Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guilt trip?

Now I feel slightly guilty about the negativity below, particularly as it's directed at someone who may never know it's here, on public view. Oh, my morals hurt. Feeling guilty about things and wanting to be respectful and polite to others is how I get into such crap in the first place.

And hormones.

There is good and bad in all people. We choose what we display to others, the words that escape our mouths. Actions bring forth reactions. Select the right action to get the reaction you desire. However, is the action chosen a "right" action? Is the desired reaction a hurtful one?

Maybe I need to become religious. Buddah and I need to hang out and go for a bike ride or something. Perhaps share an ice cream cone at the park.

Or I'll just watch Pollyanna. That movie makes me smile excessively and hug soft wonderful things.

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