Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taste the Rainbow!

I just found an almost empty bag of Skittles in my desk drawer!

Key: the bag still has, like, ten Skittles in it. Oooh, happy DANCE!

Unrelated to Skittles, but related to candy in general, I am convinced peanut butter M&Ms contain very magical properties of energetic bliss. (Chemical: Ru3Pb2YUMo - which is
Ruthenium lead yttrium uranium molybdenum - OR - Are you Peanut Butter?! YUMMO!!!)

Thank goodness I studied chemistry so intensely in high school.

Back to the point of this... So I biked with Hannah for a wee bit until, umm, she got a flat, because apparently *everything* I touched now proceeds to flatten. Reminder to self to not to touch my chest, inadvertently reversing the effects of puberty.

We arrive back to Ch'town and I do a mad biking dash to the Bulk Barn (true love) to buy some peanut butter M&Ms. I ate some, and proceeded to bomb through the city like a mad women with rockets for wheels. Many kilometres later, I went home, because I thought I should despite thoroughly enjoying my biking and singing adventure. Sweaty delicious mess, I was. Then I passed out solid in front of my fan for two hours, stripped of my sweaty clothes, then awoke by faint noises and the fact I had started shivering from the milliletres of sweat sticking to my skin, hair, lips, eyelashes, etc.

I'm supposed to stop taking two hour naps that late in the evening. Waking up from a nap at 12:30 is awkward, particularly as the brain hits into gear and thinks, "You have to shower you crazy sweaty girl! Lick yourself, you taste funny!" or "You forgot to eat supper and ate a small supply of candy instead! You suck!"

I bought a book last weekend on Greek mythology. I need to get into it very soon, perhaps post work in the sun.

And... work some more. Le sigh. J'ai besion d'une nap.

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Shannon Courtney said...

Biking + bulk barn = ooooh lalala.

Your blogs always make me smile, this one made me salivate.