Friday, July 03, 2009

The Jenga Blocks of Life

This morning while laying in bed with a hazey head still full of sleepiness, I was thinking about life in general. Nothing too deep. But it occurred to me that life is similar to Jenga, pictured to the right. I feel like you start off with half a tower, and build higher as you learn new things. As you make errors, blocks are removed and put up higher, creating instability. In my version of Life Jenga, you would get the option of taking those additional top blocks, and putting them back in the middle for support. Maybe you can even borrow blocks from a friend, but those can last only so long until the friend needs them back to support his/her own tower.

What happens when the tower/life you built comes crashing down? I guess things could get a little messy, but there is always hope to rebuild, start all over again.

I feel my game of Jenga is going well. Although obviously I would have sparkly orange, red, and yellow blocks, not those silly wood varnished ones. Gosh I am deep and serious today.


Stephen Brun said...

So this was a 'not too deep' reflection this morning? Mainly I just think about whether I should shave or not.

Jen said...

Oh God, see, I would never considering shaving in the morning so it leaves my brain free to pick at other things :P