Monday, December 28, 2009

Will you drive me.. to the dealership?

Yesterday two friends and I drove past a dealership which was promoting new cars starting at $9,998.

*twiddles thumbs*

Remember that time I had a car? That was convenient.

Scraping ice and snow off poor car with holes in the floor that I was driving illegally? Not convenient.

Walking to work/somewhere with toes so cold you wonder if they are still attached to your foot? Crappy.

Insurance? Gas? Pollution? Crappy.

Being able to go somewhere 25 km away without resorting to a bicycle? Nice.

So it's a dilemma. The convenience of a car is a pricey one to have. I spend on transportation, being a walker and biker, perhaps $25/month. Few cab rides, and perhaps having the occasional pizza delivered. That being said, Friends? I owe you gas money.

I don't miss having a car for the local things. I generally walked for groceries when I owned a car. I biked to work except during rainy weather or when it got colder. I've basically been carless since mid March.

Walking to work in the winter probably takes only a couple of more minutes than driving, depending on how clear the sidewalks are. By the time I de-iced Wee Red (RIP), drove 8 minutes to work, and walked from the parking lot to my office, it was comparable. The difference is having to lug around clothes. Jen awakes in the morning. She throws on clothes to eat brekkie (if no shower has taken place), then packs clothes for work. She may have to try them on first, if she is trying to match a new combination. Then she starts layering her walking clothes. She eventually gets to work (late obviously, because that's how this girl rolls,) where she will change into work clothes. Then, at the end of the day, she will perhaps go to the gym and change into her gym clothes. Then, from gym clothes back to walking clothes.

She will get home with back sweat (backpacks cause that sort of thing, don't judge my effective pores), and then change... again.

This pretty much outlines why, by the time I go to bed, I'm too disgusted with changing clothes to bother putting on pajamas.

CONCLUSION: I want a car so I can randomly go to the zoo in Moncton whenever I please (and TreeGo, play, randomly drive to QC, whatever) and to avoid changing clothes. Apparently I hate changing my clothes so much that I'm willing to drop $10K on a car, plus a kazillion dollars in insurance.

Maybe I'll just buy studded tyres for Bicyclette. And some sort of bubble dome to cover myself with when the windchill drops to -463C.

I bought a gym membership last week. So far I used it once because the weather has been curiously nice so I've been out biking. Brother and I went for a bike ride today. I was in the lead 98% of the time. But then, as these things often happen among siblings, a race broke out as Brother suddenly sailed past me beating 200lbs down onto the pedals. I decided to take a different route, hoping I would beat him. I still lost, but came close. (Hills = Jen Mac's weakness)

But at least I didn't fall off my bike.

Brother tried to pop a wheelie over a side walk to cut a corner to save time. On my wee red road bike.


Luckily both Brother and Red Bike survived the crash.

Moral of the story: Boys crash.

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It's Me!!! xoxoxo said...

Crash serves brother right for trying to beat you!!!

A car is a lovely this 10k car a gas guzzler, or is it one of those fancy schmancy "green" cars??

If you buy one you can drive to Quebec City and I will take the bus there and then we can walk on fortified walls!!!