Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Inventory of the brain's day

1:54pm: And so the day goes.

When I was at my disgusting filing job back in the lovely summer of 2005 (such a good year!!) I remember having a few blogs just open all day, then posting at the end of the day. Often involved were, I'm sure, records of papercuts. Today is a wee bit of a data entry day, after reviewing a report this morning we will be releasing soon. I wrote the first draft back in February, but we did not have enough staff and it never got around to being released. Now our new staff are reviewing it, and I had my review day this morning. It's actually pretty good, but could be better as some was clearly filler blabber for length.

1:58:Bathroom break!

2:02: Bathroom break successful! Hair looked kind of greesy in the mirror, probably because I haven't washed it since Saturday and did a half-ass job of straightening/de-poofing it. I went to bed with wet hair on Saturday, which made for a hair disaster on Sunday so I half-straightened it. I like doing that once in awhile, though it gets greesy much more quickly because I play with it because, shock, I can actually get my fingers through my hair! Back to work...

2:11: I hate when people spell "Anne of Green Gables" without the 'e' on their survey comments. Did they not pay attention to the book/musical AT ALL? (Anne & Gilbert possibly excluded, I suppose, as I do not believe that is referenced in that specific musical.) I'm going outside now.

2:55: Someone who filled in one of our six-kajillion surveys is from "Newalla, OK". I picture someone with a thick southern twange shouting NEwaaallllalayayay okay! -- what a magnificent find.

3:09: I wish I could see Beauty and the Beast on stage again. I'm singing "If I Could Have Love Her' in my head right now (and doing a very good job of it). I missed it in Edmonton by mere DAYS (which I'm sure relieved le ex-boyfriend) in March, alas. But I could have easily sat through it by myself, loving it to bits. It makes you feel good inside, like the play is giving you a hug. (I've stopped singing the song in my head and am now listening to it instead. I'm swooning.)

3:17: Song ended. Repeat! swooooon

3:36: I cannot believe it's only 3:36. Tick, tick, tiiiiiick. If this were a movie and I was still a student, I would be half-hunched over my desk staring at the clock... Flash to clock, where the second hand starts ticking even more slowly. My eyes shift, confused, suddenly, the second hand starts to go BACKWARDS! CLASS WILL NEVER END, because suddenly it is only 3:15 again. Oh my!

4:00: Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh. If I had arrived at work this morning at 8:00 I could leave now. Instead I only got out of bed at 8:15. Oooh, weird dreams last night too! Sadly, can't remember them at this exact moment.

I'm hungry. Grr, says stomach, GRR. I'm listening to the ET theme and have visions of biking to the moon. Wouldn't that get a wee bit chilly? DID THE PRODUCERS CONSIDER THIS?

Song over. Now the Jurassic Park theme. Spectacular! It's so... unvieling. The music wants you to be awed, and you are awed, because there are dinosaurs. It makes me think of the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Islands of Adventure that is scary and makes want to dive out of the boat.


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