Sunday, August 03, 2008

Remember that time I had a blog?

Oh wee blog, I remember you. Perhaps I shall continue to chronicle my adventures to entertain the masses. There has been writing the past seven months, just in my "real" journal and fictional stories, nothing worthy of a blog. But that shall change, and some day, some day soon, I will shall with you again the life of my.

I got to dress up as an elephant trainer for a party tonight. It was pretty amazing, and I got plenty of stares at Jake's later on.

Charlottetown disappointed me tonight. At & and Jake's, I just felt like not too many people wanted to have fun.

What has happened to fun? Has it become an endangered species?

No. It has not. I recall having great fun only recently.

I'm buying a new bike soon and am super excited. It's going to become my baby. I have become curiously attached to my current bike; we have been through so much together. I bike pretty much everywhere, and Bike has been very reliable. The chain comes off ocassionally, but I can fix that easily. That being sad, Bike is sometimes hard on the knees, and has many, many kilometres on it - perhaps much more than a $120 bike should. It's the wonderful Supercycle 1800... one of the cheapest bikes offered by Canadian Tire. And it has a bit of a following!!! Actual cyclists seem to have a somewhat curious attachment to Creeky(the name of my bike, because it makes many strange noises), seeing how long it tastes to destroy the SC1800. My favourite saga of the SC 1800 is Bike of Doom.

I'm attached to Creeky McClunky for multiple reasons.
1) The seat is the right height, so the (L) knee pain has mostly stopped.
2) Nice seat. Though not the original seat; I don't remember how that one felt as I haven't sat on it in years.
3) McClunky really should be dead by now, and it baffles me that he still works. I don't treat him very well and bump through Charlottetown over curbs, through potholes, etc. It actually makes me question why I'm about to spend close to $500ish on a bike.
4) Creeky has a very low chance of being stolen (knock on wood). When I park by bike at the uni, I easily have the cheapest, dirtiest bike at the bike rack. (Yet I also have an AMAZING bike lock leftover from my backpacking days.) Mine would be the least preferable to steal, unless one was looking to destroy his/her knees.
5) Creeky accompanied on my treck across an ENTIRE PROVINCE. Granted, it was the smallest province, but such a cheap, heavy, questionable bike went 60 km one day, ~100km on each of the following two days, and 43 km on the last day. Some bikes don't see that many kilometres in a lifetime.

This all being said, I am so excited to have a bike that offers a smooth ride. I also kind of want to rip apart ol' Creeky, just to see all the different components required to put together a bicycle. Trying to put it back together will be a difficult puzzle, but New Bike will exist by then, so returning Creeky to it's previous condition isn't critical to the daily commute.

Good night. Love.


Kathleen said...

Gasp! You actually wrote something on your blog! Is this a sign of good things to come, or just a fleeing fancy? To think, I almost didn't check your blog today!

I can't believe McClunky made it on the tip-to-tip tour. That's pretty impressive. I am sure with your new bike you will have even more amazing biking adventures to come!

Hearts. x

Anonymous said...

It's not just a trick! :) I am going to blog again on a "consistent" basis.

And my new bike is sex-ay. Rowr. I gave it a hug yesterday and it made me feel all tingly inside.