Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer nights

Ahh, summer nights, je vous adore.

Tomorrow is July 31 - it makes me a bit nervous. Can it really almost be August? My tan has yet to reach perfection, I have not biked to Hunter River to buy cookies, there has been no 100-km bike ride (my own fault for putting social life before bike life), no camping, no fire lighting, etc.

So, things to accomplish before the end of the summer (soon, as I have few days left in PEI):
  • 100-km bike ride
  • Bike to Hunter River
  • Light a fire. I have never, ever accomplished this. Being terrified of fire does not help.
  • Camp. This could aid the above bullet.
  • Have fun fun fun
And tired. Time to sleep. I'm reading a book on Greek mythology right now. Someone asked me which Goddess I associated with the most. I was early in the book at that point and female Goddesses were not featured so much. Zeus was the focal point with many mentions in brief of his wife, Hera. So almost by default I associated with Hera - though I would rather say Athena. As I learn more about her, hopefully that can be my honest response. I was in a bit of a foul, jealous mood that day, so Hera seemed somewhat appropriate. That being said, I have no good reasons to feel jealousy, just the recognition of things others have that I want.. such as plans for the future, or some sort of life path. Hera actually had good reasons for jealousy (other than a 14th quarter life crisis) - her husband was an ass and cheated on her constantly.

I also started reading Hamlet because someone I met while on holiday in February told me I would not understand life until I read Hamlet. I think he was overexagerating, but I figure it's worth the read anyway. It's survived more than 400 (I think) years of critics.

One of the highlights of my week: Patrick confronting a man who threw his cigarette butt out his car window. "Excuse me, sir, you dropped something..."

And sleep.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lights out!

I was going to title this "Lights out... on FUN!" but that sounds so terribly un-optimistic and sad. So simply "lights out" shall suffice.

The street lights don't work in Victoria Park. Mais pourquoi? Je ne sais pas. The last couple of nights I have biked through have been pitch black, bless my wee bike light. I don't know if they turn on when cars go through, but I don't think so. There are no houses around to provide light. Woods/unlit tennis courts on one side, the sea on the other. Given the number of other people who bike through (WHO SHOULD GET LIGHTS OR REFLECTORS ON THEIR BIKES SO I DON'T ALMOST COLLIDE WITH THEM!!!) or are running/walking on the boardwalk after the sun sets, one would except the period street lamps to function. Are my demands too high?


Brother comes home today. Exciting! And he is bringing his Lovely Lady Friend. Also very exciting!

I sent out a survey online today for work and someone filled in the survey, then emailed me seven times with additional ramblings. Sometimes only four words per email.

Sometimes I get tired of bars charging cover, particularly for trivia. Take Hunter's for example. Last night I went there post work, had a couple of bevvies and some food. Left at about 8:30 to go home and get some stuff, go for wee bike ride. Go back at 10:00. Nope, have to pay to get in. Paying for the privilege of paying for a drink. Band likely wouldn't start for a couple of hours. Kind of a PEI thing.

I should just go home now before it starts pouring.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top Island in the World

The Guardian recently reported that Cape Breton (NS) has been named one of the top five islands in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

The same day, the Guardian changed its online poll to ask, "Cape Breton has been voted the third-best island in the world by readers of Travel and Leisure magazine. P.E.I. didn't make that list. Which island do you think should be #1?"

There are two options: Cape Breton, and PEI.

What a ridiculous question. There are only two options - neither of which were designated the top island in the world (which was Bali, followed by Galapagos, then Cape Breton). There is no option to input a different island. Oh, Guardian. Its webpolls are often faulty and bizarre and leaving no room for a middle ground.

My stomach feels weird and there is a fruit fly in my office.

I need to go goldfish shopping tomorrow.

Yawn. Wish I was outside.

PS ~ Happy birthday Erin :)

PPS ~ I changed my phone settings to French instead of English. It's supposed to help me learn. We'll see.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taste the Rainbow!

