Monday, December 28, 2009

Will you drive me.. to the dealership?

Yesterday two friends and I drove past a dealership which was promoting new cars starting at $9,998.

*twiddles thumbs*

Remember that time I had a car? That was convenient.

Scraping ice and snow off poor car with holes in the floor that I was driving illegally? Not convenient.

Walking to work/somewhere with toes so cold you wonder if they are still attached to your foot? Crappy.

Insurance? Gas? Pollution? Crappy.

Being able to go somewhere 25 km away without resorting to a bicycle? Nice.

So it's a dilemma. The convenience of a car is a pricey one to have. I spend on transportation, being a walker and biker, perhaps $25/month. Few cab rides, and perhaps having the occasional pizza delivered. That being said, Friends? I owe you gas money.

I don't miss having a car for the local things. I generally walked for groceries when I owned a car. I biked to work except during rainy weather or when it got colder. I've basically been carless since mid March.

Walking to work in the winter probably takes only a couple of more minutes than driving, depending on how clear the sidewalks are. By the time I de-iced Wee Red (RIP), drove 8 minutes to work, and walked from the parking lot to my office, it was comparable. The difference is having to lug around clothes. Jen awakes in the morning. She throws on clothes to eat brekkie (if no shower has taken place), then packs clothes for work. She may have to try them on first, if she is trying to match a new combination. Then she starts layering her walking clothes. She eventually gets to work (late obviously, because that's how this girl rolls,) where she will change into work clothes. Then, at the end of the day, she will perhaps go to the gym and change into her gym clothes. Then, from gym clothes back to walking clothes.

She will get home with back sweat (backpacks cause that sort of thing, don't judge my effective pores), and then change... again.

This pretty much outlines why, by the time I go to bed, I'm too disgusted with changing clothes to bother putting on pajamas.

CONCLUSION: I want a car so I can randomly go to the zoo in Moncton whenever I please (and TreeGo, play, randomly drive to QC, whatever) and to avoid changing clothes. Apparently I hate changing my clothes so much that I'm willing to drop $10K on a car, plus a kazillion dollars in insurance.

Maybe I'll just buy studded tyres for Bicyclette. And some sort of bubble dome to cover myself with when the windchill drops to -463C.

I bought a gym membership last week. So far I used it once because the weather has been curiously nice so I've been out biking. Brother and I went for a bike ride today. I was in the lead 98% of the time. But then, as these things often happen among siblings, a race broke out as Brother suddenly sailed past me beating 200lbs down onto the pedals. I decided to take a different route, hoping I would beat him. I still lost, but came close. (Hills = Jen Mac's weakness)

But at least I didn't fall off my bike.

Brother tried to pop a wheelie over a side walk to cut a corner to save time. On my wee red road bike.


Luckily both Brother and Red Bike survived the crash.

Moral of the story: Boys crash.

Monday, December 21, 2009

She's back! A Jennifer Story

Inspired by "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story", which I never had the "pleasure" of viewing.

Completely related, speaking English is SO EASY. Ordering food in English? SO EASY. Talking to store employees in English? SO EASY. I mean, I found French much easier by the end than when I arrived, but still.

My arrogant pat-myself-on-the-back moment came on my flight from Ottawa to Halifax. I decided to watch Post Grad (I'm so brave to even admit that) in FRENCH. And I understood! I can tell you EXACTLY what happened up until the point the pilot decided to land the plane. Leading to... if anyone has this movie I, umm, kind of want to see the rest of it and would appreciate a loan, provided it has been released to dvd yet. I also spoke French to people on the plane, understood all, and dropped my jaw in shock over the complete ease of understanding the Canadian French accent versus the France French accent. Contrast this with my flight to France, where I muttered a few words in French ("Vin rouge, SVP. Boeuf, SVP.") and wanted to download my French-English dictionnaire into my brain. (This is surely difficult with a printed, non-electronic dictionnaire. The closest one could do would be rip the sheets out and shove them in the ear. I suspect doctors would discourage this.)

I had learned long ago that returning home too quickly after fun is a bad idea. It applies not only to travelling adventures, but even a mere night out. Like the nights when everyone else decides to head home at 00h30, so you leave too. Then you get home and spend the next two hours pacing, flipping through the telie with an ADD intensity, and exploring your creative side by drawing all over the white walls of your rented bedroom. Being, overall, a disorganised mess when it comes to containing my belongs in neat corridors, it is always wise for me to take the "long" way home. So, post school, I mostly stayed in Aix. Then, I went to Northern Ireland to visit Kat (allo!!!) for a few days. Prior to that I had to pack up alllll of my belongings in anticipation of not having a bedroom upon my return. Then I went to Scotland to visit another friend. Puis, a Aix, encore. It turned out my bedroom was still available, so I stayed there for a few more nights. More packing. Then, to Paris, for my last French weekend (excuse me, mon derniere week-end francais) to prance about the ville with my lovely roommate from my Florida days. It was soooo great to see ma francaise after more than three years. She is one of those amazing people that you meet in life that have a spirit of gold, a constant smile, and an amazing aura. (Oooh, aura. So freaky, Jen Mac.) Post week in Paris (pack up again, mate!), I flew to Ottawa for a wee 3/4 'ohana fun. I house hopped there, lugging my luggage, again, to where ever free accommodation took me.

And finally... here. I am so giddy not to have to pack anything other than a bag to bring to work each day. And by each day, I mean "today", as today was my first full day back. I survived. And spoke English. I was rambling in a meeting (rambling = talking professionally) and almost stopped to mentally congratulate myself on my English skills. That being said, must use French skills so will not have to return to foreign land again in a decade to ameliorer, encore.

Other strategic planning about coming home: always come home when things are HAPPENING. Coming home right before Xmas? = smart.

Coming home mid January?


Never return in mid January! Unless you are one of those "Gentle Island" folk, who enjoy doing nothing, but watching the snow fall.

I am also pleased not to be on a plane again soon. I have been on eight flights in the past month, and through seven metal detectors. I've pulled my laptop out of my bag seven times. I pulled out my non-explosive liquids in tiny containers seven times. I took my belt and boots off seven times. Watch off... coat off... Bleh. I took the train from Aix to Paris. It was so pleasant compared to the plane. More space, much prettier scenery (crayola colours of south France!), and no one assumed I was a criminal intent on destroying the world. Instead, I napped, and my ears didn't feel like they were going to explode.

Exploding ears = bad

Today I re-invested in a gym membership. Also realised that I am MP3 playerless after it was destroyed in the spring. Kind of forgot. Thank goodness good TV was on. I also attempted to work my "core", aka "abdominal muscles" (part of the core), aka, "beer belly".

Actually, "pastry belly".

I will not compare my abdominal muscles to fresh jello, as there is some muscle there... It's more like putting a tiny rock at the bottom of a bowl of pudding. The rock is down there somewhere.

Mmm, pudding!

Also, there was new equipment at the gym. Delightful! Did I use it? No. I will save it, trying only one new machine per week. Kind of like when I was young, and my mum said Brother and I could each eat only one granola bar per day. And, in my junior high years, fruit snack things for my lunch. Only one per day. I would eat, like, three or four per day. I got good at hiding wrappers around my room. I blame puberty... and never my sweet tooth which is more powerful than a Magical-Cape-Wearing Jesus.

I was supposed to go to bed an hour ago. Trop mignon. This blog was a procrastination tool to hanging up my wet laundry. I will regret this when I have no dry clothes to wear to work tomorrow.

Thus, if this scenario occurs, I will officially declare it BIRTHDAY SUIT AT WORK DAY! Could be nipply, given we no longer have heaters in our offices. Wankers. They blasted the AC all summer, to the point of wearing LONG SLEEVES and PANTS and other such repulsive winter attire.

I used to wear bare legs outside, only mere days ago. Now I wear long johns, pants, and wool socks. My legs are sad.

And I am tired.

A plus tard.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hier soir... in my last moments of Two-six wisdom


Je suis dans le homestretch (toucher au but, according to mon dictionnaire)… le homestretch de 26 ! Mais l’âge de 27 n’est pas un but… c’est juste un numéro. Je me sens comme une fille de 22 ans, sauf qu’il y a les petites rides à mon visage. Pas parce que je suis vielle, parce que je sourire beaucoup.

Il y avait plusieurs jours que j’ai parlé français beaucoup. Nope, j’ai pas parlé français à l’Ecosse ou Irlande. Quel choque ! Et ici, à la France, mes amis sont partis, et retourner chez lui. Les exemples de mes conversations pendant ces quelques jours :

« Bonjour », m’a dit le travailleur de Monoprix
« Bonjour ! » - Je lui dirais
« Avez-vous une carte de fidélité ? »
« Non. »
« C’est (prix). »
« Voila. » (Jen donnais sa carte bancaire au travailleur)
« Huh ? » (Il regard la carte.)
« Il n’y a pas de chip. C’est une carte vielle. »
*Il fait un swipe*
« Merci, au revoir. » - le travailleur
« Merci ! Bonne journée ! » - la Jen

Mon niveau du français est presque ca d’un professionnel.

Et, aujourd’hui, à ma colocataire, « Le four ne marche pas ! Il n’y a pas de chaleur et les petits lumières rouge ne s’allument pas. »

Hier, quand Internet arrêtait de fonctionner pour la dizaine fois, « Je déteste cette boite ! » (The wireless thing). Mon Internet est comme un adolescent. Il est très fâché. Il marche parfois, mais pas après l’heure de diner. Peut-être après minuit, comme moi quand j’avais 18 ans. Ou comme moi, maintenant. Hier soir j’ai travaille au 3h15. Il sera bizarre quand je retournerai à PEI et j’irai au travaille pour 9h30. Et ne travaille pas pendant le soir. C’est plus facile de travailler quand le soleil dorme.

