Monday, August 18, 2008


First off, long weekends are amazing. I may consider taking either Monday or Friday off every week for the rest of my life. Sure it won't help me financially, but it'll keep me happier, thus I will be able to tolerate work life well into my later years, and perhaps I'll be happy with a shorter retirement and will retire at 65, instead of my planned 33. (Yes, overly ambitous, especially considering I keep spending all my money on vacations.)

I received a SPORTS INJURY this weekend. Nope, not from biking 100ish km (yes, I'm a geek and usually map out my rides on Google Maps afterwards!) over the long weekend, nor from kayaking from a couple of hours....

But by doing a cartwheel on the front lawn.

My cartwheel went over well, 10s all around, but I pulled a muscle on the inside of my thigh during "launch". Anyway, it's still a bit sore. Hurting myself doing a cartwheel makes me feel old.


Kathleen said...

Cart wheeling a "sport"? Hmmmm - I am not sure I agree with your definition! In any case, I am sorry to hear about your injury and I hope this won't prevent you from entering the Olympics in 4 years time in the Cartwheel event???? (that way you can combine a couple of your passions!)

Jen said...

Cartwheels are most surely a sport! Gymnastics, yes? haaaa... glad I didnt try a reversed tuck back flip. :)