Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Follow my brain!

The subject is generally in regards to nothing, except upon signing into Blogger I noticed that the blog three friends and I kept during uni has a "follower". Why anyone would want to "follow" it is beyond me... particularly as it has not been updated since, umm, oh, I'm guessing 2002. It semi belongs in an Internet graveyard somewhere.

I have returned from afar! I was in the US and Ottawa. I spent money. I rode a bicycle, in-line skated (since apparently rollerblading is not correct as Rollerblades are a brand, not a product as per third-year marketing textbook), played in the Gatineau Hills, camped in an extremely tiny tent, and overall had a fantastic wonderful time with fantastic wonderful people. Mission Eastern Timezone = success!

Trip in a nutshell (mmm, nuts)

New Brunswick
Highlights: TreeGo in Moncton, seeing Melissa.
Lowlights: my baked potato at Wendy's in Saint John. Thoroughly disappointing and a firm reminder in why I generally stay far, far away from fastfood.

Yee Ol' USA
Highlights: Shopping/outlet stores, US prices, camping in a tent meant for a small child, laying on a rock on the beach at 9am feeling the sun beat down on my face and sipping a beer.
Lowlights: I didn't buy enough alcohol... I couldn't remember how much beer you could bring back into Canada. I took 14. Limit was 24. Lesson learned.

Highlights: Friends!!! How is it that my social life there is substantially better than my social life in PEI? Being able to use my old bus tickets, biking, rollerblading, playing in Gatineau Park.
Lowlights: MEC did not have the shirt I wanted in my size. Tragic.

So hurrah! It was a good trip.

Unrelated, but I have a mystery bump on my ankle. Curious. I also have some scratches and bruises on my leg, but that's from being clumsy when trying to manouver a friend's bike over one of the canal's locks.

I also have weird cuts similar to paper cuts on my finger which simply will not heal.

I felt out of shape on my bike this evening. I am also considering purchasing new tires... skinnier ones. But then I realised I don't understand/am not familiar with the vast complexities of tires. How small can I go before having to purchase entirely new wheels? I was going to type, "This is where most recent ex-boyfriend would be useful," but I highly expect others would have this knowledge as well.

Such as the staff at the bike shops. Bless their wee hearts and knowledge-filled brains.

The coming days are supposed to be lovely, I am excited for some responsible sun bathing time (e.g., I will wear sun screen), mounting le Bicyclette, general twirling, and perhaps harvesting sugar cane.

I am also going to be the Dune's Next Top Model this weekend. Seriously. Okay, maybe not so serious on the *top* model, but at least *a* model. I am expecting hilarity to present itself, and beyond that, I have no idea what to expect other than I get to wear pretty clothes and have a free glass o' wine. And, obviously, that I will rock the body that rocks the party.

According to the National Post, yesterday I invested $303 in GM. Delightful. Groan. Apparently much of the financing given to GM in Canada will be to help finance pensions that GM promised but can no longer afford. Great, so now I am saving for my retirement, helping others in their current retirement (CPP), and paying for someone else's pension? Although really, via taxes, I was paying for the pensions of GOC employees anyway.

The GM thing rather irritates me. I completely feel for those who may had lost their job, and the subsequent spiral that would have ripelled through the economy, but really, GM should have seen this coming. It's not like a specific event suddently occured and GM was an unfair bystander. The National Post also had an interesting point in regards to the challenges facing the marketing department of GM: brand image and perception. The public's view on GM right now is likely rather negative. How is this going to play into consumers' minds when deciding what kind of car to purchase?

I have to go to bed. Post 1:00am and I have to go to work tomorrow. I also want to get there early so I can go outside and frolick in the sun post work. Rock on, vitamin D!!! It's been far too long, my love.

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