Aujourd’hui j’ai fait une grande décision : une déclaration que mon route préféré du vélo est sur la Rue de Sisteron. C’est une colline, mais pas une colline aussi grande que laquelle d’Eugilles, ou Montagne Sainte-Victoire. Il y a les voitures, mais la limitation de vitesse n’est pas très haute. Puis on prend une gauche, et faire du vélo a la campagne. Apres quelques kilomètres, on se pense, « Wow, je suis au milieu de la France, à mon velo rouge. Les signes des rues sont différents, les rues sont petites, le ciel est d’un bleu vide, et la vie est belle. La vie est jolie ! »

J’ai fait quelque chose tellement stupide à samedi. Mon valise se pesait trop quand je suis partie Glasgow. La fille de RyanAir m’a dit que je devrais payer 35GBP. Merde. Je l’ai payé, et puis une autre fille m’a hurlé que l’avion va partir sans moi. Alors, j’ai couru vers l’avion. A Paris, je n’avais pas l’intention de payer 35EUR encore, alors je jetais plusieurs choses à la poubelle, manger presque tout les produits que j’achetais a la Royaume-Uni, et je portais presque tous mes vêtements qui étaient dans ma valise. Les pantalons, les capris, deux chaussettes par pied, un caraco, un t-shirt, et DEUX pulls. Il faut croire que je n’étais pas froide. En tout cas, j’ai jeté mon transpirant a la poubelle, et mon conditionneur. Stupide. Le transpirant est cher ici (à peu prés 4EUR), et c’est difficile de trouver les boites petit des choses comme le shampooing. Ici, j’ai assez du shampooing et conditionneur pour laver mes cheveux UNE fois. Je vais à l’PEI en dix jours. On a un problème ;)

Solution : j’ai besoin d’une coupe de cheveux. Ca c’est un shampooing.
Paris : rester a un hôtel ce week-end.

Les buts pour cette semaine : acheter les choses. Stresser quand je n’ai pas assez d’espace pour faire les bagages. Manger vos cadeaux ;)

Je dois aller au cinéma aussi, une filme en français. Quelque chose simple, pour les enfants. Peut-être « Les Drôles de Scrooge » ?

Les choses que je dois manger/gouter/boire cette semaine : le vin chaud, les marrons grillée, brioche glace, le fromage.

Oh, et important. Au commencement de 2009, j’ai fait une décision de ne pas manger les frites pendant l’année 2009. L’Irlande et l’Ecosse étaient un test pour moi. Mais, j’ai réussi – pas des frites pour moi :( Si j’avais su, au début de 2009, que j’aurais voyage a la Royaume-Uni.. Oh, triste. Je vais manger les frites l’année prochaine. Avec le ketchup. Trop du ketchup. Mes frites prendront un bain dans le ketchup. Et je ne mangerai pas du chocolat, ou peut-être seulement pas les tablettes du chocolat, je n’ai pas encore décidé. Mais je mangeais assez du chocolat ici pour le reste de ma vie. Et des bonbons de Haribo. Bleh. Mon estomac est en grève maintenant. Seulement les légumes, les fruites, l’agneau (yum !), le fromage… okay, beaucoup des choses, mais pas du chocolat ou des bonbons. Vomit.

PS ~ bonne anniversaire a moi :) merci a ma famille et mes amis pour m’accompagner pour un autre an, pour partager les moments fantastiques, spécial, contents, tristes, incroyable, a l’I-P-E, le reste du Canada, les Etats-Unis, la France, l’Irlande du nord, l’Ecosse, et dans nos imaginations. I’d ride with y’all anyday ! Les biz.

***** English, a la bad translator


I am in the Homestretch ("toucher au but" reach the goal, according to my dictionary) Homestretch ... on the 26! But the age of 27 is not a goal ... it's just a number. I feel like a girl of 22 years but there are small wrinkles on my face. Not because I'm old, because I smile a lot.

There were many days since I spoke French a lot. Nope, I have not spoken French in Scotland or Ireland. What a shock! And here in France, my friends are gone, and go home. Examples of my conversations during these few days:

"Hello," said the worker Monoprix
"Hello! "- I would say
"Do you have a loyalty card? "
"Not. "
"It (price). "
"Voila. "(Jen gave his card to the worker)
"Huh? (He looks at the card.)
"There is no chip. It is an old card. "
* He made a swipe *
"Thank you, goodbye. - The worker
"Thank you! Good day! "- Jen the

(Google kept insisting "carte" was map. It lies.)

My level of French is almost a professional ca.

And today, my roommate, "The oven does not work! There is no heat and little red lights do not light. "

Yesterday, when the Internet stops working for ten times, "I hate this box! (The wireless thing). My Internet is like a teenager. He is very angry. It works sometimes, but not after the dinner hour. Maybe after midnight, as I did when I was 18. Or like me, now. Yesterday evening I worked at 3:15. It will be strange when I go back to PEI and go to work for 9:30. And do not work during the evening. It's easier to work when the sun sleeps.

Today I made a big decision: a statement that my favorite road bike is on the Rue de Sisteron. It is a hill, a hill but not as great as that of Eugilles or Montagne Sainte-Victoire. There are cars, but the speed limit is not very high. Then take a left, and cycling in the countryside. After few kilometers, we think, "Wow, I'm in the middle of France, in my red bike. The street signs are different, the streets are small, the sky is blue vacuum, and life is beautiful. Life is beautiful! "

I did something so stupid to Saturday. My suitcase weighed too when I left Glasgow. RyanAir's daughter told me that I should pay GBP35. Crap. I paid, and then another girl yelled at me that the plane will leave without me. So I ran to the aircraft. In Paris, I did not intend to pay 35EUR yet, so I threw a few things in the trash, eating almost all the products I bought was the UK, and I wore almost all my clothes were in my suitcase. The pants, Capri pants, two socks per foot, a jacket, t-shirts, sweaters and TWO. It seems that I was not cold. Anyway, I threw my sweating has the trash, and my conditioner. Stupid. The sweating is expensive here (about 4eur), and it's hard to find the little boxes of things like shampoo. Here, I have enough shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair once. I'm going to PEI in ten days. We have a problem;)

(*sweating = deodorant)

Solution: I need a haircut. It is a shampoo.
Paris: staying a hotel this weekend.

The goals for this week: buy things. Stress when I do not have enough space for luggage. Eat your gift;)

I must go to the cinema as a film in French. Something simple for children. Perhaps "The Strange Scrooge"?

The things I eat / taste / drink this week: mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, ice cream cake (this didn't translate at ALL), cheese.

Oh, and important. At the beginning of 2009, I made a decision not to eat the fries during 2009. Ireland and Scotland were a test for me. But I managed - no fries for me (If I had known in early 2009, that I would trip the United Kingdom .. Oh, sorry. I'll eat the fries next year . With ketchup. Too ketchup. My fries take a dip (bath) in ketchup. And I will not eat chocolate, or maybe just not the tablets of chocolate, I have not decided yet. But I ate enough of chocolate here for the rest of my life. And of Haribo sweets. Bleh. My stomach is on strike now. Only vegetables, fruits, lamb (yum!), cheese ... okay, many things, but not chocolate or candy. Vomit.

PS ~ Happy birthday to me:) thank you to my family and my friends to accompany me for another year to share the wonderful moments, special, happy, sad, amazing, al'IPE, the rest of Canada, the United U.S., France, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and in our imaginations. I'd ride with y'all anyday! Les biz.

Friday, November 27, 2009

And then she left!

More older writing!

Ahh! Mon dernière nuit en Aix avant de partir pour le Royaume-Uni. Mon tête est en tren de paniquer un petit-peu. Il croit que je fuit finit de la France et je parte pour le Canada. Tous mes sacs sont remplis (ha, pas vraiment, mais presque, je ferai mes bagages au dernier moment, comme d’habitude) et mes tiroirs sont vides. Mais non, l’Ile-du-Prince-Edouard n’ira pas ma destination pour une autre trois semaines.

Ca sera différent a Irlande du Nord et a Ecosse. Ou je parlerai anglais. Quand je parle la langue du pays, les personnes me comprendront (j’espère !). Je ne paniquerai pas au bureau de poste, et je n’utiliserai pas le mot « quelque choses »trop, parce que je connaitrai le vrai mot. Au bureau de poste aujourd’hui j’avais besoin d’un « envelope ». Mais avant que je suis partie chez moi, j’avais oublié de cherche le mot « envelope » dans ma dictionnaire. Alors, j’ai acheté une chose « pour envoyer ce revue au Canada ».

