Thursday, January 18, 2007

The highlight of my day was getting my transcript from UPEI. Not only did it have my marks on it, but it also had the class average from each class I took. I was smack on the average for two of my English classes, and the rest of my classes were above the average! The highlight was Math 111 - I got 99% (*cough* nerd) and the avearge was 65%.

Interestingly, the median for Intro. Accounting I was 78%. (This keener got 90% ;) ) The median fell rather dramatically for Intro Accounting II: 57%!! What happened, former classmates? I"m sure the switch I made from Dave Adams to Ab Ferris really didn't make THAT big of a deal as the exams, midterm and assignments were the same for both professors. I was also smack on the average in Project Management in fourth year. I believe that to be irrelevant as it was a sorry excuse for a class, and I'm pretty sure I gave that class the worst course evaluation EVER. I won't get into it now, except I have noted that the course has been offered again at UPEI. Hopefully they fixed it up and made it into something worth paying for than $3.00 for.

Time to make supper!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jen gets frustrated because the alignment on one of her resumes gets throw off. It was initally drafted on Shan's laptop in Edinburgh, and I made many alterations but forgot to change the page type. A4 paper is useless here! Ahhh!!!

Yesterday and today I was looking at some job openings with the Feds. There were a few that I know I'm qualified for that are openining up in the National Capital Region. However, you have to live within 125-km of Ottawa to be eligible!!! Quoi? I mean, we're all Canadians, aren't we? =(

I also found a couple of jobs that one must qualify for EI in order to apply. I do not quality for EI as I was living the US and working for an American company. However, I may be eligible for the American version of EI?! Hmm, something to look into. I worked in the US for longer than 52 continuous weeks... Hee hee! Thank goodness I had that last-minute extension ;)

Well, my goal to be in bed by 12.30 failed. Here's going for a 1.30 fallback!

Friday, January 12, 2007

I haven't written here in awhile, eh? Well, over Christmas I tried to keep myslf as busy as possible since friends were home for the holidays adnd there was no use keeping still! Let's do a brief recap.

Fri, Dec 22 - most fabulous house party EVER! The beer pong table investment was well worth it. And our oparty had a random German, which was nice as I haven't seen random Germans since my Disney days.

Sat 23rd - go to Aunt Jean's for late lunch for Dixon Christmas thing and spend the evening at Sarah Keith's house at a party that reminded me very much of grade twelve!

Sun 24th - go to Grammy's last afternoon into the evening. Play texas hold 'em poker with the fam. Brother gets home mid afternoon after a gongshow of a drive home.

Mon 25th - "So this is Christmas" open presents, eat ridiculous amounts of food, have Grammy in for lunch, then go to the Cameron's for dinner. Come home and play more cards.

Tue 26th - Boxing day! Have Kolawski's over, go to Kelly and Laura's for party, then to 223 NR Rd for another party. Then to Piazza Joe's for some classy dancing before waiting forever and a half for a cab downtown with Mr. Brother.

Wed 27th - Brunch at Cora's with Lynda, Candace and Heidi. Try on bridesmaid dresses. Sit in parking lot at Civic Centre for a long time. Watch Little Miss Sunshine in the evening with Shan, Kiki, Heidi and Jannie.

Thu 28th - Hmm... I don't remember. Oh, oh, oh! Went to play pool with Keri and Kat, then went to NR Rd, then to Hunter's... Tried to find Shan in the mess of Ch'town but could not so went home. And Brother goes home :(

Fri 29th - Uh oh... Heidi's last night! Start out at 223 NR Rd (of course) and eventually find our way to ODP.

Sat 30th - Farmer's Market in the morning, say bye to Heidi and buy stuff for dinner the following night. Then have a , gasp, low-key night.

Sun 31st - help parents prepare massive quantities of delicous food and then head to NR Rd for a lovely, multi-course supper with Shan, Malcolm, Jill, Jannie, and Hannah. Then party with lots of folk, because it's New Years Eve! I also have a slight mope fest as 7/8 of my friends are in other parts of the world and I can't see them, and don't know when I will see them again. Sad.

Mon Jan 1st - go to gym to find ppl are doing a 5-km RUN the morning after New Years Eve. Wow. Then have MacPhail family over and have a grand ole time playing balloon volleyball. Woohoo!

The end. Then I moved to 223 North River Road on the 3rd, because I spend so much time here anyway. ha!

I am now also jobless. Brilliant, eh? I am becoming very good at being lazy which makes me sad. Being lazy has snowball effect. First you are a little lazy, and suddenly moving more then three feet a day seems like such a challenge. So I spend my days slowly applying for jobs. Yesterday I watched a ridiculous amount of tv. Generally I do not watch a lot of tv, but something happened yesterday. I just sunk into a chair in the livingroom and become one with it. We bonded. We watched just over four hours of tv (not all at once) and then felt disgusted with ourselves afterwards. However, the chair didn't really convey these emotions although I'm sure it was feeling them. We watched Jersey Girl last night which I secretly kind of enjoyed. Well, the first 2/3 of it. Then I found my mind trailing a bit.

Well, that's all. I'm going to try slugging through the slush to walk downtown now. Mope.