remember Shan and her well used Myers-Brigg book from the Canon Street days. I am apparently an extrovert, and get my energy from being around other people. I kind of thought of myself as more middle ground - border line extrovert, border line introvert. Now I'm pretty sure that I flirt far more with the extrovert label than the introvert.

I think if I wrote as much as I wanted to in the course of a day, this blog would be essays long. But I don't, because it's not always accessible. I rarely write at work - except wonderful, ground-breaking, industry-changing reports - and I cannot hop off my Bicyclette at any given moment to dive for a laptop, thought sometimes I do take pen and paper with me.

I saw the sunset again tonight. Actually, I'm almost always outside for the sunset. It sets so early now that I'm usually still out biking and on my way home at that point. Tonight's sunset was different. If someone asked me to describe it, I could do so in two ways: a visual description, and an emotion-evoking description. One, the sunset was pretty, and much more yellow than usual. Beautiful gradient from a soft blue to a vibrant yellow. It actually looked more like a sunrise, the sky was stripped of the frequent pink, purple, and deep blue shades. Emotionally, it felt like a very optimistic sunset. It was weird, usually sunsets don't really draw much emotion from me other than a logical statement of, "Look, the sun is setting," to no one as I'm generally peddling on my own. I try to avoid talking to myself. Apparently society frowns upon it after your eighth year or so. Really though, I think speaking to oneself can provide clarity, much like walking away from a paper for a couple of days. Maybe it has to do with the different ways people learn or retain knowledge. For a audio learner, maybe speaking out loud to him/herself is more efficient. I don't judge. I still haven't figured out if I'm a visual, audio, or hands-on learner. I tend to link things very logically, but I don't think that is due to preferred learning method. However, I definitely think I have a visual memory (though I believe I'm getting rusty - will need to play more games of memory with a deck of cards). Sometime when trying to remember something it's almost like flipping through a series of files, and I know exactly which one to stop at and can pull a mental picture of it. It's interesting. I'm good at flipping through books and easily finding the page I'm looking for, was especially good at that with textbooks during uni.

I was looking at some pictures I took this weekend last night thinking about the role pictures play in my life. I love pictures. I have very, very, very few printed off, but my laptop is filled with digital photos. I then thought about the role a camera plays when you are by yourself. Sometimes I think it's a bad replacement for a person. Like this weekend, I would had rather been biking with someone, it makes for good encouragement and good company, but I was on my own so once in awhile I stopped to take pictures because I had no one to stop and talk to. By taking a picture of myself do I give myself someone to be with? "Lookie! You're with her! Gosh, she looks just like you..."

In a related note, if anyone ever wants to go on a bike ride... :) Apparently there is an PEI biking/cycling group that goes on rides every Monday night. Something to look into, if it's not too late! I also need to start, UGH, wearing warmer clothes. Sigh. Oh, just checked out calendar for said group and next Monday is the last ride. My timing is impeccable.

I kind of have the urge to get something pierced. Not sure what though. Realistically, probably nothing. I don't like bellybutton piercings... I just find them weird. Eyebrow reminds me of junior high, and that would be putting me back more than a decade. Maybe something in my ear(s). I feel this is similar to last summer when I couldn't stop sooking after getting home from vacay so promptly cut of 90 percent of my hair. Bizarrely, my mood lifted fantastically well. But I don't feel like chopping my hair this time - I'm having curiously good hair days as of late (by Jen standards) and don't want to tempt the Gods to end those days.

Imagine if people actually lived out their daydreams? Those sighs, some days, and if onlys. My life would be a circus. There would be animals everywhere, and I would be in a million different places, fluent in tens of languages. Some of my daydreams are unrealistic (baby elephant), but others much more obtainable. I just feel very ADD that I have very few long-term daydreams, they scatter so quickly based on my mood of the day and, so frequently, based on what book I'm reading or what other people are doing.

What if everyone lived out their daydreams? Would the economy crash into the fiery depths of the Underworld, or would equilibrium still be found? (Arguably never truly found due to the lack of an actual free market economy.) If my dream is to move to Hawaii and take hula dancing lessons for three months, does someone else have the dream to teach me that? Or would we exchange, and I would somehow help my teacher achieve his/her dream? Wouldn't that be nice - people putting forth so much effort to help others achieve happiness.

How would population demographics shift? Would people start living longer because they are happier? Or would the average life expectancy drop as people realise their life-long dreams of extreme, dangerous activities? What regions would emerge as centres, and which would turn into ghost towns?

