Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend level of greatness = intense

I have end-of-weekend happy glow. The weather turned out fantastic, I did lots of stuff, enjoyed life, and found cures for a number of diseases. No, not so much, but that would just be icing on the cake.

This evening, after a lazy afternoon of intensive tanning/napping in the sun, I went for a nice bike ride. Wind was pretty much non-existent and it felt like I flew around the Isle for 60 fab kms. I passed Donagh school, so now i know where it is. Lovely! I also learned that google maps does not know the different between dirt roads and paved roads, which rather changed my plan. Which was fine. Apparently eating three cookies pre biking gives me the energy to fly to the moon and back (twice).

I also have started drinking Gatorade ocassionally when biking or post bike ride. I have done this twice... and when drinking it tonight on some random road noticed that it has 42 grams of sugar. Umm, isn't that a little bloody insane?! So now I'm concerned about Gatorade being bad for me. Isn't it basically kool-aid? Alas. It just so quenches my thirst when I'm 25-km away from home in an unknown location.

My goal is to bike about 200 km per week. Between tonight and tomorrow night (road ride!) I should be able to get in about 110. Excellent! so then I have five nights/days to get in 90 km. That seems a bit overly ambitious since last week I squeezed in 135.

In a related note, I put my bike computer on my bike and am a little geeky about it now, obviously :P At one point today, going down Georgetown Rd in Tea Hill, I was going about 50 km/hr. Insane!

I should go to bed now. But I crashed for an hr post bike ride and am not so tired. So tricky.

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