Friday, July 17, 2009

Lights out!

I was going to title this "Lights out... on FUN!" but that sounds so terribly un-optimistic and sad. So simply "lights out" shall suffice.

The street lights don't work in Victoria Park. Mais pourquoi? Je ne sais pas. The last couple of nights I have biked through have been pitch black, bless my wee bike light. I don't know if they turn on when cars go through, but I don't think so. There are no houses around to provide light. Woods/unlit tennis courts on one side, the sea on the other. Given the number of other people who bike through (WHO SHOULD GET LIGHTS OR REFLECTORS ON THEIR BIKES SO I DON'T ALMOST COLLIDE WITH THEM!!!) or are running/walking on the boardwalk after the sun sets, one would except the period street lamps to function. Are my demands too high?


Brother comes home today. Exciting! And he is bringing his Lovely Lady Friend. Also very exciting!

I sent out a survey online today for work and someone filled in the survey, then emailed me seven times with additional ramblings. Sometimes only four words per email.

Sometimes I get tired of bars charging cover, particularly for trivia. Take Hunter's for example. Last night I went there post work, had a couple of bevvies and some food. Left at about 8:30 to go home and get some stuff, go for wee bike ride. Go back at 10:00. Nope, have to pay to get in. Paying for the privilege of paying for a drink. Band likely wouldn't start for a couple of hours. Kind of a PEI thing.

I should just go home now before it starts pouring.

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