And would people actually be brave enough to do it?

Change causes fear in some people. Would people happy with the present status-quo become disturbed when their hometown is overcome with dream-chasing immigrants? (Immigrant used in the sense of an outsider, not necessarily a foreign individual from another country.) Would the people who live in temples in the hilltops of Japan be happy that so many people are coming there to find inner peace? Or does the presence of the new individuals disrupt the inner-peace of the current, can't think of the word, temple person? Would the person that can help others find that inner equilibrium even still be there? Or will he/she be with me somewhere giggling in the ocean, trying to stand up on a surfboard?

So many questions. But it would be interesting to be approached by someone saying, "I just achieved one of my dreams, now I will help you achieve yours so long you pass the favour onto someone else." So this person achieved his/her dream, and now must help me find my way to working on a vineyard in France. He/she doesn't have to actually escort me there, but perhaps give me encouragement, help make arrangements - put the wheels in motion. I get to France, do my vineyard stint, and move forth to help a friend of a friend of a friend perhaps, say, be reunited with a childhood penpal from decades ago. Imagine having someone whose purpose was to help you achieve one specific dream... What would you ask for? If would have to be achievable. "I want you to mend my broken leg with the single tap of a wand!" isn't valid.

I have such word driblage lately, like my mouth won't stop spurting things out that my brain randomly touches on. Uh, see above for reference.

I was reading CBC news today and a discussion had been opened on the possibility of Canada having talks to try and arrange trade agreements with the EU.

Well, WHY NOT? There is no reason we shouldn't partake in talks. They may not lead to anything, but I believe variety, and versatility, make for a stronger, more reliable economy in the long run. In simple, simple, SIMPLE terms, imagine eating only one kind of food. That food suddenly gets wiped out by say, a storm, or perhaps is recalled due to health reasons. Now that food is unavailable, and one is left searching for a new kind of food to be enjoyed. Compare that to the person who eats a variety of food (let's leave food qualities out of this and assume neither is missing nutrients/minerals due to food choice) has also lost access to that particular kind of food. Unfortunate, but he/she has many alternatives to fall back on. The other person does as well, but may have to go through more work to find such food. Where does one purchase it? How does one know if it is ripe or has gone sour? How is it best prepared? Learning curves take time. Our trade is so dependent on the US, and it wouldn't surprise me if there are secret trade agreements that force us to remain so interdependent, but all other things equal, expanding trade partners is good. Some people that commented in the discussion mentioned us aligning with the Euro and *joining* the EU, but I think that was mere speculative thinking, or perhaps miscomprehension of the topic. It's no secret that I would happily move back to Europe for a short stint (founder of the Tourism Research Centre - Salamanca Branch), but the idea of Canada joining the EU in the near future makes me scratch my head in confusion. I haven't been following the currency markets at all, but I believe the Canadian dollar is doing decent?

Holy Jen MacRamble. In an effort to be in bed (though I type from my bed) by 1:00am, it's 12:58 and I need be trying to shut down the brain for bed, otherwise I'll soon have a dissertation written. Yay, Jen Mac, PhD.

Oops, now 1:01am by the time I finished spellcheck. Ahh well. Long live the job of no official start time...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Adventure

Oh, the weekends are full of such adventure.

On Friday I suddenly worked a Tourism Research Centre booth at work for the official opening of the new building. It was nice to actually be out and talking to people, instead of hiding in my office, hissing when the sun comes up and people walk by with cloves of garlic. So that took up most of the morning and a wee chunk of the afternoon. At 4:30, the TRC went to our director's house to partake in "team building"/"beer drinking". Then I tried to go on a boat cruise with Doug, but we missed the boat. Literally. So we went to Peake's, ate, and left. However, we did get free things at Peake's as part of the Shellfish Festival promotions - glow bracelets, a blinking set of lip lights, t-shirt, and an OYSTER.

The oyster taste like ass; I can't believe people happily eat those as a delicacy. They could just lick the beach - it would almost taste the same. Just add hot sauce.

