Friday, November 30, 2007


Brought to you buy the weather network...

"From Friday Evening to Saturday Afternoon we expect close to 10cm of snow." [in Charlottetown].

Deep breath. And here we go. Welcome to winter. I can't believe it's winter again already. The winter better go over better than last year or I will have to turn into a snow bird at a dreadfully early age.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Spam, much?

Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!

This evening I spammed MYSELF over 8000 emails.

Genius, thy name is Jennifer.

I was doing a mass emailing at work for a tourism study we are doing for the province. I'm quite new to this, and no one from my team has done it before, so I just kind of went at it on my own. After a disastorous day trying to get it done on Friday, today was the day. With my nifty Excel ad-on, I could conquer the world! or not. I wanted a copy of the email that was to go out, so I selected this wee button that would bcc me on the email.

Unfortunately that meant EVERY email. Hmm. So for about three hours my inbox filled repeatedly with the same, wonderful email over and over and over and over and over and over and over (repeat by 8500) again. I laughed. Because what else can you do? :)

Sometimes learning lessons the hard way ensures you will never, ever make the mistake again.

I also made the foolish decision to "notify"... which turns out that when the panelist opens the invite email, I get an email explaining in great detail that, zut alors, the email had been opened! So me thinks that is what I have to look forward to over the next couple of days.

La fin.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Phones for You, Phones for Me !

I'm going to post lots about this later, but quite the USD-CAD exchange rate, eh?

So noting this new strength of the Canadian dollar, I'm convinced we have to pay more for [some] goods/services just to have the honour of being labelled a Canadian. Case in point for this lovely Sunday afternoon:

$49.99 mobile phone from Virgin in the US.

$49.99 mobile phone from Virgin in CANADA.

Sigh. I would rather buy an American phone. However, I assume it wouldn't work in Canada, as I currently have an American Virgin mobile and it's rather useless here. My US phone is about one step down from the link posted for the Canadian phone. The only real different is my US phone has a black and white screen, and the phone is a nicer colour. Oh, and it was $49.99 cheaper, because it was free provided you purchased $20 in phone credit.

One may argue that the taxes make up some of the difference. However, all prices listed are BEFORE taxes.

Oh, and my first mobile was a Virgin phone from the UK. That was a few years ago, so I can't remember how much I paid. But now, for the equivalent of $50 CAD, you can get this phone, or for about $10 cheaper, this phone.

These all pay-as-you-go phones, I'm quite aware that one can get substantially better phones for cheaper when signing up for a three-year plan in Canada. But wow, three years is a long time. Although perhaps I'm just a wee bit of a Canada-committment phobe.