Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tyre (aka: tire)

Oh, bike tyres, how you baffle me.

I had one flat last year on Bicyclette.

This WEEK, I have had THREE! Last Sunday night (which I actually did find a sharp rock shard/piece of glass wedged in my back tyre), Friday evening (found my back tyre to be completely flat on Saturday morning), and yet again Saturday evening.


I know how to change a tyre, and have done so before successfully. I think it was just a stroke of bad luck.

No. 1 - rock/glass wedged into tyre
No. 2 - ??? i don't know, I can't find the hole in the tube, but do know it's there because I pumped up the tube and let it sit overnight to see if it would deflate. If it did not, that means there is something wrong with my rim or actual tyre. Tyre deflated overnight.
No. 3 - this was the first tube, which I patched. But I think I did a shoddy job of patching the tube. Re-patched this morning and so far... success! I also didn't inflate my tube as much, which feels crappy, but anyway.

I think things are okay... I checked the tyre and it seems fine. I looked to see if any spokes had pushed their way through the rim and no.

So yeah... I don't know. A series of unfortunate events, I suppose.

I finally finished reading 'Long Way Down' and would like to go to Africa, please.

Unrelated, but I'm a little in love with my tan. The tan lines are awkward, and I have this horrible urge to show them to people (note to self: don't do that !) but, alas, do not. Couple things to work on: white feet (from wearing sneakers when biking), and weird back tan line, also from biking.

Things that rock: my white bum. Makes me giggle.

I think my brain is disconnected from the rest of me today. When biking it felt like my legs were malfunctioning, and now I'm in my room giggling loudly at an msn conversation with my Darlin' Charlin'.

Disconnected brain may explain disconnected blog, with no real purpose.

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Darlin' Charlin' said...

I'm in your post!!!

That made me giggle out loud!

I think I'll have kettle corn now...mmmmm