Sunday, August 30, 2009

Les boisons

Last night I was at the Globe for a mini-dance fest with resident birthday girl, Keri. We were up in the loft area, which is pretty much 100 percent effective for people watching. As the night went on, we watched the drunk folk roll in. Then I wondered,

Does alcohol hinder our ability to have fun in "real life"?

When I was 19 (legal drinking age here) I used to work most Saturday nights until 12:15, and then go to the bars with co-workers afterwards; thus I got quite used to going out without alcohol, and *maybe* getting a drink at the bar. Point being, I was not introduced to bars as an alcohol-necessary zone. So when I randomly overhear people saying, "I can't go there if I'm not drunk," or "I wasn't drunk enough last night so it wasn't fun," I kind of feel bad for us in general.

I guess the point of alcohol, or any drug really, is to enhance real life -- or perhaps escape it, actually. But what about enjoying life for what it is?

At what point does fun come disappointing when not enhanced?

I don't know... I had this all thought out last night. Anyway, I did have fun danced muchly, saw many others having fun and being happy, and the Globe has good nachos (corn and black beans!).

I also thought about us studying other species: how they raise their youth, mating rituals, eating habits, habitats, etc.

What would other species think if they studied us? Would they be appalled at the clothes we wear and the food we eat? Would they be baffled how there are so many humans but we all look so different?

If someone were doing research on humans, but went only to the poorest regions in Africa, or went only to the richest areas of the hills in California, entirely different observations and conclusions would take place.

"For mating rituals, women put on very high shoes, reducing their ability to walk properly."

CONCLUSION: Males are drawn to females who cannot walk properly. (?)

*Jen breaks her foot in an effort to up sexy factor*

Anyway, leftovers of Tropical Storm Danny flew in last night. I like storms like that - particularly when there is no thunder and lightening. Just an intense ten hours or so of rain. It's efficient rain too. There was mild sprinkling and rain scattered throughout the afternoon and early evening yesterday, but then around 8:00 the rain started coming down like waterfalls. I like it. Efficient rain is good rain. I would much rather skit through deep puddles for one day than deal with teasing rain and storm clouds for three days. Rain on, rain off, rain on, rain off. That all being said, the heaviest of the rain took place after sun down (WHICH IS HAPPENING FAR TOO EARLY NOW), my tone would likely have been different if buckets of water had been pouring all afternoon long, hindering my ability to play on bicyclette.

Anyway, speaking of bicyclette, it and I are off to have fun now. Danny has left the building and the sun is breaking through!

(PS ~ I have a bit of a secret love for hurricaine season, you know, as long as no one gets hurt.)

la la la la laaaa... I will up the humour factor later.

Also, I'm convinced drinking a touch too much causes charlie horses, at least for me. We had a leaving do at work on Friday night for someone leaving, and alcohol was flowing. I woke up at about 7:00am in agonizing pain, trying not to scream over the muscle spasms in my legs. The right leg does happen ocassionally, but for both calves to seeze up at once is much more uncommon - RARE, in fact! I know charlie horses are often a sigh of dehydration... so more water for me, I guess. Also, you know the charliehorses are bad when you can still feel them in your legs close to 30 hours later. I know you are supposed to stretch the muscle and massage it when it happens, but mine always happen at night and the only thing I can ever manage to do is scream, bite my arm to muffle the screams, and thrash about wildly while half holding my leg and think about crying. Death by Charlie Horse would be an agonizing way to go... all the muscles seezing up at once... Aye.

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