Monday, January 04, 2010

Ne pas, ne pas, ne pas!

Title of this post inspired by friend's terrible, yet terribly entertaining, francais.

"Le bateau et le cove de Peggy???? Ne pas."


Obviously the above is grammatically incorrect, but I let it slide.

It's winter! And... I like it. I can't believe I'm saying that. But it's fake winter. The temperature rarely dips below -5C. The snow is wet and heavy, instead of fluffy and soft. Also, it helps that Christmas Break was fantastically fun, and included some outdoor fun.

Things I like about winter: (note, this is pre-deep freeze that will eventually come, and when I will flee to Mexico like a criminal)
  • The white snow reflects light, so even though it's dark early, it doesn't seem quite as dark as it would without the snow.
  • Functioning winter clothes, e.g., the kind that actually keep you warm. Although Charlottetown isn't too much colder than Paris was (though much damper is the Isle), I have my real winter clothes here and it makes a huge difference.
  • When you are walking outside, it's snowing, but the wind is at yee back so it looks like snow is dancing in front of you, yet you do not freeze.
  • Sledding.
  • Adventures of walking in unexplored land. This weekend we explored PEI's highest "peak". It was a very daring adventure. Appropriate write-up will eventually follow.
  • My 'stompy' winter boots that make me feel like I can kick in doors and stomp through the cruddiest of snow.
  • Snuggling under many layers of blankets.
  • Listening to the wind.
  • Power outages. Yes, I like them. They force you to do nothing but relax and slow down. NOTE: this bullet is omitted if power has been out for so long that one must seek shelter due to lack of heat.
  • Watching the kids at the daycare outside my window play in the snow, oblivious to any cold.
  • Hair is generally not frizzy!
However, winter is not without its flaws:
  • Static electricity
  • Hat hair
  • Learning the hard way that ones boots are not waterproof
  • Car accidents
  • Feeling really, really pale
  • Deep freezes with ridiculous windchills
C'est tout que j'ecris a propos d'hiver.

I did the Polar Bear Dip this year! This is my pre-game face of nerves.

Yes folks, that is the look of a strong-hearted, confident champion. One who laughs in the face of uncertainty.

I had a spotter that day, on hand with towels, slippers - the supplies one must have when crashing into just above freezing water. However, the most important tool she was armed with was my camera. She correctly pointed out that she would not be able to photograph my reaction upon entering the water, so I displayed a fake reaction, which was perhaps more dramatic of my real reaction which I don't remember. However, somehow.. I don't think I cursed upon entering the water.

And before you know it... it's done. I feel like I should be famous among the mortals who did not participate in the icy endeavor. HAIL JENNIFER! We were about 3/4 of the way back in the crowd. Strategic, as those first in would have to crush through the ice with their shins, AND face the oncoming crowd when trying to hustle out of the water.

In the end, I did not dunk under the water, but I believe I went waste deep. I could have went deeper, but the water gushing into my sneakers was causing slight panic to creep into my brain because, well, the water was pretty damn cold. As I turned around to come out, the rocks were super slippery and I recall having a flash oh, "WHAT IF YOU ARE NEVER ABLE TO GET PAST THE SLIPPY ROCKS AND YOU FREEZE? AND NEED TO BE RESCUED AND LOOK LIKE A KNOB??"

Luckily that did not happen.

And standing around after was not so bad, except the feet. I have never had so little feeling in my toes ever before. Taking my sneakers off was hard, like picking up a sleeping uncooperative animal. Putting on slippers was also challenging. It felt like trying to to put a small plastic bag around a giant box or something.

So it was done! I feel it's a good way to start off the year. Something a bit whacky, a lil' nutty, hopefully foreshadowing for the year to come.

Et, la fin.

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