Monday, June 29, 2009

With a Smile and a Song

I used to be hilarious!

My level of happiness is directly related to the amount I sing. Judging by the stylish vocals coming from my delightful windpipes, I am gosh darned thrilled with life. It also helps distract me when biking up big hills. I came up with some delightful versus in both English AND French of the song "John Jacob Dingle Schneider Smith". Or similar. I don't know the name past the first two words because I was deaf and confused as a child and played the "sounds like" game a lot.

John Jacob joieabo bw jkeek Smith,
His name is my name too!
Whenever we go out,
The people always yell,
Fa lala lalallallaallallaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Delightful tune.

I'm supposed to go group biking tonight. The wind is completely freaking out outside. Easily over 30 km/hr, particularly at the University.

I miss physics and the very special differences between velocity and speed, and displacement versus distance. Whoever decided to give me the physics award in high school would be very disappointed with me right now and the overall lack of intense physics discussions that take place.

And back to work. It's actually a very busy day even though half my team is off on vacation.

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