I just found an almost empty bag of Skittles in my desk drawer!

Key: the bag still has, like, ten Skittles in it. Oooh, happy DANCE!

Unrelated to Skittles, but related to candy in general, I am convinced peanut butter M&Ms contain very magical properties of energetic bliss. (Chemical: Ru3Pb2YUMo - which is
Ruthenium lead yttrium uranium molybdenum - OR - Are you Peanut Butter?! YUMMO!!!)

Thank goodness I studied chemistry so intensely in high school.

Back to the point of this... So I biked with Hannah for a wee bit until, umm, she got a flat, because apparently *everything* I touched now proceeds to flatten. Reminder to self to not to touch my chest, inadvertently reversing the effects of puberty.

We arrive back to Ch'town and I do a mad biking dash to the Bulk Barn (true love) to buy some peanut butter M&Ms. I ate some, and proceeded to bomb through the city like a mad women with rockets for wheels. Many kilometres later, I went home, because I thought I should despite thoroughly enjoying my biking and singing adventure. Sweaty delicious mess, I was. Then I passed out solid in front of my fan for two hours, stripped of my sweaty clothes, then awoke by faint noises and the fact I had started shivering from the milliletres of sweat sticking to my skin, hair, lips, eyelashes, etc.

I'm supposed to stop taking two hour naps that late in the evening. Waking up from a nap at 12:30 is awkward, particularly as the brain hits into gear and thinks, "You have to shower you crazy sweaty girl! Lick yourself, you taste funny!" or "You forgot to eat supper and ate a small supply of candy instead! You suck!"

I bought a book last weekend on Greek mythology. I need to get into it very soon, perhaps post work in the sun.

And... work some more. Le sigh. J'ai besion d'une nap.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tyre (aka: tire)

Oh, bike tyres, how you baffle me.

I had one flat last year on Bicyclette.

This WEEK, I have had THREE! Last Sunday night (which I actually did find a sharp rock shard/piece of glass wedged in my back tyre), Friday evening (found my back tyre to be completely flat on Saturday morning), and yet again Saturday evening.


I know how to change a tyre, and have done so before successfully. I think it was just a stroke of bad luck.

No. 1 - rock/glass wedged into tyre
No. 2 - ??? i don't know, I can't find the hole in the tube, but do know it's there because I pumped up the tube and let it sit overnight to see if it would deflate. If it did not, that means there is something wrong with my rim or actual tyre. Tyre deflated overnight.
No. 3 - this was the first tube, which I patched. But I think I did a shoddy job of patching the tube. Re-patched this morning and so far... success! I also didn't inflate my tube as much, which feels crappy, but anyway.

I think things are okay... I checked the tyre and it seems fine. I looked to see if any spokes had pushed their way through the rim and no.

So yeah... I don't know. A series of unfortunate events, I suppose.

I finally finished reading 'Long Way Down' and would like to go to Africa, please.

Unrelated, but I'm a little in love with my tan. The tan lines are awkward, and I have this horrible urge to show them to people (note to self: don't do that !) but, alas, do not. Couple things to work on: white feet (from wearing sneakers when biking), and weird back tan line, also from biking.

Things that rock: my white bum. Makes me giggle.

I think my brain is disconnected from the rest of me today. When biking it felt like my legs were malfunctioning, and now I'm in my room giggling loudly at an msn conversation with my Darlin' Charlin'.

Disconnected brain may explain disconnected blog, with no real purpose.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Tales of the Sky

Tonight my papa drove me home after his mini birthday fete. When we were putting my bike on the bike rack in the driveway, he pointed at the bizarre sky, which I have captured in an artists rendition below.

Please, refrain from collectively gasping and dropping your wine in awe at my artistic skills. I will give you a moment to collect yourself and dry the tears of emotion from your eyes.

Anyway, bird's eye view. Greyish square on bottom is my parents' house. When I looked up to the sky, almost directly above us were five thin strips of cloud which appeared to be starting from the same point and darting out from each other. Almost like five planes took off from the same place and flew, heading out, 30 degrees from each other. Then, off to the far right, was a bright, detailed full moon with a very thin strip of whispy cloud below it.

