Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Tales of the Sky

Tonight my papa drove me home after his mini birthday fete. When we were putting my bike on the bike rack in the driveway, he pointed at the bizarre sky, which I have captured in an artists rendition below.

Please, refrain from collectively gasping and dropping your wine in awe at my artistic skills. I will give you a moment to collect yourself and dry the tears of emotion from your eyes.

Anyway, bird's eye view. Greyish square on bottom is my parents' house. When I looked up to the sky, almost directly above us were five thin strips of cloud which appeared to be starting from the same point and darting out from each other. Almost like five planes took off from the same place and flew, heading out, 30 degrees from each other. Then, off to the far right, was a bright, detailed full moon with a very thin strip of whispy cloud below it.

Apparently I liked the sky tonight. I rambled to Housemate Shawn about it upon my home arrival and apparently feel the need to share it with the entire blogosphere - all five of my loyal readers. I love you all! *bows*

PS ~ I got my Papa a wheelburrow for his b'day. Best. Daughter. EVER. Also learned how to spell "wheelborrow"... almost.. I can't remember anymore. I spent awhile googling "wheel barrel". Bless my deaf ears... bless.

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