Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hump day

Woo, Wednesday! It's pretty much official the hump MOMENT because I'll be heading for lunch soon on the mid day of the work week.

What's wrong with my attention span lately? It seems all that I want to do is ramble ramble ramble, bike, or read. Ramble via speach or script.

Earlier I was wondering if anyone was thinking or talking about me. Not in a lustful way (okay, maybe a wee bit), but in the same way I think of people throughout the day. For example, if someone were to speak of a city in BC, I would think of the people I know from that city. The various things I associate with various people. You know how sometimes you say, "Oh yeah, my friend ______ does that/likes that/worked there, etc." I wonder how many people are thinking about me at one time. Or not even me, pick a co-worker with many contacts, how many times a day does that person come up in conversation? I kind of wish I knew... Or maybe not. If my name didn't appear at all I would be concerned as to why I am so un-memorable or un-mentionable. And what if it came up in a bad context? Some, of course, in understandable, definitely not everyone out there loves me. My personality is borderline space cadet/scattered/anal/perfectionist. I feel like the extreme corners of a mishapen polygon, ha! Anyway, some bad talk is okay, but clearly one would wish the majority be positive.


Ha ha, I just came back from a hilarious lunch. Anyway, apparently I'm stressed (unrelated to previously mentioned lunch). Generally I can pinpoint this from small blisters on my fingers and the urge to sleep. I would love to have a 20-minute nap right now. Actually no, I wish I was in a hammock reading.

Is it bad that I am, technically, only 16 months into my "career" and I already think it would be lovely to have 6 weeks off to "expand my horizons"? I wonder what I would actually do.

Six weeks off paid, of course. Because the likelihood of that is, oh, none.

Ideally someone else would have a lot of time off and would also think riding camels in Northern Africa sounds like a good day.

I wish more other people had blogs, I remember during university that the blogosphere was endless - apparently everyone had something to say! Either that or the lack of a "structured" day gave people more small periods of free time to spit their thoughts out to a computer. A free 40 minutes here (clearly not enough time to do anything class related), the odd 15-minute break there, etc.

It's kind of a weird feeling the first time you fully realise that people you do not know are reading your blog. You almost feel like your privacy has been invaded, but also proud that someone thinks your life is interesting enough to read about. Then your mind quickly darts to the content that has been presented - did I sound like a loser? Whiner? Boring? Was it filled with grammatical errors (GASP!), spelling errors, directionless dribble? Did it anger anyone? Was it "controversial"? Was it too detailed? Not detailed enough? Is it going to get me in trouble? Suddenly, the meeting of this person ends just as quickly as it started, and you are left standing there concerned as the person has already moved on and is now thinking about beer, parking fines, foreign languages, etc., anything but you and your blog. But afterwards, you feel a slight bit famous and find yourself winking at people more.*

* this may be a slight dramatization of what really happened, but I aim to entertain even if it jumbles the facts.

Really though, if someone does not want to be heard, he/she would be saving writings to a Word doc. If it wasn't meant to be shared, if would be in a hand-written journal shoved into a random drawer with spare batteries and free pens from various booths at employment fairs. Not saying that is me, as I keep my pens in a Poly plastic "glass" on my window sill. In a related note, perhaps why my pens dry up...

I'm back to rocking the curly hair today. I don't know why people with curly/wavey hair spend so much time straightening it. Of course I understand once in awhile, but daily? Soooo much time waaasted, and the heat is super hard on your hair. My hair dresser (who I see, oh, once or twice a year) commented that my hair doesn't need to be cut that frequently because I don't damage it with heat. High five lazy!

I'm eating dried mango. So good! Also, looked like mangled cat. Sad.

My workplace is a little hilarious. So many eccentric personalities (professors) in one place. At lunch today one professor went into detail about how to cook "fartless beans".

Two hours left of work. Two hours til I go on a bike ride! Okay, probably 2 1/2 by the time fifteen minute nap is factored in, as well as changing. Biking in boots is not difficult, but I wouldn't want to do it for many many kilometres.

Last night I saw a pair of shorts (but long shorts - so wearable until November) for sale. But I didn't buy them. 1 - was rushing through, no time to try anything on, and 2 - I am never the same size for, it seems, more than twelve months. See capris I am wearing today (almost wore "real" pants today - so glad I didn't, it's not that time of year yet and the mere THOUGHT of putting on pants made me depressed), I love them, but they are pretty much hanging off me. Contrast with capris purchased in summer 2004 in Scotland (red, kind of awesome) that I can barely stuff myself into and then worry about ripping the seams. My size seems to fluctuate based on many factors... I wonder if I can work out an equation for it?! That would honestly make my day. Factors included is current residence (out of Canada = bigger), season (summer = bigger, more BBQs, drinking on patios), workmates (drinkers after work vs not), relationship (always seem to be skinnier when have a boyfriend), relationship "quality" (on verge of break-up or actual break up means I stopped eating because everything tastes like woodchips), roommates (how much we eat out on fun, random nights out), workplace some more (in the UK people were always bringing in sweets, basically sinning is okay if it occurs in a group. Have another cake!), etc.

How will I roll all these wonderful factors into one?!

Differences between current workplace and UK workplaces: first night out with UK workmates (FIRST DAY OF WORK) led to a big conversation of how old everyone was the first time they got laid. Canada? "Would you like a drink?" "Well, what are you having?" "Oh, a beer I suppose." "I suppose I shall have that as well." "How are things going?" "Pretty good, and you?" "Also good." "I wonder if anyone else is coming..."


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Anne said...

I randomly think about you quite a lot, actually. In relation to Edinburgh, PEI, Disney, dancing to cheesy music... the list goes on!