Monday, April 23, 2007

Yay, Monday~!

I know people tend to dislike Mondays, but today was FABULOUS. Possibly one of the best non-holiday Mondays I have had since Girls in Florida.

It started off normal enough: my alarm went off, I looked around my room in a confused daze and tried to figure out what city I was in. (Still Charlottetown? Check.) I eventually stumble out of bed to remember something VERY important about today: the weather forecast!!! I had brekkie, ate some cookies and got to BIKE to work without getting numb hands. Then I had a good day at work, and came home and sat on the patio and studied for my French test. Ahh, brilliance. THEN, we watched the last four eps of the second season of The Office. I went to the gym later on to discover I'm still a miserable, out-of-shape slob, but actually had a pretty decent run on the threadmill. I remember about a year ago when I started running how I basically ran at 6.0 mph and built up to, like, 6.3. Now I generally run at 6.7 and try to do spurts at 7.2 or so. I know those are dismal numbers for some people, but they're pretty good for me! However, my endurance is rather shite and I think it's because I get impatient and a bit bored sometimes so I don't push myself as hard as I should.

Summer is so close I can practically TASTE it. I am so excited. SO so sooooo excited. It's ridiculous how much better the summer is than the winter. It doesn't even COMPARE. Today I didn't wear pantyhose under my skirt. I wore SANDALS on Friday and Saturday. Despite that I love my winter coats, I am thrilled not to wear them again for six months. If I'm ever in a sour mood this summer, just remind me about how much I wanted the summer. I shall be a whole new person! I know we still have some chilly days ahead of us, but we are soooo close that I can almost envision the tan on my pale legs. I do have one small summer fear though: what if we don't have a good summer?? When I was home for a few days last summer it was pretty damn cold. If we have a cold summer I *will* cry. If we have an excessively rainy summer, I will go on strike and start a position to have our wee Island towed to the equator. Hopefully we can avoid hurricaine season, but that is a risk we may have to take.

Oh, and ps, I have been in Canada for over six months now. (Save the week I left for holiday.) That boggles my mind... It's been six-and-a-half months since I finished at Disney at I still think about it ALL the time. Cling to it, if you will. I still can't believe that I'll never get to experience that again =( That job was pretty much my dream job, after I got past my dream of working at McDonalds when I was five. Seriously, I thought that would had been the most glamourous job in the world. That and being Dolly Parton and singing "Me and Little Andie" on stage and prancing in HIGH HEALS. Wow.

And to bed we go.

Monday, April 02, 2007

• I is getting a bit distracted at work 1 today.
• Last night I wanted to go to House of Blues but I couldn’t because I wasn’t in Florida. Unlike my parents. They are in Florida, but not at hob. I don’t think it’s really their thing.
• I had to be at work 2 at 6:30am on Fri, Sat and Sun. WoW. Definitely not a morning person. I would sort of stand there confused with glazed-over eyes until someone would say something like, “Jennifer, could you get the juice bins ready?” and then I would proceed to slowly get the juice bins ready. I’m fine though once guests start arriving, especially if it’s busy. The running server bit wakes one up rather quickly.
• I’m so happy it’s April. March is associated with blowing snow, cold weather, and, well, winter. April is associated with spring and life returning to the Planet. (No, I do *not* over exaggerate.) Spring may *appear* to begin on March 21st, but it’s just a false start as evidenced by our random stormy weather last Thursday.
• If anyone is looking for a location to host/participate in a mud-wrestling match, our front yard should do the trick.
• I’m so excited that it’s 11:40 already. I think I prefer arriving at work closer to 9:00am rather than 8:00am. I’m just a little more… alert.
• I’m kind of an idiot and have terrible English. There are words for which I know the meaning, sort of, but cannot pronounce. I sound them out, but I usually sound them out with a foreign accent or something. I say them how a Spaniard would say them or something. Or more a Briton, since I am one deep on the inside. Somehow. I just *have* to be. Whoever decided the ‘a’ in hastening is pronounced as a long ‘a’ is a jerk. Hast (rhymes with cast) – en – ing. English is so far =( Conjure. The stress *should* be on the second syllable to give the word more strength as a verb thus making it more forceful.