Monday, June 22, 2009

Faahahhhhahhther's Day

It's a day late, but official online cheers to my Papa on Father's Day (+1 day).

My Papa is quite lovely, yes, and is pretty much one of my most favourite people in the entire planet. His most requested present when asked what he would like for b'day/Xmas/random holiday is, "I just want for you to be happy."

I also owe my dad a boat. I told him I would get him one when I was rich. What defines rich? I got him a toy boat for his b'day a couple of years back. Kind of like an 'I owe you'.

My Papa also has very good intuition and can generally tell when something is bothering me, which is particularly impressive when done over the phone.

Papa is called Papa after I saw "The Making of Beauty and the Beast on Broadway" on the telie and Belle kept calling her dad "Papa".
"Papa, do you think I'm odd?"
"My daughter, odd? Where'd you get an idea like that?"

When I was young I used to join me Papa on wee roadtrips around PEI when he was delivering things for work, or over to Halifax for eye appointments. Lovely!

Papa and I planned our first holiday to Florida together and he quite put up with an encouraged my geekiness. It was pre-internet, so we had two guide books and I'm pretty sure I had them memorised by the time we actually went on vacation.

It's odd to write about my dad, because it just seems so obvious that he is a wonderful person. It doesn't really need an explanation. He is delightful, intelligent, insightful, intuitive, and very loving to his family. It always makes me happy when people point out similarities between myself, my Papa, and the Clan MacPhail in general.

Conclusion: my Papa is ridiculously amazing and has made my life much easier, much more full of love, and above and beyond fantastic than anyone could expect.

I'm also a ridiculously hairy person because of him and his genes, but I'll that slide. Particularly with his new-found skill of shirt folding. (It honestly is very impressive.)

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Anonymous said...

That is simply 1,000,000 % well put!! I couldn't agree more.

Love from the Mama