Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top Island in the World

The Guardian recently reported that Cape Breton (NS) has been named one of the top five islands in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

The same day, the Guardian changed its online poll to ask, "Cape Breton has been voted the third-best island in the world by readers of Travel and Leisure magazine. P.E.I. didn't make that list. Which island do you think should be #1?"

There are two options: Cape Breton, and PEI.

What a ridiculous question. There are only two options - neither of which were designated the top island in the world (which was Bali, followed by Galapagos, then Cape Breton). There is no option to input a different island. Oh, Guardian. Its webpolls are often faulty and bizarre and leaving no room for a middle ground.

My stomach feels weird and there is a fruit fly in my office.

I need to go goldfish shopping tomorrow.

Yawn. Wish I was outside.

PS ~ Happy birthday Erin :)

PPS ~ I changed my phone settings to French instead of English. It's supposed to help me learn. We'll see.

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