Friday, January 22, 2010

"Pint of vodka, love?"

In PEI we have 19 retail outlets where we can buy liquor, wine, beer, liqueurs, etc. Omitting bootleggers. Someone (the public? local MLA? not sure) was pushing to get a liquor store constructed in Cavendish, one of the busiest tourist destinations in PEI (think Green Gables). There was a cabinet shuffle last week, and the minister now in charge of the PEI Liquor Control Commission stated that the gov't will not open a liquor store in Cavendish, as there is already one 7-km away in Rustico. Residents of Rustico do not want a liquor store in Cavendish as it will hurt sales in their own store, and visitors/people from Cavendish will no longer drive to Rustico to spend money, thus hurting surrounding businesses.

The Guardian (local newspaper) and CBC PEI both allow comments to be left on their news articles/postings. I hate the argument, "It's fine, that's how it is, that's how we do it now."

Just because we do it now does not mean it is the best alternative. Residents also argue, "Oh, we shouldn't spend money on that." However, the liquor store generates REVENUE. I assume they turn a dandy profit, given how much liquor is taxed in this province... Okay, I don't actually know how much liquor is taxed here. But we like to think it's high. The gov't already lends money to blundering local businesses.

A liquor store in Cavendish could be small and seasonal. It could even be in the western part of Cavendish, closer to Stanley Bridge, thus even further away from Rustico. I'm not sure why so many people are so quick to say no.

Maybe they're bootleggers in the Cavendish area?

Proximity of other liquor stores
Stratford LC to Downtown LC: 3.3 km
Downtown LC to Oak Tree Place: 1.3 km
Oak Tree Place to West Royalty LC: 4.2 km
(and yes, I realise Charlottetown serves a greater population than the North Shore.)

Summerside has two liquor stores, both which are about 14 km away from the one in Kensington.

Now, a really innovative idea would be selling liquor in gas stations, corner stores, and grocery stores, à la Québec, United States, and what I`ve seen of Europe. Also believe Alberta, but can`t say that for 100 percent. Or even just select gas stations, as in New Brunswick (although I`m not sure if this law has changed at any point.)

But that`s okay PEI, we don`t want to make things too convenient for tourists and visitors.

In a related note, I kind of want a beer now. Mmm.

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