Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Biggest Regret EVER

I'm supposed to be cleaning up my room and packing but... *looks at tornado of stuff strewn across room*
... but I found old journals! So very distracting. And it must be said, I was streeeeessed in late January 2008. I come off like a nutter by what I wrote. Even I acknowledge that when February rolled in! Hee. Also, March 2008 rocked the body that rocked the party.

So, reoccurring themes that come up in my scrawlings:

1) Job is "fine", but PEI leaves me feeling empty. I was writing that in December 2007 - almost two years ago! Oh boy, talk about being too lazy to make the changes I wanted. Or too indecisive, more likely.

2) Saying yes can be hard, but is important. Saying no is too easy, but should be avoided. Still agree. (Exceptions being, "You should drive off that cliff." "Yes.")

3) Title line of blog post ... my biggest regret EVER:
Not seeing Beauty and the Beast on Broadway.

Can someone please put this production back on broadway? It would be ever so helpful in resolving my Peter Pan complex. And this time, as per point two, I will say yes.

Mini review of this weekend's "Wine and Hand-crafted Ale Festival".
Seriously, it was much smaller than last year, but the same price.

Booths ran out of product much too early, some more than an hour before shut-down time. The event was only three hours long. Kind of pathetic. By about fifteen/twenty mins before closing, there was no liquor left in the whole place. Either that or all booths had decided to cut off my friends and I. (No.)

Unless I missed it COMPLETELY, there was no where to buy the product.

On much more positive notes:
1) Mini margaritas - my heart beat strongly for you that night.

2) Mini fajitas - my stomach so wanted to make out with them.

3) Social fun - My comrades and I had oodles of fun, I talked to strangers, rambled to people I knew distantly through others, etc.

4) Knowing the results of Wrestlemania VI can make you a rockstar. Thank you, Older Brother!

Also, I decided I'm giving up vending machines. Stat. The amount of money I pour into them out of boredom at work and, "But I just need a sugar rush to get through the next four hours!" is a bit pathetic. And, umm, apparently chocolate bars aren't good for you.

They don't sell chocolate bars in France, right? No bakeries either, I except. Maybe this will be the first time I move out of the country and *don't* come back 20-lbs heavier. Heeeeeeeeeeeh. *crosses fingers, knocks on wood, etc.*

Also, did I ever tell you speaking French terrifies me? ... this should be interesting.

*Jen spends the next two months communicating by overexagerated hand gestures*


I have managed to listen to the entire White Album, which was supposed to be some sort of clean-room time limit. Instead I got through the whole thing while writing this and reading old writings. Nice Jen, nice.


Sexy factor of bedroom: -4.


Stephen Brun said...

The beer and wine festival running out of the hooch was a let down. We talked to one of the guys who said they were only allowed to order so many bottles, etc. at cost. Say whaa? Islanders don't pay to sample, we pay to sample copiously in hopes of tankerage. When will they learn?

Jen said...

I know! Couldn't they tell by the beer bong in my purse that I was clearly there for *extensive sampling*?