(Je cherche a ma dictionnaire électronique maintenant… c’est « une enveloppe ». Et oui, j’ai une dictionnaire électronique maintenant. Un ami m’a donne et c’est formidable ! Elle a tous les mots que les professeurs ne nous enseignaient pas ;) )
J’ai eu un aventure à la bibliothèque aujourd’hui. J’ai emprunté la carte de ma colocataire pour utiliser les ordinateurs et imprimer mes billettes d’avion. J’ai parle a trois personnes a la bibliothèque, et le deuxième ne m’a pas compris de tous. Whoops. Mais je crois qu’il a prétendu parce qu’il veut parler en anglais… Umm, right. Anyway, je payais la troisième personne pour ferai les imprinations. Je suis allée a une ordinateur, et la carte ne fonctionne pas. J’ai demande pour l’aide. Mon aideur ne ferrait pas corriger. Il a appelle a une autre travailleuse, et elle nous a aide. Success ! MAIS, puis, l’emprunteur ne fontione pas. Pas un grand problème, j’ai trouve un autre imprinteur dans une nouvelle salle – une salle magnifique avec cinq-kazillions livres. Tous ces chose ont pris trop longue, alors j’avais pas assez de temps pour faire les autre choses, comme acheter le shampooing, une pile pour mon montre, etc. Pas de problème. Au Royaume-Uni, je pourrais acheté « shampoo » et « a battery for my watch ».

J’ecoute a la radio, c’est un station techno/music des boites. Je veux danser ! Mais je ne danse pas, parce que je dois travailler. J’espere que c’est le dernière rapport que j’écrire a propos de lu sondage des voyageurs de l’I-P-E. Pas en general, mais pour ce sondage.

Mon ventre se grandit ici. Whoops. Trop de Milka et Haribo. Peut-être pour l’annee 2010 (can someone explain to me the difference between annee and an ??) je ne mangerai pas du chocolat. Mais, c’est bonne pour les endorphines, et pour les seins ! :D Je « feel like » (I couldn’t find a verbe equivalent ?) que j’ai les seins trop grand chaque fois que je porte un pull. Joyeux noël aux garçons ? :S

Je veux faire du vélo maintenant. Je suis un peu stresse. Mais mes vêtements chauds sont dans un sac. Et c’est presque 23h00. Et je dois travailler a mon rapport. Et faire les bagages. Et prendre un douche.

Le sigh
A bientôt !

et... en anglais..
Ahh! My final night in Aix before leaving for the United Kingdom. My head is tren to panic a little-bit. He thinks I eventually fled to France and I left for Canada. All my bags are filled (ha, not really, but almost, I will do my luggage at the last minute as usual) and my drawers are empty. But no, the Prince Edward Island will not my destination for another three weeks.

It will be different in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Or I speak English. When I speak the language, people understand me (I hope!). I did not panic at the post office, and I will not use the word "some things" too, because I know the real word. At the post office today I needed an "envelope". But before I left home, I forgot to look for the word "envelope" in my dictionary. So I bought something "to send this magazine in Canada."

(I look to my electronic dictionary now ... it's "envelope". And yes, I have an electronic dictionary now. A friend gave me and it's great! It has all the words that we teachers do not teach;))

I had an adventure at the library today. I borrowed the card from my roommate to use computers and print my tickets. I have spoken to three people a library, and the second has not understood. Whoops. But I think he claimed because he wants to speak English ... Umm, right. Anyway, I paid the third person to do the imprinations. I went to a computer and the card does not work. I asked for help. My aideur does not correct shoeing. He has called another worker, and she helped us. Success! BUT, then the borrower did not work. Not a big problem, I found another imprinteur a new room - a magnificent room with five-kazillions books. All these things have taken too long, then I had enough time to do other things like buying shampoo, a battery for my watch, etc.. No problem. In the UK, I could buy "shampoo" and "a battery for my watch."

I listened at the radio station is a techno / music boxes. I want to dance! But I do not dance, because I have to work. I hope this is the last report about j'écrire read poll travelers the IPE. Not in general, but for this poll.

My belly is growing here. Whoops. Too Haribo and Milka. Perhaps for the year 2010 (can someone explain to me the difference between years and year?) I do not eat chocolate. But it's good for the endorphins, and boobs!: D "feel like" (I could not find a word equivalent?) that I have breasts too whenever I wear a sweater. Merry Christmas boys? : S

I want to ride a bike now. I am a little stress. But my warm clothes were in a bag. And it's almost 23:00. And I am working on my report. And what to pack. And take a shower.

Le sigh
A bientôt!

Long ago...

I wrote this ages ago... i.e., at least four days ago but couldn't post it until now. Oh Internet, it's nice to see/have you again! Albeit, briefly.

C’est bizarre... je sais que la fin s’approchera. Je partirai mon appartement. Lundi, j’ai lave mes vêtements en préparation pour les mettre à un sac. Encore.

Jeudi je parts pour Irlande du Nord pour visiter Kathleen ! Puis je voyagerai a l’Ecosse (par bateau !) et la je resterai avec Shannon a Edinburgh.

C’est presque la fin de mon aventure française ! C’est le sentiment dans ma tête. En réalité, ce n’est pas la fin. Apres jouer a l’Ecosse, je retournerai ici, a Aix. J’ai huit jours pour « finir ». Mon vol partira de Paris, alors j’irai la pour le week-end ou je visiterai ma sœur de Disney (aka ma coloc.) ! La dernière fois que j’ai vu elle était, je crois, juillet de 2006. Franchement, je suis excitée :P Pendant ce voyage j’avais visite deux amies de Disney, et je crois que j’aurai vu deux autres avant que retourner au Canada. Puis, au Canada, je visiterai deux plusieurs ( !) avant que je ferai le dernière voyage a mon petit ile.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai porte les shorts. Les autres croient que je sois folle, mais j’adore le soleil ici.

Je commence d’écouter à la radio. Je n’ai pas fait beaucoup avant cette semaine parce que j’étais stupide. Pas stupide comme « je ne comprends pas ! », mais stupide comme « il n’y avait pas une bonne raison pour pas écouter a la radio et c’est une bonne façon d’améliorer mon français. » La prochaine fois que je veux apprendre une langue je vais regarder la télé trop, et écouter a la radio tous les minutes que je ne regarde pas la télé. Oh, mais un problème avec la radio.. Mon station préféré est lequel en español. Et il y a trop des chansons anglaises à la radio. La première station que j’ai trouve hier soir a eu Elton John qui chante « Can you feel the love tonight » de « The Lion King ». Oui, c’est une bonne chanson, et j’ai chante avec Elton. Il m’aide améliorer mon accent faux d’un anglais homosexuel :P

Je lis une romaine en français maintenant. C’est plus difficile que ma dernière romaine (Princess Diaries 10 ! – en français) parce que ce n’était pas écrit pour les jeunesses. Mais, ce n’est pas trop difficile ! Regarde ma, j’apprends le français ! C’était sur une liste donnait a moi par mon professeur, les romains pour mon niveau de français (B2 !)

Noel a commence vendredi. Les lumières a la fontaine au milieu de la Rotonde de Gaulle sont allumes (ouverts ?), il y a les attractions (rides ? I coudn’t find what I deem an appropriate word in French) à la fin de la Cours Mirabeau et beaucoup des kiosks qui vend les produits de noël des artisanes, et les bonbons, le vin chaud ( ?!), la barbe de papa, les gaufres (je n’ai pas encore manger un gaufre ici – quel dommage !), les pretzels (salée ou sucre), et plusieurs choses qui vont détruire mon estomac. Yum ! En revanche, il y a un problème : je n’ai pas assez d’espace dans mes bagages pour acheter les cadeaux de noël ici. Quand je suis partie le Canada j’ai pris un sac vide, mais je crois que ca va être rempli avec les choses que j’ai acheté déjà… pour moi. Oops. Je vais savoir mercredi comme je dois faire mes bagages la. J’achetais les livres ici (ils ne sont pas grands, mais ils prennent d’espace) des vetements, et des boots. Et j’aime mon casque du vélo et je voudrais le prendre au Canada. Il y a une lumière rouge sur le fond du casque ! Et c’est ROUGE.

Ici je suis sur Equipe Rouge pour faire de vélo. Mon vélo est rouge. Mon casque est rouge. Mon chemise à manches longues est rouge. Lequel avec les manches court est rouge. Mes chaussettes préférées sont rouges. Vas-y Equipe Rouge ! (Pas vraiment un équipe, c’est seulement moi.)

Quand je suis arrivée à Aix j’ai acheté un carnet de dix billets pour l’autobus. J’ai encore quatre billets. Les trois premières fois au autobus j’ai mit la billette dans la machine à la façon incorrect. Quelque fois la machine ne fonctionnait pas. Alors, je n’ai pas dépensé beaucoup d’argent pour transportation !

**************************** Google translate...

It's weird ... I know that the end will approach. I leave my apartment. On Monday, I wash my clothes in preparation for putting them in a bag. Again.

Thursday I went to Northern Ireland to visit Kathleen! Al'Ecosse Can I travel (by boat!) And I will stay with Shannon Edinburgh.

It's almost the end of my French adventure! It is the feeling in my head. In reality, this is not the end. Al'Ecosse after play, I will return here in Aix. I have eight days to "finish". My flight from Paris, then go for the weekend or I visit my sister to Disney (aka my roommate). " The last time I saw it was, I think, July of 2006. Frankly, I'm excited: P During this trip I visited two friends from Disney, and I think I saw two others before returning to Canada. Then, in Canada, I will be visiting two more (!) Before I make the last trip my little island.

Today, I wore shorts. Others think I'm crazy, but I love the sun here.

