Monday, June 22, 2009


I spent an unfortunate chunk of today being angry at someone who had no idea. Can I mention how much I dislike my most recent ex-boyfriend as of late? I just want to scream at him so badly, but I can't, and I won't. I broke up with him about 800-million years ago which I have labelled as the most unsuccessful break-up ever. What a waste of time the last x months have been. I have no issues with the original relationship whatsoever. I have issues with me being indecisive and putting up with so much crap in the past few months in some sort of faux relationship. Except I didn't know I was putting up with *that* much crap... the pieces of the blurry, foggy puzzle just keep falling into place.

It's a puzzle I don't even want to see. Can I not just burn it?

Anyway, I'm not mentioning him by name, thus this cannot be considered slander :) Two male friends told me he was trouble long ago... and I ignored their foresight.

Anyway, c'est la vie. Most days are 800% fantastic with rainbows, but something had come to my attention recently. But hey, tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow will be a good day. I have already decided. I decided to let this "development" bother me this morning. I decide not to let it bother me tomorrow. I was thinking of the dollar value of my time - what my thoughts are worth per hour. Dwelling on things not worth dwelling on are not a good use of my time.

I love summer on so many levels.

Last night Hannah and I watched the first part of Pearl Harbor. I should have just rented a documentary, that's kind of what I was looking for. The writing in that movie is poor, the courtship of the initial relationship causes one to roll his/her eyes. However, the actual attack on Pearl Harbor is incredibly engrossing and I can't look away from it. I also find it very stressful to watch.

It baffles me. The shear, well, skill behind the entire thing. Attention to detail. The patience required to work on an attack months prior, waiting for the day. Hoping not to get caught. I couldn't believe how smart the Japanese Empire was to have every fine detail ironed out. The US gov't had no idea, other than hunches of a few men.

Or so I thought.

I googled Pearl Harbor today and search results taught me that people speculate that the US gov't knew of the planned attack and FDR let it happen so he could finally convince congress to vote on entry into WWII. It was a rather intersting read, apparently the gov't with held information from forces in Hawai'i, and the 'best' ships, carriers, etc., were, coincidently, not in Pearl Harbor. To quote the article, the Japanese basically bombed leftover WWI scrap. The 'good' assets had been re-directed to other ports, stations, etc. FDR needed an attack on homesoil, an knew the Germans would not do it. The US had built itself up to be indestructible - Hitler did not need to deal with the US at that time.

This new-found knowledge kind of bothers me. Would the President sacrifice so many men and women, simply so the US would finally have a catalyst to enter the War? People were not only sacrificed, but I suspect the economy of Hawai'i (not even a US state at the time - still only a territory) would had been hit hard. Tourism would have dropped and patrolling the Pacific would have made importing and exporting goods incredibly difficult.

Of couse, it is a conspiracy theory. The internet is full of 'facts' supporting both sides of the argument. I find it all curious.

This just learned: apparently Hawai'i's economy did not suffer during the war. Things were difficult on sugar and pineapple plantations, and many were temporarily shut down due to decreasing cargo ships (? I think? may have misinterpreted article). However, the population basically doubled with all the service men and women showing up. Doubled simply in O'ahu or in all of Hawai'i, I'm not sure, but I think there is one teeny Hawai'ian island that the gov't used to use as military testing grounds, if my memory of Erin's lonely planet guide serves correct.

12:17. Am supposed to be asleep now. Whoops!

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