Saturday was the REAL adventure - oh my. I hitched a ride down east with ma and pa (70-mile coastal yard sale - I bought stuff, it was fun) who dropped me off in Montague so I could bike home. It felt a little windy, but I figured I would be okay as most of the trail is pretty sheltered. I checked when I got home, and the winds were about 30 km/hr, sw. Not sure what gusts were. Anyway, I biked the trail from Montague to "Montague Junction" (10 km). I was just going to head on west towards Mount Stewart, then to Charlottetown, but decided I may as well go to Georgetown since I was so close and, well, had never been! So I detoured 10 km to Georgetown and biked around there a wee bit. Took the road back to the trail, and away I went! I biked about 18 km and noticed the trail was washed out and muddy ahead. No worries, I will BIKE AROUND THE WASH OUT! Ooops but the grass was actually holding a kajillion litres of water and poor Sexay Bicyclette promptly sunk into the ground. So I had to hop off and walk through the mush, feeling water filled my primarily mesh sneakers. I biked to the nearest bench, listening to the squish squish of my thick socks. I sat there, took off my sneakers to survey the damage. Actually - not bad! My feet had been getting cold biking lately so I was wearing thick socks which pretty much absorbed most of the water from my light sneakers. I had brought an extra pair of thin socks in case my feet were to get too hot, so I happily put those on after sitting in the sun letting my barefeet dry, and my damp sneakers. Thumbs up!

I biked about another 6 km or so and met another cyclist on the trail. He warned me about a loose dog ahead, a large german shepherd, that had chased him for awhile, and the trail was pretty soft and ick as they were resurfacing. This didn't sound very ideal, so I didn't I would take the road for awhile... possibly all the way to Mount Stewart, then the trail or Rte 2 home, or maybe just take the road all the way back to Ch'town on the other side of the river. Hmm. So I started biking on Rte 22 in St. Theresa's, heading towards Mount Stewart. Looked at map and decided to take Rte 21 back to Ch'town, thought it would be a nice change. What a friggin mistake. I literally turned onto Rte 21 only to be standing at the bottom of a massive hill and the feeling of my jaw dislocating as it hit the pavement sharply. No worries, a hill won't kill me, I've done 'em before! So up and up and up I go... heading south... into the previously mention winds. Find myself a little windy at the top of hill so stop to take picture of giant strawberry. Cute. Proceed to go down hill a bit, peddling against the wind... to find... another massive hill. Begin to second guess decision to take road. More hills, and more wind later, I find myself in Fort Augustus, wondering if crying will magically transport me back to Ch'town. Instead I sit down on the side of the road to look at my map to see how much further. How discouraging. Very far. In the meanwhile, mosquitoes feast on me, euphoric to have found such a delicious, accessible treat. They did quite a number, and must travel in packs as I have multiple bites on my lower and upper legs, a few on my ass, two on my elbow, a couple of the back of my arm, two right next to each other on my stomach, and one (!) on my forehead.

I hop back on my bike and trek towards Stratford. Eventually I make it (hurrah!) and contemplate stopping at Captain Sub in Stratford. I realise that if I get of Bicyclette, I may have difficulties getting back on it. So I bike straight past and over the bridge... the bridge leading into magnificent Ch'town. I'm heading west, and the winds don't bother me nearly as much. I dramatically stumble through the door at 223, collapsing onto the couch. Sweaty and dirty. Then I kind of pass out and wake up freezing about two minutes later. Struggling, I make it up the stairs and, even further eventually, manage to work up the effort to stand up in the shower. The rest of Saturday night involves me eating, oh, everything in sight.

According to the trail map and google map, I went 89.5 km yesterday. I'm rounding up to 90 km in about 5 hrs. I've had longer days (distance wise) before, but not against such hills and wind. My knees are shot right now, but I went for a walk in Greenwich National Park today and they were okay, just a bit tender on the drive home.

Which leads to Sunday's adventure! Not quite as exciting, but I felt like going for a wander so I went to Greenwich National Park. I had never been before, but the pics of the floating boardwalk have intrigued me. So away I went! It felt nice to go for a drive on the highway, I don't drive very much. Mostly because I bike everywhere, and also I don't really have anywhere to go. First I went to the beach where it was windy and the water was full of waves! The water looked frigid. Then I went to the walking trails and went exploring on those. You know, all the interpretive signage showed many wonderful animals that live in the woods/marsh. I saw only a hare, chipmunk, and a dog someone was walking. Anyway, I will write a strongly worded letter requesting more ferrets and owls.

Then I ate lots of pizza with Keri Shields. If my body were a temple, it would be crumbling under marathon bike rides and junk food. The empire of Jen Mac wouldn't hold many armies away.

11:15. Time to wind down and get ready to face tomorrow's work day. Cry.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free water!

Yesterday K-Rock was handing out "Aquafina plus+ - vitamin enhance water" at the student centre. Someone brought a bunch back to the School of Business, so now I'm sipping on the pomegranate cherry flavour.

