Thursday, July 02, 2009

RIP, Fishie

About two weeks ago one of my co-workers left to go on holiday. Right before he was leaving on his last day of work he tells me, "I am bringing you a fish tank. We will put it right there." *point to chair*

A short conversation follows, for I was confused. Turned out that there would be *fish* in the fish tank.

Fish tank arrives.

"Do I have to clean it?"
"Well... what do I do?"
"Just feed them one flake per day!"
"Just over feed them on Friday."

Things go well. A wave of humidity takes over PEI and the fish tank, placed against the window, proceeds to grow an absurd amount of algae very, very quickly. Jen slightly panics. However, algae subsides when she closes the blind of her office window overnight and over the weekends.

I arrive to work this morning to see one fish swimming.

And - obviously you know where this is going based on this post's title - one fish belly up. I guess it found Canada Day a little too intense.

So... dilemma. Do I replace the fish? DK told me before he left that the fish were rather old by goldfish standards - 6 mos. They are expected to live for only three. I feel I did nothing wrong. We played fetch everyday, went for long walks in the park, played wrestled in the yard, and chased cats down the road. Fish love that, yes?

Farewell, Mr. Fish. I wish you well with your new life.. including the beginning of your journey: the School of Business toilet.

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