Apparently I liked the sky tonight. I rambled to Housemate Shawn about it upon my home arrival and apparently feel the need to share it with the entire blogosphere - all five of my loyal readers. I love you all! *bows*

PS ~ I got my Papa a wheelburrow for his b'day. Best. Daughter. EVER. Also learned how to spell "wheelborrow"... almost.. I can't remember anymore. I spent awhile googling "wheel barrel". Bless my deaf ears... bless.

Rollercoaster.. of Looooove

Remember the song "Roller coaster of Love" from the soundtrack of "Beavis and Butthead do America"?

Ha ha haaaa... Ugh. In a conversation with me lovely mum about the latest ex-stress (holy f**k), I said, "Feeling like you have to break up with the same person 308,432 times is very emotionally draining." "It's very much a roller coaster..." "Yes, but not one of those awesome ones, one of those shoddy wooden ones that I hate."

You know, the wooden roller coasters that just go up and down, and you can feel slightly sway in the wind? And you look down the side of the track and see screws dribbling down the sides and termites munching away. To quote me mum, "Sometimes you feel like you won't survive the fall."

I've been on the same roller coaster for practically 1.5 years. Going around and around and around. And I did get off more then once. But then I would trip, fall back into the car, WITHOUT A SAFETY RESTRAINT - GASP!!! So dangerous. No real blame to the other party involved, as I am responsible for my own poor decisions.

On a happier note, there is a boy playing at the daycare outside my window (entertainment A++++++, like an excessive eBay sellers rating). The boy is pushing a plastic toy vacuum cleaner on the grass and it's pretty much making my day. Hey, if that boy wants to vacuum, I have a floor right ready for it!

Also, c'est mon papa's anniversaire aujourd'hui. Bonne fete Papa! (Et non, mon papa n'est pas francophone... J'aime parler en francais des fois.)

I let housemate Shawn borrow my bike last night. Immediately I started panicking - it was like I gave my child up for adoption. But then I realised it was actually more like letting your kid stay with his/her aunt or uncle for the afternoon.

Bicyclette was returned unharmed :)

Fish inventory: 1

Fish to replace: 1

Work to do: loads, so I shall return to that.

Goal(s) for the day: (1) be excessively animated and wave my arms around a lot which will elevate my cuteness factor to level 11 - EXTREME, (2) send off my passport application (got my pics done last night and.. I actually kind of like them, given their mugshot qualities), (3) send Erin's cd (I promise I will do this today :) <3), (4) work hard so I can take three hours off on Friday to go to the beach and rub sand all over myself and act dog-like by rolling in the sand and barking at other dogs. What?

*waves arms around animatedly*

Woohoo hump day!

(Just got asked if I wanted to work this weekend.. gay laughter ensued. Hardy har har!)

Monday, July 06, 2009

What I Like about YOU, PEI

Oh, PEI.

I was in a wee bit of a sour mood today after getting rained on during my 1.8 km commute to work. My day did eventually turn around, particularly after finding a toothbrush in my parents' dishwasher.

In honour of the glass being half full, here is a list of great things about PEI, in no particular order.

