Tuesday, January 12, 2010

French makes Jennifer MacMuscles popular

I recently learned that many of the random people that come across my blog (i.e., those to whom I am not related nor am friends with on Facebook) often find me my Googling random things, often in French.

Is the French blogosphere so small that I give decent search results?!

Not really, because I re-searched the key phrases that people entered into Google to find my blog. I must be on search result page 842 or something, as I lost interest after page 8 or so.

Some of the great things people search for, and somehow find me:

"pop a wheelie" vélo

c'est jolie et c'est bonne mais ce n'est pas que je veus

chat for mac students english

es que la vie est cher au canada en 2010

et maintenant translation

français grâce à google je peux : translated to english

fun francais parlent anglais

i like my boobs

je fait froid et fatigue means

je n'aime pas maintenant. translate --> I am the SECOND search result for this on google.ca

je suis a sept mots maintenant translate - TOP SEARCH RESULT.

je vends beaucoup de gym equipment - Fifth search result?

je vois que tu essaye de parler français.

jennifer mac muscles - Top result again?! I am MacStrong.

la voyage á paris c'est formidable

les produits swipe en france

magasin jen macet

malheursement vertaal

my sexy point

my sexy point sign in

non porte quoi translate

parler anglais

pas que tu dit maintenant in english

"translate, j ai un mal de tete aie aie aie . alors que je dois preparer voyage"

translation je parle anglais aussi

what does this mean in english je veux faire le bonbon vous aimer en ce moment

So there we go. I am easy to stalk. And with every word I type, I am being more easily found. Type type type.

Time to get a pen name?

Anyway, still not that cold here. I dress for the arctic on my walk to/home from work, and am a pool of sweat by the time I get there. But, you know, MacMuscle sweat. The best kind of sweat there is! Winter is one-quarter over, and it seems so weak. It does snow a little almost every day, but where is that BIG January storm that blows around small puppy dogs? I need winter to get big NOW so that it will clear up by mid March and I can start biking again without eight litres of snot dripping from my nose. And you are very welcome for the delicious visual. It's winter, people get runny noses. C'est la vie.

I *finally* decided what I'm giving up for the remainder of 2010: the Bulk Barn. Or, more specifically, candy from the Bulk Barn. I shall permit myself to buy grains, nuts, and other random things that the top three ingredients are just various forms of sugar. Apparently they are "bad" for me. Aisle three, I be taking you DOWN.

I started running at the gym. So much more battering on the body that biking, per unit of time. I could bike for three hours and still prance about happily afterwards (provided seat is at the right height). I play on the treadmill for 30 minutes and become concerned that the outside of my foot is going to snap off in an extremely painful way. It also could be bloody. Hard to tell, I've never had the side of my foot snap off.

I watched "Come Dine with Us" this Sunday afternoon. It made me miss the UK, something I haven't felt much lately other than during my mini-holiday stint there in Nov/Dec. Le sigh. Take me back, Scottie-land?

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