I began to listen to the radio. I have not done much until this week because I was stupid. Not stupid like "I do not understand! , But stupid as "there was not a good reason to not listen on the radio and it's a good way to improve my French. The next time I want to learn a language I'll watch TV too much, and listen to the radio every minute that I do not watch TV. Oh, but a problem with the radio .. My favorite station is where en español. And there are too many English songs on the radio. The first station that I found last night was Elton John singing "Can you feel the love tonight" from "The Lion King." Yes, it's a good song and I sang with Elton. It helps me improve my accent fake an English homosexual: P

I read a French Roman now. It is more difficult than my last Roman (Princess Diaries 10! - In French) (roman is supposed to = novel... ha) because it was not written for youths. But this is not too difficult! Look ma, I'm learning French! It was on a list given to me by my teacher, the Romans for my level of French (B2!)

Noel begins Friday. Lights at the fountain in the middle of the Rotunda are on Gaulle (open?), There are attractions (rides? I coudn't find what I deem an appropriate word in French) at the end of the Cours Mirabeau and many kiosks selling Christmas products of artisans and sweets, mulled wine (?!), beard papa, waffles (I did not eat a waffle here - what a pity!), the pretzels (salt or sugar), and several things that will destroy my stomach. Yum! However, there is a problem: I do not have enough space in my luggage to buy Christmas gifts here. When I left Canada I took an empty bag, but I think it will be filled with things I already bought for me .... Oops. I'm going on Wednesday as I ought to pack it. I bought books here (they are not great, but they take space) of clothes, and boots. And I love my bike helmet and I would take him to Canada. There is a red light on the bottom of the helmet! And it's RED.

Here I am on Team Red to bike. My bike is red. My helmet is red. My long-sleeved shirt is red. Which with short sleeves is red. My favorite socks are red. Go Team Red! (Not really a team, it's just me.)

When I arrived in Aix I bought a carnet of ten tickets for the bus. I still have four tickets. The first three times I took the bus tickets in the machine the wrong way. Sometimes the machine does not work. So I have not spent much money on transportation!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Culture Chow-down

Brief list (in English, no less!) of things that cause me to nod in approval a la France:
  • Markets - so much food, all so colourful
  • Biking - drivers don't freak out when there are cyclists on the road. Just, "Bonjour, Cycliste, nous partagons la rue. Nous ne sommes pas les amies, mais je ne vais pas te frapper avec mon voiture." That being said... I would love to find some flat land for biking. I don't mind hills, but sometimes one just wishes for an easy ride. I also miss my black bike for when I'm feeling not so racerish.. and the seat on my bike here is merde. Putain!
  • Cereal - Carrefour Fruit and Fibre? You rock my cereal world. ROWR.
  • Shutters - I realised, after a month of being in my flat, the reason I don't have curtains on my window is because I have shutters. I just never noticed. Jen n'est pas intelligente. Non, serieuse, mon IQ trouvait un niveau trop bas quand je suis arrivee a la France.
  • Durante la journee, c'est assez chaud pour porter les shorts. For me. Biking in my late summer gear au milieu de decembre? Pas mal.
  • Bears - there are no bears here, to my knowledge. This helps me feel safe.
  • Funny translations- It's none of our business -> "Ce n'est pas nos oignons." HA!
  • Swearing - but not really. Putain!
  • H1N1 - Ils ne s'inquiete pas. Le gov't achetait 94 million des vacinations. There are only 64 million people in France. They have 30 million extra vaccines, provided one dose per person is adequate. Canada has about 33 million people, and about six viles of the vaccine. And people really aren't freaking out here trying to get into clincis. I just don't think they care.
  • Food - everything here tastes good. I'm a bit concerned as before leaving Canada I got rid of all clothing which was too big.
  • le Geant Casino - it intrigues me. It's so large. And between my home to there, the road is quite flat. Plus one point.
  • The Carrefour logo, which I now understand.
  • The good looking news and weather people.
  • Orange eyeshadow - I bought some. Clearly, if it's in France, it must be very fashionable. The official couleur is "orange pearle".
  • Height - I'm not short here! Not to generalize, but people here are not very tall. I feel like such an equal.
Things I slightly miss in Canada/PEI (omitting people):
  • Carpet.. useful for laying on when reading the newspaper
  • Being witty/charming/hilarious... here I am merely ditzy
  • Bicyclette no. 1... bicyclette no. 2 not so much as I have her nearly identical twin here
  • Beer Club
  • Being in closer timezones to friends who are away... so I don't need to stay up to 1am to chatter with them.
  • The Weather Network.
  • My socks. Apparently when packing to move I felt the need to pack, oh, like five pairs of socks, four of which are wooly hiking/biking socks.
  • Peanut sauce.
  • The ability to explain how you want your hair cut, in English. Me hair be getting a wee bit shaggy.
That's it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11 - the holiday I wish weren't

November 11th is a very bittersweet holiday. Everyone enjoys a day off - a day free of commitments. (Although the status of Remembrance Day being a stat holiday varies across the country, and even within the same cities.)

Remembrance Day always makes me a bit sad. It makes me sad that we need to have this holiday. That we needed to send people young and old, male and female, English and French (and other), off to a foreign land to protect us, and protect citizens of other countries. That being said, it is also amazing that we have the freedom to honour them on this day. The fact that we can have Remembrance Day is a testament of their mission being successful, and them protecting our country's ability to be.

I went to a museum over the weekend past about the occupation in France during WWII, and the resistance movement. Today was a holiday in France, specifically for WWI (apparently there are separate holidays for other wars?). Had D-Day been unsuccessful in France in 1944, and any subsequent attempt to rid France of the Germans, le 11 novembre, comme jour ferie (accents on the e's - holiday) would not exist. Were the Nazis still in rule of this country, the French would not be celebrating their invalides aujourd'hui.

Were Canada to participate in a war today, on the same large scale effort of WWI or WWII, I honestly can't say I would enlist. I am not brave enough to potentially sacrifice myself for the good of my country. I cannot even begin to imagine what that life would be like. I've read the history, heard the stories, have seen the footage, but I cannot envision myself in uniform, boarding a boat or plane, being sent to fight a battle. To put myself in a dangerous situation. I think I could help in other ways, but I'm much too much of a baby to ever be found on the front lines. I'm happy to have citizenship in a country where military service is not mandatory, and where conscription is a thought almost a century old (believe it was last enforced during WWI?).

I focus somewhat on WWII, as it's the war I know the most about, and I believe we are taught more about it in school due to the ancestry of many Islanders. For me, this war seems a lifetime ago - well before my time. But to put it in perspective, this war ended only ten years before my father was born. There are still many people alive who can give first-hand accounts of their involvement. There are statues in London that still have slight signs of damage from the blitz. The Berlin Wall, a result of the, well, result of WWII fell only ten years ago this week.

There is the remains of a Concentration Camp within a very easy bike ride from my home. Actually, I can't quite figure out if it was a concentration camp, or a "holding bin" of sorts. Prior to German occupation of France, the French held Germans and Austrians there. This changed when 1940 hit (German occupation of Northern France and the Atlantic coast), and then again in 1942 as Germany moved into the free region of France (generally, the south). Jewish residents and others were collected and put at this camp. They were then transferred to Auschwitz, via Camps Drancy and Rivesaults.

Remembrance Day is not only about the great wars (WWI, WWII). I believe the focus tends to fall on them, but there were wars elsewhere, and there are still wars now. There are peace keeping missions, and there are the battles in which we will fight in the future.

Poppies are not worn in France, so I had no poppy to wear today. But I would wear my poppy to thank, remember, love and respect those who served in the past, who are serving now, and who will serve in the future.

A picture I took in Ypres, Belgium, editted, of a war graveyard. I suppose it will be my virtual poppy this year.

Monday, November 02, 2009

"Je veux etre un arc-en-ciel!"

Aujourd'hui, un mur me frappe. Umm, non. Peut-être ca c'est un phrase qu'on n'utilise pas en français? "Today I hit a wall."

Je manque le couleur brun. Ici, j’ai trop des vêtements gris, noir, et violet. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais c’est une erreur. Je faisais des boutiques un petit peu, mais trop des vêtements aux magasins sont… noir, gris, bleu (foncé), et violet. En revanche, ce soir, j’ai acheté des vêtements VERT, ROSE… et violet. Mais la jupe violète coute seulement 5 EUR alors je me permis de l’acheter. Ahh, les couleurs, je vous adore. Demain, et tous les jours après, je serai un arc-en-ciel. Sauf les boots – ils sont noirs.

L’automne commence ici, pour la deuxième fois. Il y a beaucoup des feuilles sur les rues. Quand j’ai fait une promenade ce soir, ca m’a amuse beaucoup de marcher aux feuilles. Toutes les feuilles ici sont orange/brun. Pas de rouge.

J’ai dormi pendant deux heures cette après-midi. J’avais besoin d’un nap.. Mais ugh. Je n’aime pas dormir trop pendant la journée. Mais je n’ai pas dormi beaucoup pendants les cinq soirées passées.

Ma classe est petite cette semaine : seulement quatre étudiants. Mais je l’aime, il y a beaucoup de temps pour parler et pratiquer, et c’est plus facile de demander les questions. C’est mon dernière semaine de classes… Bizarre. Je ne sais pas ce que je ferai pour les prochaines semaines. Je dois travailler beaucoup, mais je suis un peu stresse. Je ne veux pas retourner au Canada et les penses que j’ais travaille trop, et je n’ais pas eu une vraie expérience français.

Alors, c’est minuit. Je dois faire une petite présentation pour ma classe demain. Ce n’est pas tres long, mais quelque chose sur lequel nous allons parle pour 20 minutes, comme un classe, pas juste moi.


Today, I hit a wall. Umm, no. Maybe that's a sentence that does not in French? "Today I hit a wall."