It's weird.

Looking at the ingredients list compared with the frequently-refilled regular Aquafina bottle on my desk, the regular water has demineralized treated water, and ozone. (Yum, ozone! Is this why the ozone layer is getting thinner, because we are plucking it from the sky and adding it to our water?) The "enhanced" water features water, SUGAR (quantity not specified), natural pomegranate cherry flavour, citric acid, sodium citrate, modified corn starch (high five!), chocineal, calcium phosphate, gum arabic, caramel colour, silicon dioxice, and sodium benzoate. Now, I'm not knocking these because I drink gallons of Crystal Lite, or more accurately, Sobey's knock-off non-aspartame version of it, but it seems weird that these are in water. The enhanced bottle is more attractive than the regular one, but also holds less water, though it looks like it would hold more ( 473 mL vs. 500 mL).

It tastes fine, I feel fine (should I feel enhanced?), but I'm kind of reluctant to give it a thumbs up because, well, it's vitamin enhanced water. I guess I don't really get it. I'm sure it's better for you than pop (at only 80 calories a bottle versus whatever 473 mL of cola would have) but I don't think I would buy it. But I will gladly accept a free bottle as part of a promotion to encourage me to buy it.

The other flavour was some sort of orange mandarin... something. Didn't appeal to me so much. Though I love the colour orange, artificial flavouring wise, orange is my least favourite.

ALTHOUGH, it must be noted that while I was very tired earlier, I am not as tired now. Enhanced water side effect?! Or perhaps just a water side effect? Curious. Or maybe the banana I ate a half-hour ago. So many possible answers... Gosh, scientists must never run out of topics.

You know, I am arguably a researcher (which may get me to Hawaii next year - high five!... long story. Beer was involved. Story may prove to be fictional in long run) but don't get a cool title like "SCIENTIST". From now on I am a TRAVELOLOGIST - someone who studies travel patterns.

Jen Mac - Travelologist. High FIVE!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

La neige...

I kid re title above, there is no snow.


Oh my, that would be disastrous.

Things at work are busy, and I like it. I'm at a good place right now where I have been there long enough that I really know what I'm doing and am *knock on wood* pretty good and efficient at it. New projects and responsibilites keep popping up. I quite like working in a project based position, rather than a "day to day routine"esque position.

There was a firedrill today at work and I could only think of Dwight running around in The Office yelling, "DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!" when people wouldn't leave the Office quickly enough upon Ryan burning something in the toaster oven.

Things at home are not so busy. During Topical Depression Hannah on Sunday I went to the library and took out some books. Apparently I am going to read four books in the next three weeks? And last night at 1:30am I decided it would be great fun to go online and request four more books. Oh Gosh the excitement! Hee hee...

In my current possession we have a book on the history of the modern olympics, a French book about a mute kid and something about a rabbit ("J'enterre mon lapin", which babelfish humourously translated to "J' bury my rabbit", something I plan to start saying a lot)?, a book about quarter-life crisises (what is the plural of crisis?) in women, and a "humourous" book about brain differences in men and women regarding sex. The cover is cute because it has two very small ladybugs humping each other. Oh how clever. Sigh. Based on book choices it was clear I was feeling a bit lost mentally and emotionally on Sunday. Physically, I knew exactly where I was and felt much better upon brushing my teeth (MAGIC TOOTHPASTE?!) and leaving 223. I got a FREE ice cream at Cows, wandered through the Confederation Centre, and spent much time reading at the library. Whenever I am slightly glum I wander to a bookstore or the library; it's really a store of inspiration, ideas, and escape.

It's getting quite fallish. I can tell because I have to dress more warmly when biking, the winds are a bit insane as of late (exhibit a: jen biking in Victoria Park with watering eyes from the wind, so fun :) ), the hours of sunlight are diminishing, and I had to buy a parking pass at UPEI. A sure sign of autumn if there ever was one! And why did Miss "Oh my God, I love my bike soooo much, I am so awesome and 'GREEN', give me a prize!" buy a parking pass? Well, the one day I drive to work [meeting downtown in afternoon] in the past couple of weeks turns out to be the day parking permits will start to be enforced. SUCH AMAZING TIMING. Of course this occurred on a Monday, when I was already angry, tired, bitter, and thinking about slaughtering fluffy animals for my own pleasure. Anger levels peak on Monday morning when I pretty much need a forklift to get out of bed at some point before 8:00. Any volunteers? I will complain, groan, sigh, and make evil faces towards you, but I do have a spectacular smile during non-morning hours and a wonderful cereal collection that I would be willing to share as payment. I have also recently purchased some hummus, and would share that as well. Nothing says "great start to the day!" like garlic breath. Yum.

