Thursday, August 14, 2008

My life has revolved around a select few things in the past week or so:
  1. My new bike!!!!! Except mine is black and a ladies frame.

  2. The Olympics. I love them. I have a bizarre interest in syncronized diving.

  3. Patty O'Malley's trivia in Brackley. We reigning champions. We're kind of awesome.

  4. Work. Kind of a given as I spend 40ish hours a week there.

  5. Tutoring an energetic, ridiculously cute Korean girl. I would so much rather play in the park with her then try to make her sit still and learn.

  6. Golf lessons. Seriously.

So yeah. In more detail, I looooove my bike. It wasn't an instantaneous love. I'm kind of a commitment phobe in such matters. Test ride 1 went okay, but it was my first time on a hybrid bike and it felt a bit weird. I was a bit disappointed. Then I did a second test ride the following day and loooooved it. So now I own it! I bought it last Saturday morning and have put about 135 km on it so far. Not too shabby seeing as I do work all day and have some other commitments. Only concern is that there are some random noises coming from it already, but I assume it's the bike "breaking in" and the kind folks who sold me the bike will spiff it back into shape when I take it in. I biked to trivia on Tuesday in Brackley and going down the hill where the Snoopy barn is was a bit scary - not sure I have ever went that fast on a bike before! Somewhat reminded me of the adrenaline rush experienced post-SheiKra at Busch Gardens. Anyway, in conclusion, I love my bike, and I wish I had bought it ages ago. It only took me about 50 minutes to bike to trivia! (~22 km) I dunno, some may consider that slow, but on my old bike it probably would have taken six days. Approximately.

I love the Olympics so much. The opening ceremonies blew me away, specifically the sequence with the drummers, and the large yellow globe (sun?) that people were "running" around. The torch lightening was also impressive. Not so exciting was the parade of nations as the individual countries entered the Birds Nest. However, it makes for a good flag lesson. "Oh, that's what [insert county name]'s flag looks like." Also, I have determined again, that I would love to hang out with Ron MacLean. Was never a huge Don Cherry fan; I always thought he was rude and saying your point more loudly doesn't make it a better point. But Ron? I'd buy him a beer.

Olympic commercials are also entertaining.
  • Wonderbread, with the kids doing Olympic events in front of a white background. Particularly I enjoy the speedskater, and the bobsledders.
  • Aliant's "Believe" commercials supporting Atlantic Canadian athletes.
  • Bombardier.

Least favourite commercials are the McDonald's ones. Although I do want Olympic glassware now... So although annoying, somewhat affective.

Every summer I like to try something new, sports wise. Last summer was tennis. Result? Never picked up a tennis racket again, although I would play if someone asked. Maybe I'll play this weekend?! Anyway, this summer I am taking GOLF lessons. So PEI. One of the students at worked proposed it, and it seemed like a good idea. It's only five lessons, and so far "wedging" is my clear favourite. I also felt satisfied when I saw two foxes at the first lesson, confirming that the name "Fox Meadows" is not misleading.

I need to go to the Olympics in Vancouver. Not so much go, but work at them. Then maybe I can somehow get on-board for London 2012. Then Chicago 2014. Then I will put forth a proposal for PEI 2016. We will rename PEI "Olympic Island". It's sounds very majestic and forceful, in a good way though. We will be well suited to host the summer games because, umm.... we have beaches. And we are hosting the 2009 Summer Canada Games so they are digging up the ground at UPEI (again) to build track facilities.

I would like to work at a winery. In France. But as of late I have been disturbingly all talk and no action, and it's slightly bumming me out. Am I getting "comfortable" on PEI? It makes me nervous. I'm actually not getting comfortable, and in the past couple of weeks have been desperate to make a plan to escape... but... eek... nerves.

I would like to learn more about architecture. Like the differences between modern, contemporary, neogothic, post-modern, etc. I spent awhile learning on wikipedia one rainy weekend, but learning via Wikipedia is a wee bit risky.

I think I am going to take up swimming in the fall. I need a decent bathing suit (i.e., probably not a bikini with strings and such) and a nose plug, because I never learned how to properly blow bubbles out my nose. A nose plug will definitely up my sexy factor by at least two points. I believe last winter there were some adult competitive swimming lessons. I already know how to swim, I finished swimming lessons long ago, but I'm sure my form could improve.

I would also like to try squash and fencing.

There is a male gymnast on the telie and he is doing some crazy things on the floor. He's all springy with legs flying every which way. Bounce bounce.

My arms look puney. Apparently cycling and watching the Olympics doesn't build your triceps OR biceps?!

I may cook supper now. Cooking in summer just doesn't really happen. Kind of like wearing pants. I refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse to wear anything longer than mid calf in the summer. And even then I feel awkward, and that's sort of "Oh, have to do laundry" or "It's rainy and cold and your office will be even colder."

I'm still undecided about what I think of the Olympics being in China. I feel like it's the world showing support for China, a "we believe in you". Kind of like an unknown, young actor or actress being nominated for an Oscar. You know he/she won't win, but it's a vote of confidence. Anyway, my least favourite part about the Olympics being in China is the bloody time change. Bah. Stuff doesn't start happening much until 9:00pm here. If I watch Olympic coverage when I wake up, then in the evening... Nothing has changed. Vancover will be better... but Chicago and London will be even BETTER. London especially because if they host a big event in the evening, I can watch it in the afternoon. This is also why we should consider bidding to host the 2016 Olympics: it would be much more convenient for me.

La fin.


Kathleen said...

Hey Jen! I love the new look of your blog. It's so nice to hear all your news again. And, I feel very honoured to be part of our friends list! I hope you are well and enjoying your new bike. I will email shortly with a lengthy version of all my news!

Anne said...

try fencing try fencing try fencing!!!! I love it!