I miss the color brown. Here, I too clothes gray, black, and purple. I do not know why, but it is a mistake. I was shopping a little, but too many clothes shops are ... black, gray, blue (dark), and purple. But tonight, I bought clothes GREEN, PINK ... and purple. But the purple skirt cost only 5 EUR so I allowed myself to buy it. Ahh, the colors, I adore you. Tomorrow and every day after, I'll be a rainbow sky. Except the boots - they're black.

Autumn begins here, for the second time. There are a lot of leaves on the streets. When I went for a walk tonight, ca amuses me to walk to the leaves. All the leaves here are orange / brown. No red.

I slept for two hours this afternoon. I needed a nap .. But ugh. I do not like sleeping too much during the day. But I did not sleep much during the past five nights.

My class is small this week, only four students. But I like it a lot of time to talk and practice, and it's easier to ask questions. This is my last week of classes ... Bizarre. I do not know what I do for the next few weeks. I have a lot of work to do, and I'm a bit stressed. I do not want to return to Canada and think that I worked to much, and I had didn't have a true French experience.

So it's midnight. I must make a small presentation for my class tomorrow. Not very long, but something on which we will speak for 20 minutes, as a class, not just me.

Annnnd... zonked -_-

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Les devoirs d'orsinage - - homework, harvesting sea urchins

Plusieurs fois, au Canada, je dirais aux mes parents, "Des fois ca reste bizarre quand je ne fais pas les devoirs dimanche soir."

Aujourd'hui est dimanche. J'ai les devoirs. Il a 23h09 et j'ai pas encore fait mes devoirs. Alors, avant que je me permets d'ecrire ce poste, je vais faire mes devoirs. Avec vous. En general je les fais avant cette heure tard, mais j'ai travaille sur un raport pour mon travail pour quelques heures deja. le sigh.

Devoir: ecrire les phrases avec certain mots!

(1) Bien que mes voisins aient un jardin, ils vont a la supermarche presque chaque jour.
(2) Bien que l'eau de robinet soit bonne, on achete les bouteilles de l'eau.

(1) Mon ami avait une bonne education, en revanche il est au chômage et il habite chez ces parents.
(2) Il y a beaucoup des voitures dans la ville, par contre les rues sont trop petits pour stationer l'auto.

PORTANT (ou cependant, toutefois, neanmoins)
(1) Elle est tres petite. Pourtant, elle mange trop de chocolat.
(2) My chambre est froid. Cependant, la fenetre est ferme.

(1) Je trouve que c'est difficil de faire les phrases avec "or". Or, je dois etudier plus fort ce soir.

Oui, j'ecris comme un petit eleve. Non, je n'utilise pas les mots avec plus que, oh, six lettres. Sauf quand j'ecris mon nom: Jennifer. Oh la la, huit lettres!

Alors... Aujoud'hui!

Hier soir j'ai decide, a la derniere minute avec l'aide de Ms. Shan a msn, que je serais allee a la plage ce matin pour faire d'orsinade (ou orsinade, je ne sais pas si la "faire" est necessaire?). J'ai voyage par autobus a Marseille, et puis quelqu'un m'a retrouve dans sa voiture. Puis nous conduirons vers la plage, plus l'ouest de la ville. Nous etions une group de six avec trois personnes qui ont les vetements et outils pour chercher des orsins dans l'eau. Je marchais dans l'eau un petit peu, mais c'etait un petit peu froid pour moi, et il n'y a pas de sable a la plage, seulement les roches. C'est difficil de marcher a la plage et entrer/sortir de l'eau sans les chaussures pour l'eau.

Pour manger les orsins, on les coupe en deux. Dans l'interior il y a un espece vide (je ne veux pas chercher pour mon dictionnaire pour trouver la mot correcte). J'ai pense qu'ils auraient ete comme les moules et on aurait mange un petit boule d'orsin, mais non...

Cinq petits morceaus de la choses rouge? C'est un repas?! (Pas vraiment. Quelqu'un m'a dit que si on les mange a une restaurant comme plat, c'est avec plusieurs autre fruits de mer.)

Alors, on peut les manger en quelque facons. Avec une cuillère, et manger seule, ou place la viande sur le pain, ou utilise la pain pour enlever le viande de la croquille. Il a goute comme l'eau selee. Pour moi, c'est comme les moules: je veux manger, peut-etre, deux a six, mais pas plus. Apres quatre j'ai mange des raisons et quiche. (Parce que je suis francaise maintenant. Ha. Non.)

Et, la fin. Demain je travaillerai, etudierai, et trouverai un article pour se presenter a la classe a mardi. Et je ferai du velo. Mon velo me manque.

A bientot!


Several times in Canada, I would say to my parents, "sometimes it is weird when I do not do homework on Sunday night."

Today is Sunday. I have homework. It was 23h09 and I have not done my homework. So, before I allow myself to write this post, I'll do my homework. With you. In general I'm doing before this hour late, but I'm working on a raport for my work for a few hours already. le sigh.

Assignment: Write sentences with certain words!

(1) Although my neighbors have a garden, they go to the supermarket almost every day.
(2) Although tap water is good, we bought bottles of water.

IN dreaming (or) HAND
(1) My friend had a good education, however he is unemployed and lives with his parents. "
(2) There are many cars in the city, street cons are too small to park the car.

ON (or however, but, nonetheless)
(1) It is very small. Yet she eats too much chocolate.
(2) My room is cold. However, the window is closed.

(1) I find it difficult to make sentences with "gold". However, I must study harder tonight.

Yes, I write as a young student. No, I do not use words with more than, oh, six letters. Except when I write my name: Jennifer. Oh la la, eight letters!

So ... Nowadays!

Last night I decided, at the last minute with the assistance of Ms. Shan msn, I'd go to the beach this morning to make orsinade (or orsinade, I do not know if the "how" is needed?). I travel by bus in Marseille, and then someone found me in his car. Then we will drive to the beach, most west of the city. We were a group of six with three people who have clothes and tools to search for Orsini in the water. I walked in the water a bit, but it was a bit cold for me, and there is no sand beach, just rocks. It's hard to walk to the beach and enter / exit the water without water shoes.

To eat the sea urchins, they are cut in half. In the interior there is a gap species (I do not want to look for my dictionary to find the correct word). I think they would have been like mussels and we would eat a small ball of Orsini, but not ...

Five small strips the red things? It is a meal? " (Not really. Someone told me that if one eats them in a restaurant dish, it is with many other seafood)

So we can eat them in any way. With a spoon, and eat alone, or place the meat on bread, or use the bread to remove the meat from the shell. It was like water drop Sele. For me, it's like mussels, I want to eat, maybe, two to six, but no more. After I eat four reasons and quiche. (Because I'm French now. Ha. No.)

And the end. Tomorrow I work, study, and find an article to appear at the class on Tuesday. And I'll do the bike. I miss my bike.

A bientot!

Monday, October 26, 2009

English... quoi?

English below :) I spent all evening writing a large, large, LARGE report for work and need to turn my head French again.

Aujourd'hui j'ai eu une conversation en anglais avec une autre etudiante. C'etait bizarre. En anglais, je peux parler aussi vite! Et je peux conjuger les verbes! Tellement bizarre.

C'etait le premier jour de classe pour la fille, une anglais. Je pense qu'elle etait un petit-peu accablée, la meme que moi deux semaines passees! Elle m'a demande si les etudiants sortaient ensemble apres la classe... j'ai dit pas vraiment. Malheureusement. Alors peut-etre nous aurions du fun. C'est difficil quand on entre un classe ou tous les autres etudiantes ont etudie ensemble pour plusieures semaines.

La fin de semaine passe je suis allee a une fete... Une fete avec les vrais francais! J'ai essaye de parler francais tout la soiree, mais apres cinq ou six heures avec trop de conversation en francais, me tete arretait de functione. Et j'ai parle en anglais un petit peu avec un quebecois, et le francais qui m'a conduit chez moi. Je m'amuse beaucoup quand les francophones parlent anglais avec leur accents adorable et francais. J'espere qu'ils se amusent quand je parle francais avec un accent... uh... "belle" et "adorable".

Demain j'irai a une classe de pasterie. Je vais creer quelque choses delicieux... avec l'aide de quelqu'un autre. Je veux aussi faire de velo avant la classe, mais j'ai de travail a faire pour UPEI. Apres la classe la soleil va se coucher. L'heure a change ici samedi soir/le matin de dimanche. Alors il y a seulement 4 heures en difference d'ici et l'I-P-E cette semaine.

J'ai porte les shorts samedi, dimanche, et aujourd'hui. C'est fantastique! Mais les autres ne portent pas les vetements d'ete. J'ai vu quelques autres qui portent les vetements froid, mais nous sommmes rares.

Aujourd'hui j'ai parle des elephants dans ma classe. C'etait un bon jour. Aussi, deux semaines passees, j'ai achete un collier avec un elephant.

Mecredi soir Kathleen arrivera en Aix pour quelques jours! Je suis heureuse de sa voyage. Il va etre bizarre d'avoir une visiteure - quelqu'un qui parle anglais, n'est pas suisse, et, en general, quelqu'un que je vois au Canada (et j'espere en Irlande du nord en novembre).

Mon reveil ici est sur l'horaire de 24 heure. Quand j'ai change l'horaire heir, j'ai mis la mauvaise heure. Maintenant mon reveil dit 11h58... pas 23h58. Whoops. Je me suis reveillee ce matin a... 20h50. Ma tete n'a pas compris comment j'ai dormi tout la nuit ET le jour... et pourquoi il y avait du soleil a la soiree.