  1. The new light show on Province House every night. Basically my inspiration to write this post as it's the closest thing I've seen to Illuminations in a long while. Obviously it doesn't compare, but given it's purpose and non-Disney World budget, it was quite well done. I'll have to go back sometime when rain isn't leaking from the sky and the temperature has more than one didget.
  2. The non-National Park north shore between Malpeque Bay and New London Bay.
  3. Driving down the road and finding strawberries for sale at an un-manned stand for $3.00. After a fall/winter/spring of eating California and Florida berries that have been shipped much too far, these strawberries pretty much made my taste buds explore in euphoric bliss. I wanted to rub them all over myself and lick them off.
  4. The obviousness of rural road signs. Exhibit 34, Jen and Hannah driving down Hamilton Road (where Hamilton is on Route 104) and not knowing what road to turn onto to get to Beech Point. Suddenly, to our right, looms BEECH POINT ROAD. Well named my friend, well named.
  5. The Hunter River Bakery, specifically cinammon rolls and PB chocolate chip cookies. Best eatened after the 27-km bike ride to Hunter River, needed to refuel for the pedal home. Obviously.
  6. The Historic section of downtown. It actually is quite pretty and leaves me baffled when in newer cities. "Where is the old part of the city?" "It's that building right there." "Oh, 1914. Umm, wow?" I'm quite glad they are ripping the ugly plastic crap off the side of the Confed Mall on Grafton Street to reveal the original (?) brickwork underneith. Much more pleasing to the eye. Also enjoy biking downtown in the evenings due to minimal traffic (when timed properly while plays on are, not right before or after!) and because I like going around turns.
  7. Restaurants - given its size, Charlottetown is quite blessed with restaurants. We have a good variety of restaurants; something I suspect is somewhat of a result of our culinary school.
  8. The accent. It makes me giggle. "Tomorrah!" "Diabetas" and slurring the crap out of any word with 'ar'. Bar, car, tar, etc. And the excessive stress on short As, pretty much turning them into long As.
  9. The Confederation Trail - I shall be honest, the Trail definitely does not offer the most exciting scenery, but it's excellent for windy days as the trees do buffer a great deal of the wind, and it's nice to avoid traffic. I like taking the Trail to somewhere, then taking the road home.
  10. The Charlottetown Airport. Who doesn't like arriving at the airport only 45 minutes before a flight?!
  11. Bars/restaurants with patios. I am strategic with patio selection, for the not-tall buildings often block the sun at various points of the day.
That is the end of my written list for I promised myself I would spend fifteen minutes cleaning my room everyday until it is clean. This means my room will be clean shortly after the Earth collides with the sun.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Allo Mr. Murphy!

Murphy's Law:
The day I don't take my spare tube with me is the day I get a flat tyre.

Ah well, at least I wasn't far from home and now I get to put those tube patching/changing skills to work.

Let the Sun Shine In...

I'm kind of done with this grey sky thing.

I'm not sure why I even own sunscreen, other than for holidays to sunny destinations.

Someone said to me once, "If the sun stopped shining we would eventually forget how many days it had been since we've seen the sun."

Not me.

It was last Saturday, save a few scattered quarter hours here and there.

Today Hannah and I tried to be explorateurs, but failed because it kept raining everytime we got out of the car. On the plus side, Counsins Shore is very nice and definitely a beach I shall return to on a *sunny* day. Or even an overcast day when there is no rain!

I just tried to go for a bike ride. I went to go outside and noticed it was raining. I swore loudly and thought, "Screw it!" and changed into fake rain gear that can handle regular size rain droplets.

Change shoes.

Change shirt.

Put on raincoat.

Wrap phone/wallet in plastic bag.

Put fender on bike.

Exit house.

Bike across road.

Proceeds to downpour.

I'm not even sure if I went far enough for my bike computer to register any sort of distance. Chalk up 0.1km for Sunday!

Yesterday ended week three of my 200 km per week biking goal. So far I only hit my target the first week (245 km). Week two was about 188 km, and this week just finished was 194 km. Had the weather cooperated yesterday I would have easily hit 200 km, but after biking in the rain for an hour I was starting to get super slimey and gross. Then when I thought about going out again later it started raining again. *clunks head against wall*

It's starting to feel like it snows all winter, then rains all summer. Last year summer started in late June, as it was supposed to, and ended in, oh, the first week of August when we had minimal sunny days and mostly rainy days.

The year prior we were still hovering around 15C until the second or third week of July when we finally got consistently nice weather.

And people wonder why we are obsessed with the weather here. Because it hates us.


