Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pre-spring fever

I am getting excited for spriiiiing!!! There hasn't been a cloud in the sky all week and I love it. Temperatures are about seasonal (just hovering below freezing during the warmest part of the day), I can bike for more than a half hour without freezing, the roads are clear of snow, and I'm convinced Soft Stranger will show up any day now.

I re-newed my gym membership last Friday for a month. I have went once. Saturday I went outside with Hannah instead, and Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I went for a bike ride. I have started wearing what I refer to as my "stomping" boots for biking. My toes no longer freeze, but the soles are a bit thick and my feet keep slipping so the pedal is under the arch of my foot making for difficult biking. I also have one rather cracked and one slightly cracked pedal. Not sure if this is related to the awkward boot biking or not. I'm looking very forward to biking in sneakers again soon. I'm half contemplating going the clipless pedal route and buying delightfully geeky bike shoes, but it seems kind of silly this time of year because my feet would likely still be cold and I think the mud and water would get all over the pedals, freeze, and create havic with my "skillz". Yes, I have because so efficient at pushing down on pedals I have classified myself as having "skillz". (No, not really.)

My ride on Sunday left Bicyclette in a muddy, icey mess. A friend and I initially went downtown, and all was mostly good on the roads. Then we hopped on the Confed Trail and proceeded to cover our bikes in mud. Mud is half fine, but the issue was the water in the mud was freezing to the bike. Kind of screws up your brakes (good argument for disk brakes, I don't think they would be quite so bad), and I couldn't use most of my gears by the end of it. Bicyclette and I had a dumping-hot-water-on-bike party once I got home. Of course, then I go and do the same thing the following day. Heh. Brakes are fine, but I still can't shift onto the smallest ring for my, umm, front gears (I'm sure there is a better term for this - "smallest ring on my front cassette"???). I'm pumped for Bicyclette's spring tune-up, but I don't really want to get it yet because I'm sure it will snow again (Sunday - sigh) and everything will get gucked up again multiple times. Maybe early April. Also, my chain got a bit rusty over winter (oops) but excessive amounts of lube seem to do the trick. La la la.

In EXCELLENT news, today I wore SNEAKERS on my walk to work! It truly was very exciting. I also wore only one pair of pants and two shirts under my coat. And I was still a sweaty mess by the time I arrived at UPEI! I also haven't wore 'full' pants to work yet this week. Well, I wear them on the way (am doing the biking/walking thing, Wee Red is unhappy and going through a mid-life crisis), but once here I have been sporting capris and skirts. People ask why I am dressed for summer. I tell them I dress for winter for only three or four months of the year and the time is up. Exercising to work definitely helps warm you up anyway, so I like to ride the warm train for the day.

Except right now, I'm starting to get goosebumps. Shh, don't tell. Luckily have other layer to add on top

I love the time change.

I've been contemplating a move to Vancouver-land, but am slightly apprehensive now due to the lack of sunlight. As mentioned above, I haven't seen a cloud in a few days and I love love love it! In Vancouver I think I saw the blue sky for a few minutes my second day there. Hmm, very concerning. Will have to research weather stats to find the location most suited to me (HAWAI'I).

I'm excited for when I can just wear one bottom layer for biking. Putting on so much clothing is getting annoying.

I am going to work now. After I take a few minutes to channel the Spirit of Aloha and let it run through my veins.

I really want to watch Lilo and Stitch. And multiple 'animated features'. Does the bright blue of the sky trigger an association in my brain with the bright colours of cartoons? Curious.