Alors, je vais essayer de dormir. Trop difficil.

A bientot!

[with Google Translate, our most favourite website in the world]
Today I had a conversation in English with other students [google error: clearly I wrote this in singular. There was only one other student). It was strange. In English, I can talk so fast! And I can conjugate verbs! So weird.

It was the first day of school for the girl, one English. I think it was a small little overwhelmed, the same as me two weeks ago! She asked whether the students went out together after class ... I said not really. Malheursement. So maybe we'll have fun. It's tough when you enter a class or (where! I don't use accents and google does not like that) all the other students studied together for several weeks.

The weekend pass I went to a party ... A celebration with the real French! I tried to speak French all evening, but after five or six hours with too much conversation in French, my head stopped to function. And I spoke in English a little bit with a Quebecois, and French that led me home (non, google, a french person who drove me home!). It'sa lot of fun when the French speak English with their French accents and adorable. I hope they amuse themselves when I spoke French with an accent ... uh ... "beautiful" and "adorable."

Tomorrow I will go to a class of pasteries. I'll create something delicious ... with the help of someone else. I also want to make bike before class, but I have work to do for UPEI. Class after the sun goes to bed. Time has changed here Saturday night / Sunday morning. While there are only 4 hours difference between now and the ECI (not sure how that happened.. I wrote l'I-P-E) this week.

I wore shorts Saturday, Sunday and today. It's fantastic! But others do not wear summer clothes. I have seen some other clothes that are cold, but we are worried rare.

Today I talk of elephants in my class. It was a good day. Also, two weeks ago, I bought a necklace with an elephant.

Kathleen wednesday evening arrive in Aix for a few days! I am happy about her trip. It will be strange to have a visitor - someone who speaks English, is not Swiss, and, in general, someone I know in Canada (and I hope in Northern Ireland in November).

My awakening (ha, alarm clock!) here is on schedule to 24 hours. When I change the time yesterday, I put the wrong time. Now I wake said (my alarm clock reads)... 11:58 not 23h58. Whoops. I woke up this morning at. .. 20.50. My head did not understand how I slept all night and day ... and why there was the evening sun.

So I'll try to sleep. Too difficult.

A bientot!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

France, at you I point my sexy eyes

Have I mentioned lately that I like it here?

No, seriously - I *really* like it here.

Also, it's hard to have a personality in another language. I feel so... boring and unenergetic. I'm not unenergetic, but I can't seem to throw as much excitement into speaking as I want to. I think the last part to come with language is being able to be yourself, and be absolutely hilarious without having to resort to physical humour.

My class is comprised of, this week, myself, an Aussie lady, a Norwegian lady, and five suisse. The Suisse appear to be taking over my school. Don't get me wrong, they are all lovely, but I thought there would be a bit more diversity. They said it was earlier in the fall, but lots of Suisse appear to be filtering into the school lately. I was thinking that the Suisse tend to be very serious, but then realised perhaps I come off as very serious in French. They also don't talk loudly. I feel Aussie lady and I have booming voices. Common-wealth = loud. Aussie lady (a recent retiree) is fantastic and I'll be sad to see her go. We're slightly on the same wave length and I think Australia and Canada actually has a bit of a similar culture. She was asked in an afternoon class about the Aussie process of having dinner guests. She told me the following day (we are in morning classes only together) that she said, "Well, people come over. We eat." And we both laughed at a lady dressed in a ridiculous leopard print long fur coat with a funny suitcase when we were having lunch yesterday.

Ahh, lunch. I am starting to experience the culinary world of Aix. Saturday night past I went to a Spanish tapas restaurant with a fellow hiker from that day. Yup, first restaurant in France was Spanish. But sooo good. Also had my first glass of wine that night. Yup, I was in France more than a week before finally sipping l'eau de la France. Yesterday I experienced with the Aussie mate a restaurant lunch sandwich. I order "la mixte" - jambon et fromage... quelque choses. Ham and a kind of cheese I now forget. I figured it would be a panini and have tomato and perhaps some other vegetable on it. Nope. Comes out on a 3/4-length baguette. Slice ham. Huge slices of delicious cheese. Cold.


I mean, it was good and all... but almost seemed like a pointless lunch. The type of lunch you eat when the only reason you are eating is to avoid starvation.

My lunch today, however.... yum. First French restaurant experience. Or at least I assume it was French cuisine. It was food. In French. From a kitchen. I had the entree + plat (appetizer and main) for 17,50EUR. To start was a small salad with yummy shrimp and a vinagrette oily yum dressing. On the side was minced veggies served in the shape of a cylinder. Very good.

Pour plat was lamb, potatoes, and olives, in some kind of sauce. The lamb was tender, delicious, and, of course, "yummy". I don't know why people eat cow when lamb is available. The pommes de terre were about the size and shape of small scallops and, shock, soo gooooood. The olives were fine. I ate a few of them to see if I like olives yet. I didn't gag or crinkle my nose, so it's a start. So while they don't make me want to die any longer, I still don't care for them and will not be purchasing any soon. My stomach and I were very happy after this meal. Sure, kind of pricey for lunch, but quality was fantastic and I haven't really eaten supper. So it was filling!


In non-food news... oh, who are we kidding? France is clearly all about food. And les manifestations (protests) et les greves (strikes).

Saturday I went hiking up Montagne Sainte-Victoire avec other students. Fantastic hike, ended up about 1000m up. I have pics on FB if anyone cares to see. Took about 4 hours, including "les pauses" when we ate lunch, and photo taking.

Sunday I went on a excursion with classmates, organized by the school. We went to three towns/villages. The first, l'Ile-sur-la-Sorgue (or something like that) has the second largest market in France. It was pretty, but I wasn't so interested. A market is a market.

Second stop was Rousillon - which was amazing. They have tonnes of ocre in the soil, making it a dramatic red/orange. They used the land to make their houses, so the houses are wonderful colours of yellow, orange, and red. We went to a parc with walking trails through the ocre.. umm.. site. I loved it - it felt like I had stepped into a prehistoric land.

Last stop was Gordes, officially one of the prettiest places in the world. It was high up, ridiculously windy, and, shock, alarmingly pretty.

Annnnnd huge flash of lightening. That means I hide because I hate storms. Le sigh.

Au revoir.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Et maintenant, Google Translate

English version below!

J'ai decide d'ecrire en francais aujourd'hui parce que nous parlons beaucoup dans nos classes, mais nous n'ecrivons pas beaucoup. Pour moi, ceci est bonne, parce que je peux ecrire en francais (avec beaucoup des erreurs), mais c'est plus difficil de parler la langue. Particulerement si je suis fatiguee. En ce cas, les mots qui tombent de ma bouche sont un melange bizarre de francais, anglais et un petit-peu d'espanol. Comme hier soir: j'ai dormi et je me suis reveillee pour quitter l'appartement j'ai voulu dire a ma colocataire "hier soir" (last night), mais j'ai dit "la noche passe". La noche = night in Spanish, et passe est un period de temps passe plus qu'un jour (je le pense).

Les chose ici sont beaucoup plus chere qu'au Canada. Le shampooing est a peut pres 3€50 pour un bouteille de peut-etre 275 mL. Mais ca inclurre le VTT (taxe), alors.. je ne sais pas. Peut etre c'est la difference d'acheter les chose a Wal-mart vs Shoppers Drug Mart. A SDM c'est generalment au moins que $1,50 plus cher. Les choses qui ne sont pas cheres (je cherchais "cheap" et "inexpensive" dans mon dictionnaire et c'a dit "pas cher" et "bon marche" - je n'aime pas ces mots, alors peut-etre je vais creer un mot nouveau?) sont les livres pour apprendre francais, ou specificment pour aider les gens avec leur francais. Par example, au Canada un bescherelle est entre $17-22, ici je l'ai trouve pour 7€50 ($11CAD). Et, meilleure, j'ai achete un bescherelle plus petit et un petit livre de grammaire, chacun etaient seulement 3€50. C'etait dans un grand magasin qui s'appelle "Geant Casino" (avec un accent sur le 'e'). Quand je l'ai vu, j'ai pense que c'etait un casino (le meme mot qu'en anglais). Mais j'ai vu les gens qui ont quitte la magasin avec la nourriture, les jouets, les sacs rempli des autre choses, alors non, ce n'etait pas un casino. ETTT, la meilleure chose - il y avait un toilet au centre commercial (Geant Casino n'etait pas la seule magasin - il y avait les autres avec les vetement que j'ai voulu desperetment acheter!).

Le bataille pour trouver les toilettes en Aix c'est terrible. Je ne trouve pas aucun toilette dans la ville, sauf a mon ecole et chez moi. En general, aux pays European, il y a les toilet aux grand magasins, comme Monoprix. Mais pas ici. Le sigh. Je n'ai jamais demande au restaurant. C'est aussi domage.

Aujourd'hui j'ai fait du velo a la campagne. Mon adventure etait a peu pres 40 - 45 km. Comme dimanche, c'a commence avec un grand colline. Pas grand comme plus raide (steep?), mais un petit raide pour beaucoup de kilometres. Si on divide l'effort entre la journee la, et la journee retourner, c'est 75% / 25%. Mais je l'aime comme ca. Je pense que j'aurais un adventure a la sud de la ville que c'a va etre l'oppose.

