Sunday, July 05, 2009

Let the Sun Shine In...

I'm kind of done with this grey sky thing.

I'm not sure why I even own sunscreen, other than for holidays to sunny destinations.

Someone said to me once, "If the sun stopped shining we would eventually forget how many days it had been since we've seen the sun."

Not me.

It was last Saturday, save a few scattered quarter hours here and there.

Today Hannah and I tried to be explorateurs, but failed because it kept raining everytime we got out of the car. On the plus side, Counsins Shore is very nice and definitely a beach I shall return to on a *sunny* day. Or even an overcast day when there is no rain!

I just tried to go for a bike ride. I went to go outside and noticed it was raining. I swore loudly and thought, "Screw it!" and changed into fake rain gear that can handle regular size rain droplets.

Change shoes.

Change shirt.

Put on raincoat.

Wrap phone/wallet in plastic bag.

Put fender on bike.

Exit house.

Bike across road.

Proceeds to downpour.

I'm not even sure if I went far enough for my bike computer to register any sort of distance. Chalk up 0.1km for Sunday!

Yesterday ended week three of my 200 km per week biking goal. So far I only hit my target the first week (245 km). Week two was about 188 km, and this week just finished was 194 km. Had the weather cooperated yesterday I would have easily hit 200 km, but after biking in the rain for an hour I was starting to get super slimey and gross. Then when I thought about going out again later it started raining again. *clunks head against wall*

It's starting to feel like it snows all winter, then rains all summer. Last year summer started in late June, as it was supposed to, and ended in, oh, the first week of August when we had minimal sunny days and mostly rainy days.

The year prior we were still hovering around 15C until the second or third week of July when we finally got consistently nice weather.

And people wonder why we are obsessed with the weather here. Because it hates us.


It may have stopped raining now. I have to bike downtown to drop something off. If the rain holds off for the 20-min round-trip adventure I will write Mother Nature a thank-you note. The fact that I don't know her address (Cloud 34, Atmosphere??) doesn't matter as by the look of the sky it should start raining again any wee second.

*gives up*

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