Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happy Dance

*puts on dancing shoes*

Reasons for happy dance today:
  • Disgruntled laptop has become un-disgruntled and now functions again (thank yee, Papa, for being smarter than I).
  • I fixed my GPS by noticing a missing screw and small piece of metal in the adapter. Flashback to finding curious small pieces of metal in my purse many, many days ago. That day I thought, "These look like they could be important. I will not throw them out. But I have no idea what they are from." I put two and two together last night, got four, and now my GPS works again.
  • I'm going on holiday in about 53 hours.
  • Flights from Ch'town to Paris-CDG are about $1400. Not so cheap. But flights from OTTAWA to CDG are only $800. More research and price shopping required.
  • I think I picked an autumn home: Aix-en-Provence, France. French schools there are plentiful, but accommodation seems pricey. More research required. Classes start Oct 12. *giddy!*
  • Hot water has returned to my home. Hair has been removed from legs. Sexy factor of showering: +6.
  • New roommate noticed the dishwasher was full of clean dishes. New roommate EMPTIED dishwasher. New roommate = amazing (+2 gold stars).
  • I brought a hotdog for lunch. You're jealous, I can feel it through the laptop screen. Mmm, ketchup.
  • Noticed someone in Russia and someone in Aruba looked at my blog. I love you all!
Unrelated note, but I need to learn how to make money from writing/blogging. Dear Readers: please send me a dollar. Love Jen.

I've had two more flats since getting home last week. *throws bicycle in garbage* I have discussed with others the lifespan of a tire, and feel the life of my actual tire should not be over, but maybe it is. Thinning tires are more likely to not withstand shards of glass, which creep throught and puncture my tube. Over, and over, and over, and then over some more, again.

New tire = good excuse to go to bike shop and look at expensive shoes/pedals I'm too scared to buy.

Back to work. So much to do before holiday.
(Six Flags!!!!)

*removes dancing shoes and replaces with work-productivity shoes*

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Darlin' Charlin' said...

I will not send you a dollar, but perhaps I will cook you dinner the next time we have a sleep-over!!

P.S. Read Save Karyn...she has a blog and made money by asking people to give her money. The book made me smile....