Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh, apparently it's Summer.

Oh, hello, two-month hiatus.

It's summer. Anyone who knows me well and was eagerly awaiting a charming post should have read that sentence (reference: "It's summer") and nodded knowingly. Of course! Maki's summers are filled with the outdoors, adventure, adopting starving children, and eating strawberries. As people fill the Island (friends!!!), the writer fills her social schedule to the brink of explosion (explosion = dangereux). This serves multiple purposes:
1) I like my friends, I like to see them, some are not around often, so when they are here, I see them. (=Logic).
2) I'm hoping to OD on social life so I won't notice the intense sucking vacuum noise that the world makes when post-Labour Day life crashes through the door. Autumn is kind of like checking into a seniors home. Acknowledgment of an upcoming evil (winter).
3) Blog fodder. All of which I apparently ignored in my head. I swear it is all stored up there in me wee head somewhere, and I'll write it out in September and October, when too many people move/go away/return to lives somewhere else. Then they will miss me immensely and invite me to move in with them, and the world will smile again.

Good Things that have Recently Happened:

- Free breakfast at Subway
- Free leftovers at School of Business from event previous day
- Found discarded orange lipgloss in parents basement. Mine from a couple of years ago. Finally I can be super happy fun pretty again!
- Found favourite nose rings in parents basement. Parents basement = mine of wonderful things
- Found pink shirt that I thought was in parents basement, but had actually been wrapped up in tiny packing fashion and in a piece of luggage in my room.
- New pedals for Lady Velo, and new cycling shoes for me. Minor con: foot is weird and tingly after 175-km biking extravaganza almost two weeks ago.
- People are hooome!
- Accidentally adopted a cat
- People are visiting!
- Purchased green mascara. I live life in technicolour.
- Beach, water, playing, splashing, laughing, etc.

And now, she works. This is basically the post equivalent of when you go on vacation, but have to sneak into work to pick up something you forgot, but then someone notices you and asks a question. You answer reluctantly while slowly backing towards the door. Then you fake a coughing fit and dart out of the building while applying sunscreen for your afternoon adventure.

Oh... cough cough... bye.