Monday, September 28, 2009

Stretching out Sunday

The sooner I go to bed, the sooner the weekend ends :(

I started sorting things in my room tonight for next week's departure. This resulted in the following finds:

- About 8,000 bobby pins. I can now give all of Charlottetown fancy up-dos!
- Pennies. Pennies EVERYWHERE.
- $5.00 bill
- Receipts. A kazillion of them.

Receipts are kind of fun, they are like a history book. As per usual when I look through receipts, I noted some trends: I go to Hunter's Ale House too much (though less frequent as of late) and appear to have a unique love of Nibs. I can also tell when I bought things for other people, or for sharing fun (nacho chips in mid August - someone else bought the walking nacho dip). I also found all my receipts from Hawai'i shoved into a random drawer. It made me heart long for the place where I clearly belong.

There are so many French words I don't know. I'm trying to get into the mindset of speaking a language in which I'm not so skilled, so I think to myself in French a lot. I present to you a short list of words for which I do not know the French equivalent:
- Bathing suit
- Leader
- Election
- Party (not fete, but like a governing party)
- Gravy
- The letters Y and Z
- Any body part that teachers would not want to teach a bunch of seventh graders
- Kangaroo
- Brakes
- Knife/fork
- Aisle (as in, "Aisle or window seat, pretty lady?")

And so very many more.

In one week from now I'll be freaking out in my bedroom, likely at my parents house depending on if I can successfully sublet my room.

Mongolia has been mentioned in conversations with two people recently. Is Mongolia the new hot spot? Or the new "standard place everyone knows of but knows nothing about it"? My general knowledge about Mongolia is from Long Way Round, and me drooling everytime Ewan McGregor scottishly said, "Road of bones."

"We're heading toward the Road of Bones."
*Jen giggles lightly*
"We're almost at the Road of Bones!"
*Jen fans self off*
"We just arrived at the Road of Bones."
*Jen makes-out with television screen*

These events may be slightly over-exagerated as the series was mostly watched with at-the-time boyfriend. Snogging the tv screen could had been inappropriate. I thought I was very clever. "I am renting a documentary about motorcycles and biking around the world." I made it sound so man-ish and non-chick-flick, thus becoming the best girlfriend ever (okay, faux-girlfriend, I'm a relationship-phobe due to my indecisive nature). And while the entire series would still be incredible regardless of the thumbs-up appearance of the leads/hosts, upping the sexy factor of any documentary-series is always a good idea.

Also a good idea: saying "Road of Bones" with Scottish accent. FYI.

Speaking of accents, the Massachusetts/Rhode Island (they are quite similar) accents made me smile while in New England. They also made me think because, ancestor wise, those who eventually populated PEI are from similar regions to those who initially popular the New England states. With that noted, why are our accents so remarkably different? I suspect the New England states were actually more English, and us more Irish and Scottish (hello Mac). So the folk in Boston and environs drop the R from words, and we over emphasize it (perhaps we want to sound like pirates?).

Bostonian: "I'm taking my caahh to the baahh.
Islander: "I'm taking my carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

And for the record, only FIVE people died in the Boston Massacre. But that's a tale for another day because I have to get up for work in 5.5 hrs.

Also, I blew the crap out of my tire Friday night. I ran over a nail. As it was dark, I didn't know what I hit, just sank. I noticed the next morning. It was wedged in perfectly, like someone was nailing pieces of wood together. I decided just to start fresh and toss the tube... It already had, like, four patch jobs. And I tossed another tube that had sadly split at the valve.

Yawn, et, la fin.


Me, myself, I = Charlene said...

I have nibs waiting patiently for you.
I also used to know the word for bathing suit en francais, but cannot for the life of me remember it :S

Kathleen said...

Lately, I have noticed several things we have in common:
1. The nib fetish - I asked Keri to bring me nibs when she comes to visit. I hope she brings lots so I can make sure to stretch them out.
2. Fear for hot things like matches - I hate lighting matches or gas stoves or anything with matches! I am always afraid to burn myself. My new kitchen has gas stove tops and a pack of matches sitting beside it, which I am afraid to use . . . Will need to buy one of those bbq lighter things for safety reasons!

Can't wait until you're over here!