Aujourd'hui apres la classe je suis allee a la marche a plein-air pour la premiere fois. C'est beaucoup plus different que la marche a Charlottetown - les fruits et les legumes a chaque table. J'ai achete des fraises. Ils etaient.. okay. Pas mal, mais pas formidable, pour 3€50. A mardi il y a aussi les tables aux autres rues avec les vetement - beaucoup des boots! Je suis contente que j'ai pris en sac extra a France... j'ai besoin les boots et les chandails... Umm, parce qu'on ne vend pas ces choses au Canada, ne c'est pas? Uh oh.

Hier il y avait beaucoup de vent ici. On s'appelle "les mistrals". Je pense que la vitesse de vent etait entre 45-65 km/h. C'est comme l'I-P-E :P Je portais les shorts and short sleeves, et les personnes me concernaient. Aujourd'hui il a fait froid au matin, mais le soleil etait forte quand l'apres midi est arrivee. Les personnes ici portent les pantaloon, les boots, et les manteaus maintenant. Mais pas moi, c'est mon derniere chance de bronzee ma peau.

Pendant mon adventure de velo, j'ai vu des fiches d'arrets pour la permiere fois. Mais ils ont dit STOP, pas arrete. Il y a les feux ou les roundabouts aux autres carrefours. (Carrefour dont je le cherche dans mon dictionnaire. Cest aussi le nom d'un autre grand magasin ici - comme le Geant Casino!) Umm, je fais du velo au roundabouts. J'avais peur la premiere fois, mais ce n'est pas complique. Je pense (j'espere!) que les confucteurs sont... used to... les personnes aux velos sur les rues.

C'est apres minuit, et je suis un disastre chaque matin, alors je cherche mon lit maintanent.

Bonne nuit !

Regard! C'est anglais! -- Look, it's English!

I was lazy and just stuck this into Google Translate.

I decided to write in French today because we talk a lot in our classes, but we do not write much. To me, this is good because I can write in French (with many errors), but it's harder to speak the language. Particularly and if I'm tired. In this case, words that fall from my mouth are a strange mixture of French, English breakfast and a little Spanish. Like last night I slept and I woke to leave the apartment I wanted to tell my roommate yesterday evening (last night), but I said "la noche passe". La noche = night in Spanish and passe is a happening period of time passes more than a day (I think).

The thing here is much more expensive than in Canada. The shampoo is considered to be roughly 3€50 a bottle may be 275 mL. But ca inclurre mountain biking (fee) (note: VTT is value added tax, which I typed in French above.. but it's also mountina biking... I mean tax in this case :P) , then .. I do not know. Maybe the difference is to buy something at Wal-mart vs. Shoppers Drug Mart. A SDM is generalmente that at least $ 1.50 more expensive. Things that are not expensive (I was looking for "cheap" and "inexpensive" in my dictionary and there has said "pas chere" and "bien marche" - I do not like this, then maybe I'll create a new word?) are the books to learn French or specificment to help people with their French. For example, in Canada a Bescherelle is between $ 17-22, here I found for 7 € 50 ($ 11CAD). And better, I bought a Bescherelle smaller and a little grammar book, each were only 3 € 50. It was in a store called "Geant Casino" (with an emphasis [Note from Jen: accent!] on the 'e'). When I saw him I thought it was a casino (the same word in English). But I saw people who left the store with food, toys, bags full of other things, then no, it was not a casino. ETTT, the best thing - there was a toilet at the mall (Geant Casino was not the only store - there were others with the clothes I wanted desperetment buy!).

The battle to find the toilet in Aix is terrible. I can not find any toilet in the city, except at my school and home. In general, European countries, there are the toilet with large stores such as Monoprix. But not here. Le sigh. I never asked the restaurant. It's also a shame.

Today I had the bike in the countryside. My adventure was about 40 - 45 km. Since Sunday, It began with a large hill. Not much longer as steep (steep?), But a little steep for many kilometers. If we divide the effort between the day there, and the day return is 75% / 25%. But I like it like that. I think I had an adventure south of the city that this has will be the opposite.

Today after class I went to the march outdoors for the first time. It's much different than walking in Charlottetown - fruits and vegetables at each table. I bought strawberries. They were .. okay. Not bad but not great, for 3 € 50. On Tuesday there are tables to other streets with clothes - a lot of boots! I am glad that I took in a bag outside France ... I need the boots and sweaters ... Umm, because we do not sell these things in Canada, does not it? Uh oh.

Yesterday there was a lot of wind here. It is called "Mistral". I think the wind speed was between 45-65 km / h. It's like PEI: P I wore shorts and short sleeves, and people concerned me. Today it was cold in the morning but the sun was high when the noon is after arrival. The people here are the Pantaloon, the boots, and now manteaus. But not me, it's my last chance to Bronzee my skin.

During my adventure of cycling, I saw sheets stops for permiere time. But they said stop, no stops. There are lights or roundabouts to other intersections. (Carrefour which I look in my dictionary. Cest also the name of another department store here - as the Geant Casino!) Umm, I do the bike at roundabouts. I was scared the first time, but it's not complicated. I think (I hope!) That are confucteurs ... used to ... people with bicycles on the streets.

It's after midnight and I'm Disasters each morning, so I sought my bed maintanence.

[I read what Google decide I said - hilarious. Note to self to not rely on online translators without re-reading the output and applying common sense! I'm hoping it's mostly the programme and my French truly isn't that bad? Could aso be because I don't use accents - they take too much time.]

Good night!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Collines vs. Montagnes

Today velo (bicycle) and I went on an adventure together in the mountains. I called them hills, but my landlady said not to call them hills, people call them mountains. And indeed there were mountains around, but I guess it didn't feel like I was biking up a mountain, just one extremely large hill. I think it took me about a quarter of the time to get back to Aix then it did to get me to wherever it was I went. I probably went only about 35 km or so, but 85% of the effort was put forth going east. As I said, I pretty much sailed home.

Until my bike tire stopped working. I'm not sure how it happened, but after pedalling through the "mountains", downtown in search of a bank machine, and almost all the way home, my back tire shifted at the last intersection (about 10m from my house) and would no longer turn. After some fidgetting, I realised that the tire was rubbing against the chain stay. Not sure how that happened at all. So I bonked around and fixed it, and got a bit messy.

Last night I went to "Monoprix", which I had been to before in different French cities. This was different, however. First, it was massive. It put Super Wal-Mart to shame. Second, it was a freaking zoo. Slightly overwhelming for this Canadian lass. I kind of panicked and hopped off with not so much food, which was fine as it was getting dark. It had a huge grocery section with a bakery, butcher, fromagerie (I don't know if that's a word, but a cheese counter), frozen food, fresh produce, EVERYTHING. Although the entire complex was called Monoprix, it was almost like Monoprix was the anchor of a mall. There was some other smaller stores in hallways: Bata, McDonalds, another bakery type place, random shops.

So, I didn't really expect this, but Aix and environs are great for hiking-type people for short one-day trips. I biked to what I thought was... actually I had no idea what it was. But it turned out to be tonnes of hiking/mountain biking trails ! There was a MASSIVE dam there too, with incredibly blue water. This was when I realised that I was up much higher than I thought - looking down on the Earth below.

Two things I had a hunch would happen before leaving home: 1) Losing sunglasses, and 2) Being mistaken for an Italian. Both happened yesterday. Sunglasses are... somewhere. I think at Monoprix in the parking lot. Cute old man who was blabbering away to me in the line-up where I bought my bike asked if I was Italian. Nope, sorry sir.

Blah blah blah. I'm basically killing time waiting for my Facebook photos to upload.

First day of school tomorrow! Will anyone pack me a lunch?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I cheated in the subject above. There is supposed to be an accent on the 'e', but if you write in all caps you don't need to use accents. Thank you, "A Year in the Merde"!

Today was a bit surreal. I was wandering through the old part of Aix thinking, "This is grungy..." But it's been awhile since I've been in Europe and have been in areas more than, oh, 110 years old. It's actually not grungy, and the city is littered with fountains. Anyone who has travelled with me understands that I greatly appreciate a fountain.

The biggest one is in the middle of a large roundabout, so you can't actually walk up to it, nor are you supposed to.

I was going to go to a market to buy food but chose to sleep through the first half of the day. I slept about 12.5 hours, and had the most ridiculous dreams. I saw the market at about 1:30, and there was crap EVERYWHERE. Leftover food littering the square, vehicles in every available inch (people loading up their crop), cops trying to direct traffic. Intense!

The first hour was a bit intimidating. People everywhere. Speaking French. Oh la la.

When speaking to the man at the tourist office (thought I would have to go outside the city to buy a bike, and was concerned that the highways were the only way home) he said I had good French. Someone else said that too. Here's the tricky thing: I *can* speak decent, comprehensible French, which is misleading, as when you respond, I will have no idea what you are saying. I listen for very key words: oui, non, toilette, gauche, droit, etc. Sentences should be simple: subject, verb, preposition, noun. Adverbs and adjectives are useful for directions or instructions. Otherwise, if they are to make your story more amazing, I am not interested.

Now I shall play on VELO RUE ROUGE. (And here I thought I would be getting the French equivalent of the SuperCycle. Pas mal.)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Secret Thrills of YYZ

Allo mes amis!

Non non.

I have been writing so many emails in French that my brain is turning into mushy French blah blah blah. On the plus side, ecrire-ing many emails in the French has resulted in a temporary home for me.

Places to live are good.

