Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dirty Floor

You know, there is nothing like being sick to make you notice how badly your bathroom floor needs to be sweeped. Seriously. Yesterday I had an incredibly sick day that involved the fetal position, collapsing dramatically on the bathroom floor, and going down the stairs backwards because I determined it used less energy and was less likely to make me dizzy.

Beware - this definitely falls into the 'too much info' category

Yes, so vomitting has a very consistent pattern with me. Right before it happens, I feel like the temperature has shot up to 48C. Then I puke bunches in the toilet, and dramatically collapse on the floor, sweating, panting, and a tear-stained face. I eventually struggle to stand up, and return to the bed and sprawl out. In a few minutes I start freezing and return to the fetal position, rock back and forth, and try to fall asleep. Exciting. Anyway, during the various "collapse on bathroom floor" events, I noticed that the bottom of our toilet is dirty, and there is a lot of hair on the floor because Sheena and I both shed like wooly beasts. It kind of irked me. To the point I almost thought of cleaning. However, wasting energy like that would not have been efficient as standing was currently even too much to master.

I still have no desire to eat or drink anything, but have concerns about dehydration. I've been eating some freezees, but those were inadvertantly locked away at work as the kitchen was locked while I was in a meeting. Very tragic story.

In wonderful news, the damage to my car in my most recent mishap was... *drumroll* only $40.00!!!! I could have kissed the wonderful man at The Muffler Centre. But I didn't. Should I have? Hmm... Could have saved me another few dollars, potentially.

It's a little blustery outside tonight. I remember telling guests when working in FL how PEI generally no longer has White Christmases due to changes in weather patterns and global warming. Wow, foot in mouth on that one. Lots of snow around, we even had a snow day last week!!! That's one thing that is wonderful about working at UPEI, if classes are cancelled, it's a snowday for employees as well! However, I don't get paid for snow days. Sad. Well, in theory I could have worked, but bumming around and giggling in the snow was a far more favourable option.

If winter stays at this level I'll be okay. I'm just nervous because I remember the excessive cold at various stages of last winter... The cold that makes you consider not leaving the house because it isn't worth the effort to put on thirty layers of clothing but still get blasted by the cold.

In Maine I bought a wonderful pair of winter boots that are serving me quite well. For $40 I feel like I can kick through any snow drift - as long as there isn't a wall of ice enclosed. I believe that would just lead to some sort of cracked ankle.

FYI for the all the hungry Charlottetownies out there - the veggie gyro at Churchill Arms is probably one of the worst meals I have ever eatened at a restaurant. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's kind of funny, generally if I have a couple of bad experiences at a restaurant I don't go back, but I keep returning to Churchill's. Earlier this summer I waited over 45 mins for my chicken sandwich (by this point everyone else at my table HAD FINISHED EATING) because, get this, the cook refused to COOK MY FOOD BECAUSE HE/SHE WAS ANGRY AT MY SERVER. I found this out afterwards from someone I now who works there. Seriously. Anyway, me thinks we need to find a curry alternative (Leo's Thai?! it's good!) because the Churchill's thing is getting old. Charlottetown, considering its size, actually has many good restaurants with an impressive variety of food. So I am temporary ix-naying Churchill's, two-for-one curry or otherwise. Sigh, I wish Bahama Breeze would open a restaurant here. I would DIE of happiness for a salmon tostada salad or an Aruba Red beer. Oooh, or a Koi. Erin, Kerri, and I ate there in LA and it was ridiculously delicious. Anyway, Ms. Stomach is making awful swirly, twisted feelings/noises so I am off to bed.