Monday, July 06, 2009

What I Like about YOU, PEI

Oh, PEI.

I was in a wee bit of a sour mood today after getting rained on during my 1.8 km commute to work. My day did eventually turn around, particularly after finding a toothbrush in my parents' dishwasher.

In honour of the glass being half full, here is a list of great things about PEI, in no particular order.

  1. The new light show on Province House every night. Basically my inspiration to write this post as it's the closest thing I've seen to Illuminations in a long while. Obviously it doesn't compare, but given it's purpose and non-Disney World budget, it was quite well done. I'll have to go back sometime when rain isn't leaking from the sky and the temperature has more than one didget.
  2. The non-National Park north shore between Malpeque Bay and New London Bay.
  3. Driving down the road and finding strawberries for sale at an un-manned stand for $3.00. After a fall/winter/spring of eating California and Florida berries that have been shipped much too far, these strawberries pretty much made my taste buds explore in euphoric bliss. I wanted to rub them all over myself and lick them off.
  4. The obviousness of rural road signs. Exhibit 34, Jen and Hannah driving down Hamilton Road (where Hamilton is on Route 104) and not knowing what road to turn onto to get to Beech Point. Suddenly, to our right, looms BEECH POINT ROAD. Well named my friend, well named.
  5. The Hunter River Bakery, specifically cinammon rolls and PB chocolate chip cookies. Best eatened after the 27-km bike ride to Hunter River, needed to refuel for the pedal home. Obviously.
  6. The Historic section of downtown. It actually is quite pretty and leaves me baffled when in newer cities. "Where is the old part of the city?" "It's that building right there." "Oh, 1914. Umm, wow?" I'm quite glad they are ripping the ugly plastic crap off the side of the Confed Mall on Grafton Street to reveal the original (?) brickwork underneith. Much more pleasing to the eye. Also enjoy biking downtown in the evenings due to minimal traffic (when timed properly while plays on are, not right before or after!) and because I like going around turns.
  7. Restaurants - given its size, Charlottetown is quite blessed with restaurants. We have a good variety of restaurants; something I suspect is somewhat of a result of our culinary school.
  8. The accent. It makes me giggle. "Tomorrah!" "Diabetas" and slurring the crap out of any word with 'ar'. Bar, car, tar, etc. And the excessive stress on short As, pretty much turning them into long As.
  9. The Confederation Trail - I shall be honest, the Trail definitely does not offer the most exciting scenery, but it's excellent for windy days as the trees do buffer a great deal of the wind, and it's nice to avoid traffic. I like taking the Trail to somewhere, then taking the road home.
  10. The Charlottetown Airport. Who doesn't like arriving at the airport only 45 minutes before a flight?!
  11. Bars/restaurants with patios. I am strategic with patio selection, for the not-tall buildings often block the sun at various points of the day.
That is the end of my written list for I promised myself I would spend fifteen minutes cleaning my room everyday until it is clean. This means my room will be clean shortly after the Earth collides with the sun.



Shannon Courtney said...

What I like about PEI:

1. That my all-time favorite people still live here as it makes visits 'home' much more enjoyable

2. The cinnamon rolls at Mary's Bakery in Cornwall - I think they tie for absolute divineness with the ones in Hunter River, but are a lot closer to Mom & Jim's house

3. The Charlottetown Farmer's Market...even though it might more aptly be called the Charlottetown Ethnic Food, Crafts, Baked Goods and Local Produce Market

4. That we have four MPs for the province when we should really only have one.

5. The Prince Edward Island song

6. Lobster suppers and the lobster bibs that accompany them

7. That the local newspapers print national and international news two or three days after you can find out about it on the Internet

8. That 8 times out of 10 I will recognize someone that is in the Guardian on any given day..and I'm talking 'normal' people, not politicians or celebrities. When it's The Buzz, I'm usually batting 10/10..or more accurately 12/12 times per year.

9. That the speed limit is 90km. PEI..leading the 'Slow Moving Movement'

10. That this island we call home is beautiful and just a little, tiny bit removed from the far-too-fast pace of life that most North Americans are caught up in.

Jen said...

I quite agree with 1 (which I did not include on my list and meant to state in preamble that is was a given), 4, and 8 very strongly.
And apparently I must like the farmers' market given we are going there in three hours :)

Char said...

My room will be clean when the martians from Pluto land on earth...I wonder if that will be before or after your room is clean??