Another summer has passed and I managed to again fail on a journey to the Mags. Maybe Thanksgiving weekend? Or just a random long weekend coming up? Anyone want to come? My plan would be to bike as there is a hostel only 4 km or so from the ferry terminal.

I went on a lovely 65-km bike ride on Saturday, the longest ride I've done since the tip-to-tip (generally weekend rides are about 45 km). I took the trail to Hunter River and faced a wee bit of a headwind on the way there, on a slight incline. It took me about 90 minutes to get there, and about only 65 mins to get back. I was also much better mentally on the way home because the sun was shining, I was listening to some music, and purchased AMAZING cookies from the bakery in Hunter River. Biking makes me crave sugar like no other... I inhaled four of them by the day's end and had extreme biker/sugar high on the way back from Hunter River and thought about making it, say, an 80-km day. Then I started getting some stomach pains east of Ch'town and turned around to head home. Forgot about the winds coming from the west and felt like I was going to be blown of Sexay Bicyclette. Luckily I wasn't, but we both got a wee bit dusty.

Also, I saw the most beautiful field just east of Hunter River!!! I am completely serious, it was so many shades of green, was spotted with hay bales with perfect parallel, curvy lines segmenting the field. It was really stunning, I stopped to appreciate both on the way to and home from Hunter River and really wish I had a camera. I may sneak back this weekend, weather and sky pending. In a way, it was almost better I didn't have my camera because I decided to engrain the sight into my memory and can know pull it out whenever I need it. :)

I slept for a solid 7-8 hrs on Fri, Sat, and Sun. I don't remember Monday night, but I had some sad dreams and woke up in a bum mood. Anyway, it eventually passed and I'm back into the norm of staying up late and struggling to pull myself dramatically out of bed at 7:30, with a hand delicately draped over my forehead as I stumble into the kitchen questioning why Apollo has chosen to make the sun appear again to signalise the start of a new day. Well, provided the sun is even around... Grey clouds are quite common as of late.

12:41, I should go to bed.

J'bury my rabbit, eh?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Le francais?

After many, many busy days at work, I think I finally *knock on wood* am all caught up! What a difference hiring new employees makes.

Aujourd'hui, je veux parler en francais, sans les accents parce qu'ils sont difficile a trouver sur mon ordinateur. Il y a un fruit fly dans mon bureau. Je lui deteste. Maintainent, il est sur mon banane. Le fruit fly (Fred) est tres vite. J'assaye plusieurs fois de lui tuer, mais il est trop vite pour moi.

C'est presque la fin de semaine! Dans, comme, deux heures. J'ai lu la temps pour les prochaines jours et, comme d'habitude, il pleut beaucoup. Mais, c'est plus que 24 heures depuis la derniere pleuit. Wow.

Je veux manger du gateau vanille. Beaucoup de gateau. Et apres ca, quand je me sentirai malade, je dirais, "Dans le futur, je ne mange pas gateau." Mais quand je dis ca, je vais etre un menteur.

Aujourd'hui je porte des souliers avec les heels. C'est depuis la commencement de l'ete que je porte ces souliers, alors je marche comme un vache. Ils faisont trop de bruit aussi, et c'etait pour cette raison que je ne les porte pas. Presque tous les autre travailleurs portent les souliers qui ne faisont pas de bruit. Shhh.

Mes mots en francais c'est commes des mots d'enfant, je ne sais pas les mots difficiles. Ou les forms de verbes difficiles. Peut etre demain je vais etre plus intelligent, et je pourrais ecrire avec l'air d'un personne qui a 20 ans.

J'aime mon bicyclette. Il est un bon ami, il est toujours ou je le departs. Quand je veux jouer, il veut jouer aussi. Il dit rien quand je lui monte dans la pleut or la vente. Oui, il est un bon ami. Et apres je bois d'alcool et mon auto dit, "Non!", mon bicyclette me voulait.

Maintenant je dois depart mon bureau pour chercher des choises. Ca va etre difficile dans mes soulieres. Peut etre quand je depart Fred le fruit fly va trouver une nouvelle maison. Je l'espere beaucoup. Sigh.

Au revour - bonne fin de semaine!