Thursday, October 01, 2009

Things You Write on Airplanes that Make No Sense

Once, a long time ago, I was on a plane. That plane departed at 6:00am (9:00am PEI time). I had started flying at 6:30 the previous night, had many flight changes due to weather, and had "slept" in an airport for a wee smidgen after arriving at, oh, 2:00am.

I was trying to stay awake on the morning flight, and among the gabs of absolute garbage I had wrote was this gem:

"Am melting now. Need Mr. Kool-Aid Man to save me. Or Sprite Dot. Hair makes neck warm. Jen turns into a puddle of mush and is mopped up and becomes one with a sink of dirty water. Air making nose feel funny. Dry. Want to stick moist baby carrots in each nostral."

And later...

"Need dairy/calcium. Teeth feel like they may fall out. Hope they don't - quite enjoy having all my teeth. Except wisdom teeth (may change name to Wizardon teeth for fun), never grew those, I guess."

And wrote about what people would write about me if I stood up, since I was making stories up about the people that were standing up.


Also wrote about how I had missed out on free liquor on previous flight (flight was delayed, people felt bad, alcohol flowed) because I had fell asleep at had become confused since it was probably 1am PEI time.

Eventually I write, during another flight a few weeks later, how airplane air makes my brain a little kooky. Annnnd, understatement.

Coo Coo!

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