Monday, September 29, 2008

But I am le tired...

Today was a very sleepy day at first, a morning that would have been spent well in bed cuddled into some blankets. Or perhaps not, as my room was quite warm last night. So cuddled into one wee blanket and a couple of pillows, I suppose.

C'etait un bon fin de semaine. On Friday I went for a bike ride (where I saw Tom DeBlois vans simply IDELLING (sp? while he was knocking on doors, ugh - environment, much?). After I had work related stuff today, then met up with some people for a drink. I had a banana split martini.

Hey, you know what's gross? Banana split martinis. It was a sad drink. Eventually we split off. I went home, stayed up way too late, then woke up before my alarm on Sat morning because I had to man (woman?) a booth for work. Later on I decided I needed new biking shorts! So I went to MacQueen's and, despite my intentions to just be in-and-out, left with a pair of biking shorts AND biking... something. Capris? Ankle pants? Something. It was almost shameful and completely un-Jen how much of an easy upsell I was. $85 later (pretty good deal though) I biked home, excited to change and test 'em out. On the way home it started to rain, as it had been threatening to do all afternoon, and I was disappointed.

But I went on my bike ride anyway, and my new shorts are amaaaaazing. They aren't as long as my other ones (good), and they give more comfort. I suspect this is the case though as my older pair were worn almost everyday so I'm sure the padding is starting to thin out.

And holy Jesus it rained. I was such a mess when I got home, but so happy. It was warm out so the rain was very refreshing. My sneakers had massive pools of water in them, my rain coat was soaked and quite muddy (but kept me dry, as it should), but I was in very good spirits. The rain was very energizing, and I'm sure all the cruise ship tourists thought I was a bit of a nutter. Maybe not at first, "Oh, poor girl was probably biking home and got caught in the rain!", but then they would see me again, and think, "Oh, she's actually just a moron. Heh."

Heh indeed.

So turns out there is a six-week fencing course starting in two weeks, and lacrosse every Sunday night at the sports centre! Me thinks I found some stuff to do. I'm a bit ansy on both, as I feel my temper and easily-frustrated self will not bode well with fencing, and I never really learned to excel at lacrosse, mostly just run around and get in the way of other players when necessary. If anything, it will give me people to go to the Wave with after our matches :P

I've been working in French most of the afternoon. It was a nice for a change. Bien!

Oh look, it's a giant strawberry from my bike ride a few weeks ago. So very excited!

bye .

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Anne said...

You totally have to try fencing! So much fun. And then we can fence each other! how exciting....