Monday, August 25, 2008


So in an effort to get ahead a work a wee bit since I'd like to take an afternoon off this week, I brought some work home for me. Little did I know that fate had a different plan for me. The internet is as slow as molassis having a race with cold honey, and the UPEI servers are even slower. Pathetically slow. Going back to work and simply working there would actually have been about a kazillion times faster. Even if I had hopped to work, backwards, on one foot. And stopped to save an abandonned cat from a tree, and then brought the cat home, fed it, bathed it, then knit it a sweater. It still would have been more productive than sitting in the 223 livingroom watching my laptop screen gather dust. Anyway, my brilliant planned failed, and it put me in a bit of a bad mood. Unfortunate as I already shook off one bad mood today. (A rainy Monday morning, clearly a bad-mood catalyst.)

Grr. Grr. GRRRRRRR! One step forward, two steps back. Well, not really two steps back, it just means now I have to carry everything to work tomorrow in my backpack so I can do the work there. Sad, I was quite looking forward to working, drinking a beer, and listening to music. Cocooning, like I do on a bus.

Ooh, there was a loud clap of thunder outside. I hate thunder and lightening. Time to hide. The only thing worst than storms of such is being eaten by a dinosaur.

List of non-regular fears (i.e., not including death of loved ones, being eternally unhappy, etc.):
* Dinosaurs
* Hot things
* Thunder and lightening
* Wasps
* Wooden rollercoasters
* People thinking I'm boring, unintelligent, bad-weird, etc.
* Giant, flying bulls (related to a dream I had when I was 4)

I could be so much more productive. Doing my work. That I can't do from home.

Cleaning ones room is productive, but that won't save me time at work in the coming days. Prepping a lunch for tomorrow is also unproductive because there is a free BBQ on campus tomorrow.

Big lightening clap. Sign off.

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