Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oh my God... our a/c isn't working and I'm pretty sure this climatized Canadian is melting. Soon we will just have a puddle of Jen.

Time to sleep on the bath tub and fill it with ice cubes.

Tonight was my last serving shift. I tried during my Oh Canada. On your last dinner shift you stand in on the fireplace in the restaurant. Someone makes a little speach explaining how we are down here for only year and are basically each others family. Then we sing O' Canada together. Brad did my speach, and did a lovely job. And I couldn't sing because I was busy tearing up. When I tried to sing I just had a lump in my throat... =( So very sad... but at the same time, it doesn't seem like it's really happening. Apparently the lady at the table closest to us was crying right along with me!

And I'm done. Wow. I really can't believe this. It's so sad.... if I didn't have such a nice vacation to look forward to I would be a bloody mess. Instead I'm a mess because I'm melting. Icky Jen.