It may have stopped raining now. I have to bike downtown to drop something off. If the rain holds off for the 20-min round-trip adventure I will write Mother Nature a thank-you note. The fact that I don't know her address (Cloud 34, Atmosphere??) doesn't matter as by the look of the sky it should start raining again any wee second.

*gives up*

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Jenga Blocks of Life

This morning while laying in bed with a hazey head still full of sleepiness, I was thinking about life in general. Nothing too deep. But it occurred to me that life is similar to Jenga, pictured to the right. I feel like you start off with half a tower, and build higher as you learn new things. As you make errors, blocks are removed and put up higher, creating instability. In my version of Life Jenga, you would get the option of taking those additional top blocks, and putting them back in the middle for support. Maybe you can even borrow blocks from a friend, but those can last only so long until the friend needs them back to support his/her own tower.

What happens when the tower/life you built comes crashing down? I guess things could get a little messy, but there is always hope to rebuild, start all over again.

I feel my game of Jenga is going well. Although obviously I would have sparkly orange, red, and yellow blocks, not those silly wood varnished ones. Gosh I am deep and serious today.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

RIP, Fishie

About two weeks ago one of my co-workers left to go on holiday. Right before he was leaving on his last day of work he tells me, "I am bringing you a fish tank. We will put it right there." *point to chair*

A short conversation follows, for I was confused. Turned out that there would be *fish* in the fish tank.

Fish tank arrives.

"Do I have to clean it?"
"Well... what do I do?"
"Just feed them one flake per day!"
"Just over feed them on Friday."

Things go well. A wave of humidity takes over PEI and the fish tank, placed against the window, proceeds to grow an absurd amount of algae very, very quickly. Jen slightly panics. However, algae subsides when she closes the blind of her office window overnight and over the weekends.

I arrive to work this morning to see one fish swimming.

And - obviously you know where this is going based on this post's title - one fish belly up. I guess it found Canada Day a little too intense.

So... dilemma. Do I replace the fish? DK told me before he left that the fish were rather old by goldfish standards - 6 mos. They are expected to live for only three. I feel I did nothing wrong. We played fetch everyday, went for long walks in the park, played wrestled in the yard, and chased cats down the road. Fish love that, yes?

Farewell, Mr. Fish. I wish you well with your new life.. including the beginning of your journey: the School of Business toilet.


First one to roll! I was nominated, as I had watched a video on YouTube earlier demonstrating the rolling procedure.

What the sushi looked like pre-roll (roll no. 2).

Devin rolls... success!
Jen Mac goes for the gold, again.
And yeah, we have about 13 kilos of rice left.

Unrelated, that day was a bit windy and my dress blew up in the grocery store parking lot. I kind of panicked, as my arms were full of groceries (no plastic bags for us!) and I had no means of coverage. I just kind of dove into Janielle's car. Jen Mac, staying classy since 1982.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Excitement is in the air...

Link to video entry on YouTube.

Janielle and I have entered the 67 Days of Smiles contest. Basically the winners spend 67 days in Orlando playing, exploring, smiling, and then promoting/discussing their experiences on a blog, sharing photos, etc.

Obviously this is making me drool all over myself in anticipation. I'm already daydreaming of this adventure. I love writing, I love snapping photos and playing tourist, I love planning holidays.

I am biologically and physically designed to win this contest. With the possible exception of my hair, which panicks in Florida and proceeds to frizz out in 800,032 directions, but I'm getting better with it. The fact that my Florida Ringlet (while most of my hair is a bit curly, one spot turns into Super Ringlet when in Florida) has appeared frequently in the past week is a sign that I need to go back to my other home - a home I have not seen in months - over a YEAR.

Another awesome part? Jannie has never been to Florida.


I used to have dreams about this when I was young - I wanted to be a professional Disney World tour guide, something I semi got to be when people visited me there during my far-too-short stint as a castmember.

Please, Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau, pick me!! I promise, I will not disappoint. My smile generates enough wattage to power small villages and light up lighthouses. That's pretty intense.

Can I beg? I am more than willing to do so.