Thursday, September 11, 2008

La neige...

I kid re title above, there is no snow.


Oh my, that would be disastrous.

Things at work are busy, and I like it. I'm at a good place right now where I have been there long enough that I really know what I'm doing and am *knock on wood* pretty good and efficient at it. New projects and responsibilites keep popping up. I quite like working in a project based position, rather than a "day to day routine"esque position.

There was a firedrill today at work and I could only think of Dwight running around in The Office yelling, "DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!" when people wouldn't leave the Office quickly enough upon Ryan burning something in the toaster oven.

Things at home are not so busy. During Topical Depression Hannah on Sunday I went to the library and took out some books. Apparently I am going to read four books in the next three weeks? And last night at 1:30am I decided it would be great fun to go online and request four more books. Oh Gosh the excitement! Hee hee...

In my current possession we have a book on the history of the modern olympics, a French book about a mute kid and something about a rabbit ("J'enterre mon lapin", which babelfish humourously translated to "J' bury my rabbit", something I plan to start saying a lot)?, a book about quarter-life crisises (what is the plural of crisis?) in women, and a "humourous" book about brain differences in men and women regarding sex. The cover is cute because it has two very small ladybugs humping each other. Oh how clever. Sigh. Based on book choices it was clear I was feeling a bit lost mentally and emotionally on Sunday. Physically, I knew exactly where I was and felt much better upon brushing my teeth (MAGIC TOOTHPASTE?!) and leaving 223. I got a FREE ice cream at Cows, wandered through the Confederation Centre, and spent much time reading at the library. Whenever I am slightly glum I wander to a bookstore or the library; it's really a store of inspiration, ideas, and escape.

It's getting quite fallish. I can tell because I have to dress more warmly when biking, the winds are a bit insane as of late (exhibit a: jen biking in Victoria Park with watering eyes from the wind, so fun :) ), the hours of sunlight are diminishing, and I had to buy a parking pass at UPEI. A sure sign of autumn if there ever was one! And why did Miss "Oh my God, I love my bike soooo much, I am so awesome and 'GREEN', give me a prize!" buy a parking pass? Well, the one day I drive to work [meeting downtown in afternoon] in the past couple of weeks turns out to be the day parking permits will start to be enforced. SUCH AMAZING TIMING. Of course this occurred on a Monday, when I was already angry, tired, bitter, and thinking about slaughtering fluffy animals for my own pleasure. Anger levels peak on Monday morning when I pretty much need a forklift to get out of bed at some point before 8:00. Any volunteers? I will complain, groan, sigh, and make evil faces towards you, but I do have a spectacular smile during non-morning hours and a wonderful cereal collection that I would be willing to share as payment. I have also recently purchased some hummus, and would share that as well. Nothing says "great start to the day!" like garlic breath. Yum.

Another summer has passed and I managed to again fail on a journey to the Mags. Maybe Thanksgiving weekend? Or just a random long weekend coming up? Anyone want to come? My plan would be to bike as there is a hostel only 4 km or so from the ferry terminal.

I went on a lovely 65-km bike ride on Saturday, the longest ride I've done since the tip-to-tip (generally weekend rides are about 45 km). I took the trail to Hunter River and faced a wee bit of a headwind on the way there, on a slight incline. It took me about 90 minutes to get there, and about only 65 mins to get back. I was also much better mentally on the way home because the sun was shining, I was listening to some music, and purchased AMAZING cookies from the bakery in Hunter River. Biking makes me crave sugar like no other... I inhaled four of them by the day's end and had extreme biker/sugar high on the way back from Hunter River and thought about making it, say, an 80-km day. Then I started getting some stomach pains east of Ch'town and turned around to head home. Forgot about the winds coming from the west and felt like I was going to be blown of Sexay Bicyclette. Luckily I wasn't, but we both got a wee bit dusty.

Also, I saw the most beautiful field just east of Hunter River!!! I am completely serious, it was so many shades of green, was spotted with hay bales with perfect parallel, curvy lines segmenting the field. It was really stunning, I stopped to appreciate both on the way to and home from Hunter River and really wish I had a camera. I may sneak back this weekend, weather and sky pending. In a way, it was almost better I didn't have my camera because I decided to engrain the sight into my memory and can know pull it out whenever I need it. :)

I slept for a solid 7-8 hrs on Fri, Sat, and Sun. I don't remember Monday night, but I had some sad dreams and woke up in a bum mood. Anyway, it eventually passed and I'm back into the norm of staying up late and struggling to pull myself dramatically out of bed at 7:30, with a hand delicately draped over my forehead as I stumble into the kitchen questioning why Apollo has chosen to make the sun appear again to signalise the start of a new day. Well, provided the sun is even around... Grey clouds are quite common as of late.

12:41, I should go to bed.

J'bury my rabbit, eh?

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