Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Chart this day

10:22 - I am feeling awake! This is very exciting as I haven't been able to fall asleep earlier than 2:00am lately. Dragging myself out of bed has been very, very difficult, but I have still managed to get to work at 8:45 the past two days. Impressive!

10:47 - I just got an emailing saying "You're the best, thanks Jennifer!"
Question: who is the best?
Answer: Apparently, Jen Mac is the best! (?!)

11:42 - I am bored and want to eat. I'm writing a report on first-time versus repeat travel parties to PEI. The excitement is surely mounting.

11:48 - I want to go out for lunch. I didn't really bring a lunch. Perhaps a journey to the SuperStore is required to purchase sushi.

12:20 - I'm getting tired and my eyeballs are starting to hurt.

Hee hee:
from Is a degree in homeopathy a sick joke?

Mumbo-jumbo and barmpots: A glossary of Magic Medicine

Homeopathy: giving patients medicines that contain no medicine whatsoever.
Herbal medicine: giving patients an unknown dose of an ill-defined drug, of unknown effectiveness and unknown safety.
Acupuncture: a rather theatrical placebo, with no real therapeutic benefit in most, if not all, cases.
Chiropractic: an invention of a 19th-century salesman, based on nonsensical principles: shown to be no more effective than other manipulative therapies, but less safe.
Reflexology: plain old foot massage, overlaid with utter nonsense about non-existent connections between your feet and your thyroid gland.
Nutritional therapy: self-styled “nutritionists” making untrue claims about diet in order to sell you unnecessary supplements.
Spiritual healing: tea and sympathy, accompanied by arm-waving.
Reiki: ditto.
Angelic reiki: the same but with added “angels, ascended masters and galactic healers”. Excellent for advanced fantasists.
Colonic irrigation: a rectal obsession that fails to rid you of toxins which you didn’t have in the first place.
Anthroposophical medicine: invention of the mystic barmpot, Rudolf Steiner, for whom nothing whatsoever seems to strain credulity.
Alternative diagnosis: kinesiology, iridology, vega test, etc: various forms of fraud, designed to sell you cures that don’t work, for problems you haven’t got.
Any alternative “therapist” who claims to cure Aids or malaria: agent of culpable homicide.

1:32 - I just learned a new word! Pedantic. I like it :)

2:03 - there is a conference being held in our building and I swear the people pretty much eat constantly. I don't think breakfast is served, but there is a break at about 10:30 with 'morning pastries', coffee, juice, etc. Then they have lunch (today: crepes, salad, cookies and other such desserts), and the catering folk are currently downstairs setting up for the next break. You know, it's not like sitting and listening burns a lot of calories. Trust me. I know. I work in a office and spend far too much time sitting. Working in offices is one very good catalyst for getting fat.

Likewise, working in an office where there is always leftover conference food is a sure catalyst for putting on some poundage ;)

3:42 - dooohdooooooooododododododododododo. In the bathroom I was thinking about a new electronic disposal tax that is going to be introduced on PEI (can't remember if this is in the works, has been approved, or is merely being discussed). I realise that people are more likely to use the service if they are paying for it upfront, but I wonder how many people will use it. Drive to a special depot to dispose of their telie. And what about people who purchase something here but move from the Island (or perhaps they were tourists)? Will they be allowed to forfeit the fee somehow or will they be able to dispose of the electronic off-Island for free?

I'm glad it's possibly being introduced though, it seems shameful to have piles of electronic crap on the sides of the roads. I have an old digital camera I don't know what to do with. It died a tragic, drawn-out death after it had been used for, well, THOUSANDS of pictures, the three most intensively photographed years of my life. It's just gathering dust in the 223 livingroom, wonderful if it will ever be useful again (no - it's done for).

Le sleepy.

Are taxes charged on diapers? I was thinking about taxation of necessary goods. I was trying to compare diapers to "feminine products", which are taxed. Females don't really have any other alternative other than to buy such products, or sit on the toilet for a series of days and get a perma red-bum-ring around their bottom from excessive toilet seat contact. Diapers have cloth alternatives. No one can honestly tell me that there are cloth alternatives available for females. I refuse to believe it, and would likely refuse to use it for so, so, *so* many reasons.

One more hour of work!

I want to sit outside on a park bench, watch fountains, and enjoy lovely instrumental music in the background.

This morning I wanted a snuggle partner in bed because I was tired, groggy, and only slightly awake. Instead a small collection of crap has formed on my bed: PEI map, bike computer, cell phone (for alarm purposes), a pen (or two), but nothing with skin. Sometimes I don't miss sharing my bed with someone at all, this morning was not one of those times. However, I woke up in a bad, tired mood, so chances are if there *had* been someone in my bed (!) I would had wanted to be alone. Grass is greener on the other side. But hey, I'm just happy I can see grass post-winter snow. Hurrah!


Char said...

You have a bike computer?? I find that interesting...unless you left out a comma and really have both a bike and a computer on your bed, which would not surprise me in the least as we are both delightfully cluttered and find amusing things in corners!

PS...the word verification is "flampert" ... I like it!

Jen said...

I *do* have a bike computer, bike, and computer! I own many wonderful things.

I re-read the post I wrote... and it's so disconnected and makes little sense. I love me :)

Now let's go flampert things.