Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rollercoaster.. of Looooove

Remember the song "Roller coaster of Love" from the soundtrack of "Beavis and Butthead do America"?

Ha ha haaaa... Ugh. In a conversation with me lovely mum about the latest ex-stress (holy f**k), I said, "Feeling like you have to break up with the same person 308,432 times is very emotionally draining." "It's very much a roller coaster..." "Yes, but not one of those awesome ones, one of those shoddy wooden ones that I hate."

You know, the wooden roller coasters that just go up and down, and you can feel slightly sway in the wind? And you look down the side of the track and see screws dribbling down the sides and termites munching away. To quote me mum, "Sometimes you feel like you won't survive the fall."

I've been on the same roller coaster for practically 1.5 years. Going around and around and around. And I did get off more then once. But then I would trip, fall back into the car, WITHOUT A SAFETY RESTRAINT - GASP!!! So dangerous. No real blame to the other party involved, as I am responsible for my own poor decisions.

On a happier note, there is a boy playing at the daycare outside my window (entertainment A++++++, like an excessive eBay sellers rating). The boy is pushing a plastic toy vacuum cleaner on the grass and it's pretty much making my day. Hey, if that boy wants to vacuum, I have a floor right ready for it!

Also, c'est mon papa's anniversaire aujourd'hui. Bonne fete Papa! (Et non, mon papa n'est pas francophone... J'aime parler en francais des fois.)

I let housemate Shawn borrow my bike last night. Immediately I started panicking - it was like I gave my child up for adoption. But then I realised it was actually more like letting your kid stay with his/her aunt or uncle for the afternoon.

Bicyclette was returned unharmed :)

Fish inventory: 1

Fish to replace: 1

Work to do: loads, so I shall return to that.

Goal(s) for the day: (1) be excessively animated and wave my arms around a lot which will elevate my cuteness factor to level 11 - EXTREME, (2) send off my passport application (got my pics done last night and.. I actually kind of like them, given their mugshot qualities), (3) send Erin's cd (I promise I will do this today :) <3), (4) work hard so I can take three hours off on Friday to go to the beach and rub sand all over myself and act dog-like by rolling in the sand and barking at other dogs. What?

*waves arms around animatedly*

Woohoo hump day!

(Just got asked if I wanted to work this weekend.. gay laughter ensued. Hardy har har!)

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