Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ahh, the life of a bachelorette.

Tonight, a mere, two minutes ago, I had a pleasant variety of cereal for breakfast.

Is that sad? (As in pathetic, not tear enducing.)

It was delicious... but seems terribly irresponsible for a 26 y.o. On the plus side, as mentioned, cereal is delicious. A thrilling mix of raison bran, granola, and some sort of fake-healthy kiddie Winnie the Pooh cereal. It's not that good, so I mix it with the others to make it delightful. It's been in the ol' cupboard since last November.

What would a single bloke eat on his lazy bachelor nights? I kind of assume sausages and cheese. I have no basis for this hypothesis, other than men like meat. However, what about vegetarian men? Perhaps they dine on cereal as well? Cereal shaped like carrots, apples, tofu, and seasame seeds?

How terribly boring.

Tomorrow I will eat a real supper. It will involve the preparation of multiple food items. The kitchen shall be filled with delightful aromas of delightfully aromatic foods.

So far my 200-km bike goal for the week looks extremely reachable, with approximately 167 km so far. I have three days to go just over 30 km, which is simple simple simple, save threats of earthquakes, tornados, hurricaines, and other various natural disastors. This is also impressive as I did not bike yesterday other than my mighty 2-entire-kilometre commute, and to drop off a movie at That's Entertainment. La vie d'une lass sans auto.

It was actually due back on Monday, but post bike-ride on Monday I turned dilirious and couldn't move. Seriously. I plunked down on the couch, started giggling and rambling to roommates in a completely incomprehensible conversation, then crawled up my stairs and fell asleep for 1.5 hrs. Woke up at 10:30, took a shower, cooked supper, proceeded to eat a whole field of rice grain, and then eventually fell asleep again close to 2:00am in some weird giddy state of mind. Napping that late at night is not recommended. I know... for that was the second night in a row I did such foolishness. Oh, Miss Mc Mac Maki Maki Mo.

For the past THREE DAYS I have had the same song in my head. It's getting to be a bit much, and I am considering drastic measures. I don't want to go into detail, but it *could* involve excessive Magic 93 listening, perhaps a wee download or two of catchy bubble gum pop music, a single hair from an oxen's tail, and, obviously, four bandaids, one jug of peach juice, and a paper plate. It's an old remedy passed down from multiple generations, completed with the dull light of a distant moon. Preferably Earth's moon, and not, say, one of Mars' two moons. Though having two moons would be a curious experience. I must look more into Mars' moon - are they on opposite sides of the planet, or are they close together much like the dual suns of Tatooine in Star Wars?

I think... I will go to bed now. I have been destroyed in the mornings as of late to the point of needing a nap after breakfast and before getting dressed. I'm not sure if you have participated in the breakfast consumption lately, but I assure you that it's not so strenuous that one generally requires a nap post-event.

Unrelated, but I'm currently embracing the extreme obnoxious power of positive thinking and starring at my phone. Ring, wee grey phone, ring riiiiing...

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Shannon Courtney said...

I could call your phone. Who do you want me to pretend to be?

Can you Plllleaaasseee go to a drive-in movie with me when I am home? I have wanted to go to the drive-in every summer since I was 20 and, alas, my dream has never materialized.

Breakfast is awesome.