Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today has felt like a being trapped in an hourglass. I woke up, thrilled with life, actually got out of bed when I woke up (this is a big step compared to last week's mope-fest), and got to work at a real hour. It felt like I was in an hour glass , in the top part, and all the sand had finally flowed to the bottom, just like I wanted it to.

Then the phone rang and Person delivered bizarre, clearly ridiculous news, and it was like someone tipped the hour glass over again and all the sand fell on me again.

Now it's like the hourglass fell on its side and I'm straddling the middle part, wondering which way it'll eventually be sat up at. Oh my frazzled nerves.

On the plus side - wheels are in motion for France! Except the French class part. I was supposed to settle that this morning but was too busy freaking out in my office, then the 5-hour time change now dictates their offices are closed.

It's weird, because last night I had a dream that the person who called with WTF-news was at my house door late at night, and had gone mentally insane and I was worried he was going to try and kill and/or hurt me.

Foreshadowing for slaying bombshell of the day?

Anyway, France!


I leave Mon, Oct 5. I come back Thu, Dec 17 with stopovers in Ottawa on each way. I was 100% confident in this decision yesterday, about 4% confident in it this post-phone call (seriously - WTF?), but am back up to a 95% confidence level.

In statistics, 95% confidence level is very good.

I'm going to Aix-en-Provence for at least four weeks and the rest of up in the air. I justify the expenses of the course (about 1200EUR or about $2000) by looking at it from the perspective of university courses. It's about 80 hours, which might be about... okay, I just did the math for this and taking French for the equivalent hours at uni would be cheaper... but anyway. maybe about half the price. But books are included here! Soo... uh...

*birds chirping*

I suppose I should work. Not so surprisingly, it has been an, umm, unproductive day. But I have work confirmed for while I'm gone, and yippy, etc.

I get to go biking in France soon. Your jealousy level? 84. I'm sure of it.

Moral of the Day: you are never nearly as special, wonderful, unique, or great as you think you are when you are having a good day. But on a bad day, you are much more amazing than you can even dream.

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Char said...

I heart you muchly.