Now I'm in the Toronto Airport, paying astronomical prices to access the vast, vast interweb, confirming my "chambre meublee" (furnished room).

I had a window seat descending into Toronto. It was actually pretty just outside of the city, the quilt of fields, and many trees sprouting (or losing, I suppose) leaves coloured of fire. I also enjoy flying over the ... sigh... not Queensway *thinks intensely* the 401. It's such a smattering of roads and concrete. Lanes of traffic everywhere, overpasses, merge lanes, it thrills the wee geek inside of me that so desperately wanted to be an engineer (specifically to design roller coasters).

I also like flying into Toronto because you can actually *see landmarks*. (At least when flying from the east.) You can see the CN Tower, Roger's Center/Skydome, tall buildings, Toronto Island, etc. It always disappointed me when flying into Orlando that you see... nothing. At least nothing of note considering how many interesting things are scattered throughout the former swamp.

Things of note in Ottawa: a bus "98" exists. Charlene and I rode on it. Had never seen it before. I bought a new camera (but still love my old, broken-zoom camera). I spoke French to Brother's Girlfriend's Mother. She appeared to understand what I was saying. I understood what she was saying [she was intentionally speaking slowly]. I was relieved as after eavesdropping on other French conversations I freaked out about understanding... nothing. Except prepositions. ("Oh, she is something something IN THE something something. How joyous!")

Goals for tomorrow: try not to make an ass out of myself (okay, maybe a little bit), don't miss my train, hope immigration loves me and gives me no hassle, purchase amazing map of Aix, learn ten new French words, AND REMEMBER THOSE FRENCH WORDS. Perhaps even use them in conversation at some point?

Goal for Saturday: purchase amazing bike and begin foray into French culture by biking while carrying a baguette and puppy dog. Not get too lost more than four times. Try not to cry when so lost that I wind up in Spain. (Just kidding! Who would EVER cry about being in SPAIN?)

I watched Big Fish w/ Charlene last night. It's so hard to describe how that movie makes me feel... special and wonderful. I think it should make everyone feel special and wonderful, and realise the love that exists in the world among family, friends, co-workers, EVERYONE.

So that's it folks. Au revoir Canada! Je voyagerai a la France en une heure. Time to write another chapter :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Things You Write on Airplanes that Make No Sense

Once, a long time ago, I was on a plane. That plane departed at 6:00am (9:00am PEI time). I had started flying at 6:30 the previous night, had many flight changes due to weather, and had "slept" in an airport for a wee smidgen after arriving at, oh, 2:00am.

I was trying to stay awake on the morning flight, and among the gabs of absolute garbage I had wrote was this gem:

"Am melting now. Need Mr. Kool-Aid Man to save me. Or Sprite Dot. Hair makes neck warm. Jen turns into a puddle of mush and is mopped up and becomes one with a sink of dirty water. Air making nose feel funny. Dry. Want to stick moist baby carrots in each nostral."

And later...

"Need dairy/calcium. Teeth feel like they may fall out. Hope they don't - quite enjoy having all my teeth. Except wisdom teeth (may change name to Wizardon teeth for fun), never grew those, I guess."

And wrote about what people would write about me if I stood up, since I was making stories up about the people that were standing up.


Also wrote about how I had missed out on free liquor on previous flight (flight was delayed, people felt bad, alcohol flowed) because I had fell asleep at had become confused since it was probably 1am PEI time.

Eventually I write, during another flight a few weeks later, how airplane air makes my brain a little kooky. Annnnd, understatement.

Coo Coo!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Biggest Regret EVER

I'm supposed to be cleaning up my room and packing but... *looks at tornado of stuff strewn across room*
... but I found old journals! So very distracting. And it must be said, I was streeeeessed in late January 2008. I come off like a nutter by what I wrote. Even I acknowledge that when February rolled in! Hee. Also, March 2008 rocked the body that rocked the party.

So, reoccurring themes that come up in my scrawlings:

1) Job is "fine", but PEI leaves me feeling empty. I was writing that in December 2007 - almost two years ago! Oh boy, talk about being too lazy to make the changes I wanted. Or too indecisive, more likely.

2) Saying yes can be hard, but is important. Saying no is too easy, but should be avoided. Still agree. (Exceptions being, "You should drive off that cliff." "Yes.")

3) Title line of blog post ... my biggest regret EVER:
Not seeing Beauty and the Beast on Broadway.

Can someone please put this production back on broadway? It would be ever so helpful in resolving my Peter Pan complex. And this time, as per point two, I will say yes.

Mini review of this weekend's "Wine and Hand-crafted Ale Festival".
Seriously, it was much smaller than last year, but the same price.

Booths ran out of product much too early, some more than an hour before shut-down time. The event was only three hours long. Kind of pathetic. By about fifteen/twenty mins before closing, there was no liquor left in the whole place. Either that or all booths had decided to cut off my friends and I. (No.)

Unless I missed it COMPLETELY, there was no where to buy the product.

On much more positive notes:
1) Mini margaritas - my heart beat strongly for you that night.

2) Mini fajitas - my stomach so wanted to make out with them.

3) Social fun - My comrades and I had oodles of fun, I talked to strangers, rambled to people I knew distantly through others, etc.

4) Knowing the results of Wrestlemania VI can make you a rockstar. Thank you, Older Brother!

Also, I decided I'm giving up vending machines. Stat. The amount of money I pour into them out of boredom at work and, "But I just need a sugar rush to get through the next four hours!" is a bit pathetic. And, umm, apparently chocolate bars aren't good for you.

They don't sell chocolate bars in France, right? No bakeries either, I except. Maybe this will be the first time I move out of the country and *don't* come back 20-lbs heavier. Heeeeeeeeeeeh. *crosses fingers, knocks on wood, etc.*

Also, did I ever tell you speaking French terrifies me? ... this should be interesting.

*Jen spends the next two months communicating by overexagerated hand gestures*


I have managed to listen to the entire White Album, which was supposed to be some sort of clean-room time limit. Instead I got through the whole thing while writing this and reading old writings. Nice Jen, nice.


Sexy factor of bedroom: -4.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Stretching out Sunday

The sooner I go to bed, the sooner the weekend ends :(

I started sorting things in my room tonight for next week's departure. This resulted in the following finds:

- About 8,000 bobby pins. I can now give all of Charlottetown fancy up-dos!
- Pennies. Pennies EVERYWHERE.
- $5.00 bill
- Receipts. A kazillion of them.

Receipts are kind of fun, they are like a history book. As per usual when I look through receipts, I noted some trends: I go to Hunter's Ale House too much (though less frequent as of late) and appear to have a unique love of Nibs. I can also tell when I bought things for other people, or for sharing fun (nacho chips in mid August - someone else bought the walking nacho dip). I also found all my receipts from Hawai'i shoved into a random drawer. It made me heart long for the place where I clearly belong.

There are so many French words I don't know. I'm trying to get into the mindset of speaking a language in which I'm not so skilled, so I think to myself in French a lot. I present to you a short list of words for which I do not know the French equivalent:
- Bathing suit
- Leader
- Election
- Party (not fete, but like a governing party)
- Gravy
- The letters Y and Z
- Any body part that teachers would not want to teach a bunch of seventh graders
- Kangaroo
- Brakes
- Knife/fork
- Aisle (as in, "Aisle or window seat, pretty lady?")

And so very many more.

In one week from now I'll be freaking out in my bedroom, likely at my parents house depending on if I can successfully sublet my room.

Mongolia has been mentioned in conversations with two people recently. Is Mongolia the new hot spot? Or the new "standard place everyone knows of but knows nothing about it"? My general knowledge about Mongolia is from Long Way Round, and me drooling everytime Ewan McGregor scottishly said, "Road of bones."

"We're heading toward the Road of Bones."
*Jen giggles lightly*
"We're almost at the Road of Bones!"
*Jen fans self off*
"We just arrived at the Road of Bones."
*Jen makes-out with television screen*

These events may be slightly over-exagerated as the series was mostly watched with at-the-time boyfriend. Snogging the tv screen could had been inappropriate. I thought I was very clever. "I am renting a documentary about motorcycles and biking around the world." I made it sound so man-ish and non-chick-flick, thus becoming the best girlfriend ever (okay, faux-girlfriend, I'm a relationship-phobe due to my indecisive nature). And while the entire series would still be incredible regardless of the thumbs-up appearance of the leads/hosts, upping the sexy factor of any documentary-series is always a good idea.

Also a good idea: saying "Road of Bones" with Scottish accent. FYI.

Speaking of accents, the Massachusetts/Rhode Island (they are quite similar) accents made me smile while in New England. They also made me think because, ancestor wise, those who eventually populated PEI are from similar regions to those who initially popular the New England states. With that noted, why are our accents so remarkably different? I suspect the New England states were actually more English, and us more Irish and Scottish (hello Mac). So the folk in Boston and environs drop the R from words, and we over emphasize it (perhaps we want to sound like pirates?).

Bostonian: "I'm taking my caahh to the baahh.
Islander: "I'm taking my carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

And for the record, only FIVE people died in the Boston Massacre. But that's a tale for another day because I have to get up for work in 5.5 hrs.

Also, I blew the crap out of my tire Friday night. I ran over a nail. As it was dark, I didn't know what I hit, just sank. I noticed the next morning. It was wedged in perfectly, like someone was nailing pieces of wood together. I decided just to start fresh and toss the tube... It already had, like, four patch jobs. And I tossed another tube that had sadly split at the valve.

Yawn, et, la fin.